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RP: Updates and the Mail Bag!!!

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This photo from 1967 is NOT what it appears to be.

But to comfort the squeamish, here is an antidote from WWII:

WWII soldiers get their last kiss before deployment.


1. I just added this to, which I had forgotten I had written down the quotation on:

>>> ADDED 9 NOVEMBER: Yesterday, I saw more of this interview, and ADMITTING their mission was to assassinate Bin Laden rather than capture him for trial, Mr. O'Neill clearly stated that if they had wanted to capture him alive, they would have sent Delta ForceNOT the Navy Seals

Here is a direct quote I made note of at the time: "They wanted him DEAD."

2. I never heard back from the local reporter from an English language newspaper here in Puerto Vallarta -- the one who thought she'd like to interview me -- but maybe she was just really busy. There is an email that also gets to a problem here, which I will post below.

3. I was quite serious about Race War for the USARepublicans KNOW they have to quickly prove they can govern FAIRLY, or with demographics of Presidential year elections being so different, they will suffer near-fatal results. So they have to govern or argue -- and we will soon see which will win out as their agreed-to option.

Bookmakers say odds favor Armed Insurrection.

So YESDO report all suspicious activity in your neighborhood -- but only if you are sure something unlawful is upDO NOT HARASS ANYONE!!!


I've chased away over 200 Facebook Friends in four years -- leaving me with only 608, now.


Hey Diamante Azul -- this is a mixed message, although I'm always happy to hear from you.

Do you want on or off the list? I no longer need conscripts, and will take you off if you prefer. That said, and I know your thing is design -- not writing -- but you do two dots where there should be three (or four) and they need to have one space on both sides, as well, and "Hmm" is clearer if written at least "Hmmm".

I have just realized that your giftedness in growing one place must have robbed you of energy to type more expansively. Also, I am so past sexually harassing you now, you could run nekkid by me and I would only lift my eyes (and perhaps sniff the air).

And for the record, the FIRST I knew of Patrick Stansbury's computer hacking was that Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn, legally by marriage Miller, told me that from www.pentagon-usa.comPatrick could manipulate or spy from any of our computers, and in fact directed all my emails to my co-workers to Trash or Spam -- where she found hers, but Patrick had TOLD her he does all this.

Strangest thing, though, was when I used a special service of my anti-virus in early 2010, it found more than DOUBLE the number of files that Norton found in its regular deep search -- and all the new-found files were nearly exclusively in CHINESE CHARACTERS, about 800,000 newly-found files in Chinese -- go figure!!!


On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 11:50 AM, Diamante Azul wrote:

 I thought you took me off your mailing list and then i see it was all in my Spam folder. sneaky dogs that they are. I guess they have started messing with my email also.. Sheesh it took me a few days to catch up. you have been a busy beaver..Funny I never thought to reference you and beaver in the same sentence..

Later, Diamante Azul confirmed he wishes to REMAIN on my email list.


Justin LaNasa, failed Republican candidate for Mayor of Wilmington, NC in 2011, and failed again in a smaller position this year as well -- dressy.

Hey Justin, I appreciate your occasional but informative emails (especially under the circumstances -- why I call you a "GOOD SPORT") -- and at the time it did not seem right to me but I was in a hurry and too lazy to google to find the correct victim.

I wish you all best -- in your better endeavors!!! I will give you credit on blog.


On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 3:12 PM, Justin LaNasa wrote:

FYI you don't drive a stakes into werewolf's that would be vampires wrong method to kill werewolf google it !!

Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 8, 2014, at 10:19 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:
ACTUALLY, this referred to something on the email title, so at least Justin reads my emails!!! CORRECTED!!!: "email titles".


To disguise identity, this gentleman from Egypt who was apparently hit by a piece of falling slate -- or glass -- substitutes for the real photo.

This was an exchange by private message -- that the service where so many successful married white businessmen in Wilmington, North Carolina met me for sex.


Please read my profile and get back to me if you are interested, I would like to read you, where can I find your works? I write also Please google Author So-n-So -- my books are sold on 

Thank you,

Hi So-n-So -- are you in Puerto Vallarta now? If you aren't aware of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, we meet in the Red Room of ACT II STAGES every Saturday 10:30 AM - noon. You are officially invited!

Before sending you to my writing, I should tell you that because of my parents' connection to top Republicans and what I learned about that, I am an actual political refugee. Last time I went to the USA (2011 - 2012), I was incarcerated on eight false charges now dropped and committed to a mental hospital twice, but let right out by doctors -- LOL!!! That in Wilmington, NC where my ancestors landed in the 1730s before founding UNC Chapel Hill, or getting Henry Flagler's entire estate in his will. I DID chance meet Frank Sinatra's fave niece who engineered the sale of their Bank of America to my wealthy relatives -- and now, Frank's dentist and good friend, Frank K. Meyer, DDS is a regular in our writers group too.

Soon after I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, a writer in Wilmington contacted me and interviewed me for a story on narco-trafficking there for hours. My parents with help of the Catholic Church and Republicans had set it up when Mom and Dad lived there in the 1980s and 90s. But it turned out that Kevin Maurer's book NO EASY DAY was then announced, and he CUT ME OFF totally, and is in fact CIA. This story is in the news again since a new book is out claiming a different person killed Osama, and Maurer's source, Matt Bissonette, is being prosecuted by the US Government. The CIA needs to stick to one story!!!

I did publish my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams on Amazon, eventually, but after two years, a FOX NEWS minor talking head in Chicago with a Wells Fargo exec who has a house here and told me he'd seen President Obama in his gay bathhouse several times when O. was a Senator, sued me without serving me and tried me in absentia, winning half a million from a person just getting past homelessness (due to Drug Mafia stealing all my money in Mexico in 2010) -- as well as copyright to my book, my every blog post ever, and my emails until I die on the subject. I hope to get this overturned soon.

Book as a blog: and my blog is . Because Google/Blogger rules are that THEY own copyright to all blogged through them, these jerks were unable to remove my blog, now blogs, and I get away with publishing the book there.

Hope to hear back from you and if interested we could grab a cup of coffee or a beer.


Sir, You have a nice day. Thank you, So-n-So 

Thanks for replying, and this has been the problem for me in finding dates or friends through -- my writing is so dramatic, they fear for their lives for having had contact with me.

Fear not -- I've been attending writers group since February, and no harm (or even threat), has come to any of them. Perhaps you will join us one day.

And I will post all this after removing anything that shows your identity, as an illustration of that. When "Fernando Merino", only son of Colombia's top cocaine exporter was training me to sell real estate (before I understood much of this), we showed a just-retired top officer in US Army Intelligence some properties, but I was not allowed to work with him again, as he told Fernando he was afraid he would be killed if seen with me -- he didn't know the bulk of what I claimed, but what he DID KNOW of it was all fact.

And the funny thing is that Fernando was the actual criminal -- HA!!!


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