Monday, November 3, 2014

RP: November: a BAD MONTH for Turkeys!!!

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Sunrise in Puerto Vallarta this morning


1. Of course this image is just a hoot, but at this point, I just hope everyone eligible to vote does so in the USA, early, or tomorrow. Even Bernie Marcus -- who has NOT un-friended or blocked me on his personal page or his discussion group, to his credit.

In fact, Bernie posted anew, with a generalized message for people to vote, but without any non-sense. And speaking of non-sense, I sent out the last blog posting email with a carelessly written double negative title, that no one has ribbed me about!!!

2. I told you this was gonna happen -- and now it HAS HAPPENED!!!:

Too many people I know in Puerto Vallarta DON'T understand how the Mexican Federal Government being SERIOUS about cleaning out the Drug Mafias and DRUG TRASH (including gringos -- especially them, actually), might affect them too . . .

As the State of Jalisco reevaluates police forces in municipalities, 52 police in Puerto Vallarta join over a thousand state-wide who have been terminated.

3. STRANGELY, Act II Stages STILL has not corrected their broken links to their website on their Facebook page. People start to wonder if theater is where they make their money, when they don't attend to the BUSINESS of theater fairly promptly.

So far, it's been a week and a day, since they were made aware of it.

4. I have gotten a lot of comments from people in Writers Group that THIS image would be PERFECT on a t-shirt. I have no idea who holds copyright -- or if it is not actually old with expired copyright -- but someone ambitious should image-google it and do that.

Click, to enlarge.

You could sell them like HOT CAKES o tortillas in Puerto Vallarta!!!

(I still think the title should be "Christian Feudalism".)

5. That's it for now -- I've got practical matters to attend to.


Peace in the Northlands


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