Thursday, November 27, 2014

RP: A Thanksgiving Pre-Morning-Coffee Skirmish with Some Christian Devils (next comes coffee and my email, waiting to be read)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Worth repeating once a year.

And as ONE white American commented on this on Facebook:

"I wonder if "Hey-Seuss" washed his hands before touching that onion!"

(I think that was actually in jest.)

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  • Diane DeWitt Hall seriously crazy isn't it?
  • Tim Rymel They're making it hard to sympathize with them.
  • Suzanne Marie DeWitt Hall MLK said this on the subject:

    "I'm absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt."

    Smart man. Wish our president had taken a few notes from him and tried to harness the power of last night's powder keg.
  • Scott Pendergrass This is what Michael Brown's stepfather had to say last night.
  • Danny Mcmindes criminals should not be allowed free housing, food stamps, or free medical. lets see how that works?
  • Grace Womack none of this would be happening if a black cop had shot a white man....
  • Tim Rymel Well, that video explains why Michael Brown was a heartless criminal, Scott. You do as you are raised. 

    Unfortunately, Danny, they get free everything when they go to prison, especially in the state of California.
  • Danny Mcmindes some children should have been swollowed at birth.
  • James Bow ^^^ really? That's awfully harsh. Black people are not all the same. In any group, there are people who take advantage. These obtuse comparisons are like straights comparing all gays to Jeffrey Dahlmer.
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  • Grace Womack James Bow...I think we all agree that all criminals, whatever their race, creed or color...would be best eliminated from our lives.....think about the peaceful world we could have. It would also be nice if instead of amnesty and jobs for illegals, Obama concentrated on helping Americans....but none of that is going to happen.
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  • Scott Kenan I agree with Ms. Womack -- all white people should be deported from the USA, except Manhattan, since it was purchased from the natives.
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  • Danny Mcmindes what about the parts that were purchased from the french or the mexicans? everyone forgets we paid for the land we live on several times.... and i do appologize if anyone takes any of my comments as pertaining to a race. as a gay single father of two wonderful kids my comments pertain to everyone. i am only racist against stupidity! but since stupid does not hurt i have to rely on darwin.
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  • Tim Rymel Unfortunately, we're choosing sides here based on political points of view. I think we are all against criminals and criminal activity. I will not speak on what should or should have been because I was not part of the grand jury. I wasn't there to listen to evidence and I wasn't there to see what happened. This issue brings further light to the problem that we have with race, poverty, and injustice. Unfortunately, I think the participants, Wilson and Brown, are the focal point instead of the conversation we should be having.
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  • Grace Womack Scott are funny...ha ha....I am an took my point all wrong....Obama promised his black voters a resolve for their poverty....Obama does not need them any more....and the dems need to bring in a bunch of people who will vote for are full of crapola.....
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  • Scott Kenan Danny Mcmindes: You just proved your racism, callousness, or just plain white-assed Christian ignorance. Since when did the French legally receive territory in the Americas from the natives to legally sell the US? And although I was taught in US Catholic schools in the 1960s that we STOLE the western third of the USA from Mexico, we did pay for part of it -- when Mexico had become independent from Spain, but ONLY Europeans were in control and considered full citizens, so NOT benefiting the natives, who were not allowed to be part of Mexico's government. Presidente Vincente Fox worked for my family in the US before becoming Mex-Prez, and a good friend of mine used to date him. I know Presidente Salinas's best friend as well as the Governor of Colima State. I also knew JFK's generation of Kennedys, President and Mrs. Reagan, and recently got to know Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my family control of their Bank of America. My family founded UNC Chapel Hill (think Kenan Stadium -- Kenan-Flagler Business School, etc.). And having inherited Henry Flagler's entire estate worth 11.5 billion in 2014 dollars in 1913, my relatives still control Exxon-Mobil and Chevron. I am not in the line of inheritance and I did none of those things -- but I DO have lots of inside connections, especially my parents who were best friends with not only Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, but our across the street neighbor in late 1960s, Coach Lou Holtz, now Boehner's closest friend and political strategist. My Mom was on secured comm with them exactly while Obama negotiated re-opening the US Government a year ago. We had swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings growing up. You can read my appeal for legal assistance because I was sued for LIBEL without being served and tried in Chicago in absentia for blogging about how my friend saw Obama in his gay bath house in Chicago when O was a senator, AND because I was jailed on false charges five times (all dropped now), and twice committed to a mental hospital 2.5 years ago in North Carolina because I know too much about the narco-trafficking my parents set up there to profit the Republican Party, so now live in Mexico protected from the CIA by the Mex Gov't. But I bet you don't read it and I bet you think you are more knowledgeable. White People's Illness is the nicest thing I can call that. For the record, I'm mostly white, but 1/16 Cherokee.
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  • Danny Mcmindes its so wonderful when an opinion can generate such energy.
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  • Tim Rymel Scott - Very fascinating. Have you written a memoir about your life? What was the catalyst for the book on Tennessee Williams? I'd love to hear more, as soon as I finish the book I'm writing. (I'm trying really hard to stay focused. I know. Get off Facebook, right?)
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  • Scott Kenan Part of the LIBEL judgement was giving Wells Fargo exec (who sued me for libel as I DID blog also about his $23 million/month narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for Wells Fargo, Chicago that he bragged to me about -- protected by Rahm Emanuel, BTW -- some bad Dems too), he got all my copyrights to my blog and my emails until I DIE (it's called "muzzling"). But my Tennessee Williams memoir got rave reviews from John Lahr and many Williams scholars. I can prove that TW was murdered by Sewanee (the Episcopal Church), and then stole his estate from Harvard EXACTLY as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told us they would do. And it was a top Republicans who paid for the conspirators' luxury life afterward until they died of AIDS in the mid-90s. But I published my memoir as a blog and Jamie and the Republicans cannot take it down (Google or Blogger claims copyright to ALL posted on it), so read it for free here:
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  • Scott Kenan And my blog has over 2,500 essay-length postings going back to 2008, which I will use to craft my own story from soon enough:

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  • Grace Womack this is a post made by a young black man.....about Kevin Johnson comments....." Where were those national protesters and his speech when you have Black on Black crime, Hispanic on Hispanic crime, Asian on Asian crime, Male on Female crime, Crime on new born babies and toddlers.....etc? Leave the race card out of the equation and speak and have national protest on Human to Human crime. just saying"...this young man realizes the real problem.....if they cannot be fixed....some people are simply nasty and should be removed from our midst...
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  • Danny Mcmindes i have learned that to seed the thoughts of reason is better than to argue the truth. some people have thier own truth and they will never see. they are so busy thinking about how to argue thier point that they miss the wonderful chance to see a different viewpoint. and thus i repeat my original statment "some children should have been swollowed at birth"...
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  • Scott Kenan Well, I see nothing is likely to stop the "Grace and Danny" Show!!! Grace begins by lying and claiming this post was made by a black man, which if TRUE, Tim Rymel hides it well. Now, white people riot frequently, busting windows and looting stores, but it is for WHITE REASONS, like the time in 1968, Ohio State beat their chief rival in football and white people rioted all up and down High Street in Columbus where we lived across the street from Assistant Ohio State football coach Lou Holtz. Letters to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch were more than two to one in support of the rioters, who wrote things like "Thank God -- finally vandalism for a GOOD REASON!!!" -- I kid you not. There are recent assemblages of these news stories from the recent past, and ALL of them are white folks causing vandalism in celebration of sporting or entertainment events. And then Danny Mcmindes comes on with a posting just above that I do mostly agree with -- until he not just confesses -- but is DOUBLING DOWN -- on his fantasies of cannibalizing human children. And only they "Like" each other's comments. To each his or her own, no???
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Absolutely -- but in Puerto Vallarta, we never see CNN's better material. Instead we get repeats ad nausea of old, old specials like that Williams boy (Wayne), accused of murder, etc. in Atlanta about 1980, some white man killed by Mexican Mafia on a wide part of the Rio Grande, and of course Sanjay Gupta's specials on marijuana, instead -- STRANGE!!! But Tennessee Williams commented on that Williams lad and his troubles and here is the chapter of my memoir -- should you care to read it -- in the first part:…/chapter-2…
Americans love Mexican food. We consume nachos, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, tamales and anything resembling Mexican in enormous quantities. We...
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