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RP: Christians!!! Where Would We Be WITHOUT THEM???

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Wise man once said.....
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  • Scott Kenan from Tinoka Pipoca 😋"...always trying not to be but...what if someone is always a dickhead?!?!?! "
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  • Scott Kenan Tinoka: If a person is always a dickhead (I know just the type you are typing about), then it behooves you (and me) to be less attractive to them, no???
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Pastor Steven Anderson, who made headlines yesterday after calling for the murder of all gays to end AIDS by Christmas, is doubling down and has posted another...
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When 52-year-old Peter Wald‘s left foot began suffering from the effects of diabetes in 2013, he didn’t go to a hospital. He just prayed to get better. Turns out prayer...
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First of all, I agree with David EMOTIONALLY, and thank him for a sincere effort at mending fences, making peace, etc. This morning I seem miraculously over my bad cold of two days, and my energy is back and my nose dried up. I wouldn't have healed so quickly if I were under TOO much stress for me -- I am seriously tough both physically and spiritually.

While I'm at it, I apologize to Charles for making that crack yesterday about fat people eating donuts at the library -- Charles is NOT obese (but within an acceptable range for his age and body type), so did not deserve criticism over his eating habits. Yesterday, I just didn't care anymore.

In the process of all this, I've had time to reflect on a lot of things, but got hijacked onto another line of thought by my being blind-copied on what I think was meant to be a humorous pass-along email, like was popular to do in the USA in the late 1990s and early oughts before social media mostly took over that function of passing things. It was openly sent to a Robert Ahmer, and I have no idea who that is.

It was a "joke" sort of thing about Al Sharpton (of whom I am NOT a fan), but I am offended when people make fun of President Obama -- whom I also find fault with quite frequently, but they attack his race, birth place, and used to shout in 2012 "Drill, Baby Drill" (for more oil and gas), which was EXACTLY what he had and has done, with increases in US Oil Production every year of his Presidency, while under George W. Bush we had DECREASED US Oil and gas drilling (because of the Bush/Cheney alliance with the Saudi Royal and Bin Laden Families, and OPEC), but Republicans mostly only lie.

And the "joke" was the sort of thing Americans passed around before the internet in the 1980s, without realizing how racist they were. Few Republicans or even Conservative Christians would pass this kind of thing around now.

For the record, in the early 1990s, the older black residents of Stone Mountain, GA petitioned city government to name an unnamed city park for James Venable, whose family had owned the mountain and quarried it for granite before it was made into a Park. Mr. Venable is also credited with single-handedly resurrecting the Ku Klux Klan in the Twentieth Century (and my first six years of living there, they marched right through town in full robes and torches shouting about niggers during their annual confab, camping and "bonfiring" all night in a field adjacent to Shermantown, as the traditional black section still is called, although the town is majority black for years now), had been the Mayor of the town and during the GREAT DEPRESSION, loaded up his pick-up truck with groceries every Friday afternoon, and distributed them free in the black section of town -- they having NO voters then due to the Kenan-Family-caused Jim Crow Laws, it could have been called "Christian Charity" (like Adolph Hitler's insistence that FIRST OF ALL Nazism is a CHRISTIAN movement and allowed no criticism of Christianity, the Ku Klux Klan has the same view of their being the most advanced of Christians).

And to top it all off, I had chosen my lot before my house was built for me, because Mayor Venable had had TWO moonshine stills on it during Prohibition, and a dirt lane, "Wino Row", cut diagonally through my lot -- I liked the idea of the drunken camaraderie lingering on my property. Only a couple of years before moving out in 2010, did I learn that black folks had actually been lynched on the oak in my front yard!!!

My house in Stone Mountain, Georgia has since been stripped of ALL VEGETATIONleaving not even foundation plants!!!

But in any case, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rode satellite trucks into town, and with the help of CNN, especially, ridiculed the older blacks and STOPPED the re-naming in its track.

The American South is COMPLICATED.

So getting back to things, besides that further evidence of the sender's White Supremacy beliefs (which I'm also certain he doesn't believe he has), I remembered that I did NOT and still HAVE NOT had a single word of empathy or outrage over the Christian Conversion stunt with attempt to humiliate this homosexual. I should have gotten that long ago, now, so I don't expect anyone feels or cares one shit about that.

Indeed, the only comment I got from anyone afterward was that I should NOT say I'm gay/homosexual so often. I agree with that because I don't think there is a real difference between loving or sexual attraction to someone of same or differing sex, but the main difference is the respect gay men have for women of all types that straight men don't seem to share -- unless they raise them up above women to "lady", meaning all the other women remain in a sub-human class. This is not my problem, but one for straight men and women to work out.

The other major thing that came to mind dates back to the first time I read in a meeting since 2010 (and from my blog), probably late February or in March of this year, a large man interrupted by getting up and saying I was full of crap, and then walked out (as Frank Meyer usually does when I read -- but silently). Afterward, a person I usually think of as entirely reasonable said to me -- paraphrased -- "That big Jew was rude and WRONG!!!).

First of all, his size made no difference, and I had no idea the guy was Jewish -- nor do I think that had anything to do with it either. I was super-shocked at the display of Antisemitism, which happened so casually, I assume it is accepted as de rigueur in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, yet Mike is back now and seems totally respected and Rosangelica, although practicing Catholic is largely Jewish by blood.

As I have blogged many, many times, my mother had my father's male lover (Dad is proven bi, not gay -- I have a 6' 8" half brother, an alleged first cousin by my Aunt Virginia (Mintz) and Uncle Rufus Harlee Kenan), shot in the head in Cincinnati in 1949, and then gave Dad the choice of converting to Catholicism (which Dad always said was nothing but horseshit, religion being a woman's invention to control men -- but he did it), and married her so she could hide her Catholic swastikas behind the Kenan name, which is well known to movers and shakers, but not to the masses as the Kenans pay lots of money to remain "unknown" in their influence of the USA.

The police report shows "Russian Roulette Suicide". And Dad died this past Easter Sunday, three days before his 96th birthday. Wilmingtonians might get a kick out of the fact that Dad's nickname at New Hanover High was "Middle-Leg" because of his endowment, and he sold it to guys in San Francisco back when he headed the largest department store's gift department, and loved to brag that he had sold alabaster bowls to William Randolph Hearst's buyer for Marian Davies.

This is NOT really "straight behavior".

So bottom line is that I can continue to deal with all the slights of the members of our group -- and do so more graciously now that this "blow-up" is over. If Colin BANNED anyone, they would just show up later and the police won't help, so just more difficulties and tension going forward.

And no one in our group is the intended audience of my blog -- none have much influence in today's world -- although some had some, once. This does not apply to our "Snowbirds", though. I don't think many people believe what I say about politics, so I will only read old stuff from my Williams memoir or other pretty things I come up with soon. Perhaps I have been too intellectually challenging.

But please remember this: REGARDLESS what YOU believe, I've had confirmed many times, now, that my parents were America's top NAZI leaders and a major part of how "Christians" and Republicans (and some Dems like Obama, the Clintons, Rahm Emanuel, and Gov. Cuomo), came to power, and when I first blogged abut that in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood (one of whom I've known since he was in high school), made me an "Honorary Jew", which they had no authority to do, but which I accept, although I have no interest in conversion.

Ridicule me, try to convert me, beat me up self-righteously, but NOBODY FUCKS WITH JEWS around me or I'll give them a reason to arrest me!!!


On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 7:42 PM, David wrote:

I would hate to see either one of you go. We have a lot of character within our group as well as a lot of characters (I would include myself). You two are very much a part of this is Frank. Let's not change the dynamics, let's accept each other for what we are: characters in a novel that is fun, interesting, and sometimes volatile.



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