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RP: CNN in the NAZI Pantheon -- and a Saturday Clean-Up, to BOOT!!!

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1. CNN has been running nothing but NYC cop-drama for several days now, and while it is clear that Mayor DiBlasio has made errors in how he communicates the changes he's been making, the cops are nothing but SPOILED BRATS.

And their turning their backs today, after tensions have lessened a little and everyone responsible-in-nature is trying to SOLVE things, to a non-political speech made by the mayor at a FUNERAL, shows they are AGAINST GOD, ITSELF!!!

EVERY ONE of those who turned a back today should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED. But that is not practical (although Ronald Reagan DID fire all the air traffic controllers, and it disrupted airline service somewhat for at least a year -- but cops are more critical to New York).

THANK GOD that they booted Candy Crowley!!! But CNN promotes old Uber-Has-Beens like Rick Santorem. and Newt Gingrich, the latter of which I can PROVE IN COURT OF LAW was involved in narco-trafficking (at least in the early 1990s) -- see:

Please see how my distant Irish cousin, Dan KEENAN Savage (a Catholic), has run with the Fake Catholic former Senator

So CNN is in charge of confusing the American Public with non-stop coverage of one crisis then another, and with hired assholes who speculate endlessly on things that OFTEN will very soon be clarified, but this drama is addicting to those addicted to fear, drugs, and/or alcohol, and CNN is PAID by the CIA/NSA to keep the American Public AS STUPID AS POSSIBLE.

Here is a news item from very recently that CNN would NEVER mention, but has been front page news all over the friggin' WORLD!!!:

And GERMANY is leading the fight AGAINST NAZISnow.

Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

If President Obama won’t do it, someone else will. Thankfully, a human rights group in Berlin, The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, has begun the process of indicting members of the Bush Administration by filing criminal complaints against the architects of the Admin’s torture program.

If YOUR news source is not reporting these things prominently, than you need to CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!

2. I never intended to go to the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meeting today -- I just wanted to add a little "dramatic tension", as we writers call it.

You must remember, that despite the criminal activities of some of the member -- and their EXTREME control on the sheep in the group -- the only REAL REASON I was kicked out was to kick my piece out of Coast Lines 4, the anthology, because the CIA, Republican Party, Episcopal Church USA, and Clinton-style Democrats DEMAND that I not be published or recognized in any notable way.

publicity card for my book that I wrote a note to Fernando Merino on, but he returned it to me.

Technically, I AM published here:, but they know they can ERASE MY ELECTRONIC FOOTPRINTbut not until I'm dead, jailed, or nut-house committed, and the FUNNIEST thing about it all is that Jamie Lee Sutherland, Daliah Saper, Jeff Duncan, Benjamin R. David, and Rishi Nair actually DID (by never legally serving me, then trying me in absentia in Cook County, Illinois Court), get a COURT ORDER to REMOVE MY BLOG, but they were thwarted by Google's Rules -- LOL!!!

And today, I googled to see if Coast Lines 4 is out yet, and there is NO mention of it being published (it will immediately be available on Amazon in print -- then later also in electronic), so nothing, really, to do about these thugs until the PROOF arrives, and it was likely delayed because they acted against me so late in the year.

3. In the matter of my siblings, this has been a SUPER-difficult thing for me to deal with, and I actually believe them that both Mike's and Jane's phones were CONTROLLED BY THE CIA OR NSA and did not allow them to answer them, kicking me into voice-mail, immediately.

But Testosteroni's point that I have also wondered about for three years, now, is also TRUE, and my knowing it has been the LARGEST source of pain this whole time. In fact, my siblings' TOTAL SHUNNING OF ME has been thrown in my face time and time again by my adversaries -- EVERY COURT HEARING I HAD IN WILMINGTON INCLUDED PROSECUTORS MAKING A GIANT POINT OF MIKE, JANE, AND JULIE (and my parents), COMPLETELY DISAGREEING WITH ME AND CLAIMING I AM PSYCHOTIC!!! -- because they KNOW this makes me seem unbelievable -- at least to the God-Haters who believe Jesus is the literal "Son of God".

How my family has aided my adversaries RELENTLESSLY, even now after they are usually nice, is so OBVIOUS to MANY outside observers, who have sent me many comments about that. But I over-did it by trying to FORCE them into investing in me if they want any of the pay-offs and book profits in my future.

So I BACK OFF from that, and make the entire thing voluntary. I will NOT try to destroy my nephews' jobs (although Max, especially, got his like Connor got the engagement to the "rich bitch" with multiple yachts in Key Biscayne, Florida). Jane probably got her financial benefactor, Jim-of-Michiganthrough Mom's efforts.

My nephew Connor, likes to keep Republicans BETWEEN HIS LEGS, and in service to his whims.

Would that I had such skillsno???


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