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RP: Will Obama's "Ronald Reagan Memorial Amnesty Program" Cause Republicans to Shut Down Government for Christmas???

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Ronald Reagan: "I believe in the idea of amnesty for those those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally."

And of course Republicans HATE Mitt-Romneycare gone national, and STRIPPED of what they CLAIM they found OFFENSIVE in their standard-bearers' SIGNATURE legislation:

Reagan LegacyAmnesty For Illegal Immigrants


President Obama has made HUGE mistakes in marketing his programs -- he is too like me, and thinks to explain things RATIONALLY and with FACTS is enough to convince THINKING and CARING people -- but this is the United States of America, which is fairly said to be "Christian Dominated", so, facts mean NOTHING, when SUPERSTITIOUS FEARS can be used to achieve hateful results.

Naming his new program in honor of Ronald Reagan -- who clearly would support it and did as much in HIS presidency -- might help sell it, or cause a lot of COMEDY as the haters try to deny history!!!

Remember: It was Christianity (CORRECTION: the Christian Church -- NOT Jesus's Teachings), that caused the FALL of Roman Democracy and the beginning of the Dark Ages in Europe.

And "white people" and "Christians" of ALL stripes, especially, prefer to forget that the Catholic Church in that time had ALL BOOKS ON SCIENCE, HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, AND HIGHER MATH BURNED IN EUROPE, and in FACT it was the Muslim Arabs who SAVED all the Western Classics from total destruction -- and then gave them back to us, later.

EVERY Western European and their descendants should KISS THE ASS  of a Muslim Arab for this -- "Christians", at least twice!!!

To clarify Christian Feudalism that now replaces DemocracySenor Stanley de Norte CaroLEENa, has sent this for inclusion:


Glad to see the UN ain't a-buyin' Our President's lies about torture (especially its ending)!!! THIS IS WHAT ONE GETS from a BLACKMAILED HOMOSEXUAL -- the man is VERY problematic!!!

WASHINGTON -- America, the Obama administration says, takes its history of torture seriously. President Barack Obama outlawed the harsh practices of the Bush era days after taking office. The government has released documents, attempting to...

Even AYE like a good romantic story!!!

Paralyzed vet surprises bride with wedding dance

This morning, CNN was all over this story, interviewing the recently married couple, who seem to truly be in love. Yes, even I had a tear in my eye.

BUT, the groom kept "ma'am-ing" the females on CNN, and is CLEARLY too much a young pup to be called EMOTIONALLY a "man" or "adult". And if you spoke with the SENIOR adult men in my writers group in Puerto Vallarta who are STRAIGHT,  you know that many of THEM are no longer certain they would bother MARRYING a woman -- it gives women too much POWER (especially if religious).

I wish them the BEST, but the groom's emotional childishness predicts a ROCKY MARRIAGE BED ahead, soon enough!!!

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Hey Kenova, West Virginia, you might want to rethink your Christmas light display. - Pam  #ThingsThatSeemDirtyWhenTheyreNot
Hey Kenova, West Virginia, you might want to rethink your Christmas light display. - Pam ‪#‎ThingsThatSeemDirtyWhenTheyreNot‬
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