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RE: From Your Fave "Monday Morning Quarter-Brain", the JOLLY GREEN GIANT!!!

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As everyone who knew me growing up knows, not only were bullies in the habit of tying my shoestrings together and throwing my school books in the Louisville storm sewer when I went to St. Barnabas School in first and second grade, everyone always called me "The Jolly Green Giant" for years and years, often singing TV jingles about it.

I hated that until I was out of college, when I came to absolutely love my 6' 11" height.

And then I began learning new tricks, too:


1. In the matter of the travel writing opportunities that Colin of Writers Group has emailed promoting three times, now, although the sponsoring publication is into supporting those persecuted by government, narco-traffickers, and terrorists with their clever financial strategies and "burn bags", when you follow the link, it is NOT about writing for them, but if you qualify and "auditioned last Saturday" and were chosen, they give you info on how to get in the door at OTHER publications to audition.

Actual writers can read all that clearly, and decide what they want to do. Never mind the deadline, it's probably fake.

2. Considering that Colin's last two examples of promoting writers orgs -- and they were ones run or supported by our members, then in the USA, so it WAS appropriate to pass that info along -- were Christian Writers groups, the last one in Texas, and Colin has lately used terms like "Praise the Lord" when emailing me, specifically, (and NOT ironically, best I can tell), I suggest we ALL recognize that Christian Literature is the LARGEST-selling genre in the USA (although respected by none of the others, much), and given the lack of respect between it and other genres, that Colin, Frank Meyer, and Charles Quigley form a Christian Writers Group meeting at Los Mangos Library, since two of them prefer that, and Colin has a car, so no delay on busses for him.

It needn't conflict in Time with PVWG meetings at Act II Theatre.

3. I support Colin continuing as Leader because of his amusing way of having stories and using wit throughout the meetings -- and whatever his personal opinion, I've never seen him discriminate among those asking to read. I DO think we should have a list of readers and some kind of time limit, so that no one gets forgotten or squeezed out. All writers groups I ever belonged to did that to promote fairness.



The central theme behind the Kenan Family with First Presbyterian Church that caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 that led to all Jim Crow laws being passed in the USA within two years.

Introducing the "Grandfather Clause" after the Wilmington Massacre.... "WHY DEMOCRATS WILL VOTE FOR THE AMENDMENT: 1. Because he is a white man, and will not be governed, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any inferior race, much less by a former slave, the negro. Nor will he submit to be governed by sorry white men backed by negroes." - Wilmington on Fire (coming soon)
 governed, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any inferior race, much less by a former slave, the negro. Nor will he submit to be governed by sorry white men backed by negroes." - Wilmington on Fire (coming soon)
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So YES, I feel a moral obligation to expose the crimes of my distant relatives -- and their alliance with the Confederate Mace-led Episcopal Church centered at Sewanee (The University of the South), as well as the Republican Party.

2. Regarding my love of Mexico, I got it on my first visit to Cozumel in the early 1990s, when I won a sales contest at the now-named Pentagon Publishing, Inc., which I worked for for 18 years: And you will please also remember that my sister-in-law's brother, surnamed Godley, was a Christian missionary in Quintana Roo state, and finding he was going to be a father, married her, returned to the USA with her, and abandoned Christian Ministry to work in financial services.

Today, my niece Taylor has a first cousin her age also in college, who is half Mexican, so it's an EXTENDED FAMILY THING as well for me, no???

3. Although Candace from PV Writers Group was not the FIRST of John Huston's actual friends to claim I look, speak, and act like John Huston, Mr. Huston and my former employer Tennessee Williams put Puerto Vallarta on the MAP with the filming of LA NOCHE DE LA IGUANA, and so I feel an obligation to see that Puerto Vallarta is safe for all.

4. And you will please remember, that the very FIRST Mexican I ever met and spoke with as a human, was in 1984 at the Pharr Library (gay) Disco in Atlanta, Georgia. He seduced me and took me to his luxury hotel for a hot weekend affair.

I forget his first name (which I used -- and was NOT paid or bought anything but a drink or two), and at the end, he revealed he was the actual Mexican Consul to Atlanta (Mexico has an enhanced consulate in Atlanta -- like the USA has in Guadalajara), named Senor Villanueva, PRI Party. He had a wife and kids in a house in Atlanta, as it turned out.

Mexican Blogging Machine in Villanueva, Mexico

5. And as I have stated before, if no one wants to listen, I will purchase this "appropriately home-towned" low-tech blogging device, and PARK IT IN FRONT OF YER DANG HOUSE, as I continue to blog!!!


Several years after returning from the war, Vineland, New Jersey native Ben Zion Leuchter became the editor of the Vineland Times Journal, where he worked until 1977, when the Leuchter family sold the newspaper that today is The Daily Journal.

Translation: "Son of Zion who spreads Light"

Actually, Ben and his gorgeous wife, Magda, owned at least a dozen newspapers when I knew them in the mid-1970s, and his daughter Janet was my roommate in Cape May, New Jersey while I and some others founded, and I lived with her briefly in Manhattan as well.

Unbeknowst to Janet, my partners in Whale's Tale, or my own family, when I was first forced into "chemical lobotomy" of Lithium, which I remained on until 2009 -- by my mother with everyone else cooperating with her in 1978, I secretly went to Vineland and got GOOD counseling from Ben Zion Leuchter -- so I owe the Jews SOMETHINGno???


"Live Life to the Fullest!!!"

Sorry -- couldn't resist.

A Mexican Nativity Scene!!!

Last Night's sunset in Puerto Vallarta, via the Puerto Vallarta Daily News.


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