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RP: Colin Hamilton Kindly Sends More Material to Inspire Us All!!!

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Don Gallery (now deceased), and Ginger Tindall of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group.

Don led meetings when I first attended in 2010, but his health was already so poor, he turned the reigns over to Captain Doug Williamson, and it was soon after that, that Colin Hamilton shook the donation box in my face and made the kinds of cracks at me that only the SNITTIEST OLD QUEENS ever do.

The fact of the matter was that I had become homeless, but was too proud to admit it to anyone. But nothing stops those who HATE TRUE WRITERS!!!

But I see Colin prefers to tell a different story (since Don is dead and can't talk), but other current members were there too, and maybe some of them remember, accurately.




I have to tell you that your email of December 9th masquerading as an apology is not acceptable.

You have contrived to compose a letter than in no way apologises to me for your scurrilous, damaging and libelous scribblings about me on your blog.  You make an apology for “contributing” to what has grown so intense”.
This is a distortion of the truth. YOU were the very architect of the situation  - a direct consequence of the appalling postings you have made on your blog.

To suggest that making minuscule modifications to the published text is pointless. Nobody receiving your blog is likely to return to re-read just in case there might be some infinitesimal change. The genie is out of the bottle. You cannot force it back in.

This is rich -- ratcheting my words up to claiming you are "habitually involved" (in being fist-fucked -- by his proctologist -- or as Colin put it, as a "hand-puppet", code to EVERY gay man.)

Don’t play with words.  No “ratcheting” is necessary; your terminology makes things perfectly clear.  Were you to say, for example, that somebody is “into the booze” that indicates their consumption of liquor is continuous, NOT that the individual had one too many at the bar the previous night.

You have made frequent slurs - both verbally and in print -  about my British nationality and character, as well as my “colonial” attitude.

Much as I deplore this, there are without doubt certain differences between the USA and Britain.
Speaking generally Americans tend to be more litigious, threatening to sue over sometimes relatively minor matters.
Corporations and financial institutions apart, the British are not given to rushing to Law.  It is a last resort when other more harmonious methods of dealing with a matter fail.   Certainly that is a characteristic I have inherited. And in this instance my attempts to curb your cyber excesses have failed miserably.

I say this to make matters clear, because unless you consent to my proposal below I shall certainly institute proceedings against you.

You must take this very, very seriously.  Remembering your libel case in Illinois (LOL!!!), have you considered the possible implications of losing a similar case here in Mexico?   In the event of being unlucky in your court appearance, can you bear any damages awarded by the court? Court costs? My legal and other expenses?  The expense of you own legal counsel? The total sum could be substantial while  failure to shoulder that financial burden could have disastrous consequences.  

I will hold back ONLY on one condition.

I wish you to undertake that you will never mention the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, my name or the names of any other members at ANY time on your internet or emailed blog. .

Please let me have your response by email with immediate effect. When you return from Colima PLEASE repeat this in writing with your signature plus that of a witness, together with his/her name and address.

You are the last person on the planet from whom I would take advice about the running of the PVWG (or anything) whether it be in regard to my stepping down as you suggest or of needing a show of hands prior to asking you to leave.

Now to the final point. 

You tell me you don’t take seriously my decision to exclude you from the Group. You are incorrect.    You were told to leave originally by the moderator, Don Gallery, and accepted this. (Please see above in red.) I am following his example.

Anybody applying for membership, if accepted, has his/her name added to the List of Members and thereafter receives the weekly Newsletter.  That document is, in effect, an acknowledgement of their continuing membership. 

I know a couple of people who have given Colin their email addresses at least three times, and he still can't remember to get them on "the list" -- they are still allowed to participate in meetings as if they were ON THE LISTLordy!!!

Your name is no longer included in the list and you do not receive Newsletters.  
You are no longer welcome at our meetings.

Colin Hamilton


Mr Kenan,

By posting such absurd drivel it would appear that you are once again in the grip of your persecution mania. Nevertheless it is up to your customary standard of multi-coloured (I DO, usually, prefer this spelling), claptrap.

However, I have to admit reluctantly that you flatter by ascribing to me the technical wizardry required to break into somebody's account on Amazon. 

At the same time, though,  this appears to be in sharp contrast to my leaving my name for everybody to see when "hacking" your account. That would hardly be the smart thing to do, would it?

The truth is that Amazon is simply on the mailing list for your blog and received, instead, an emaii from me.  

WHOA "NELLY"!!! -- as they say. If you checked the email addresses that you were capable of "reply-to-all" to, Amazon is not listed -- nor on the blind copies. Check where I've published my list, silly!!! 

That was for them to read or delete. But to suggest one could HACK into a sophisticated website so easily is preposterous...even by your standards...
If you believe otherwise, don't procrastinate - inform the Police, the FBI or whoever you wish.   You will appear even more off-centre than usual. 

Colin Hamilton 

Tennessee's last completed full length play was premiered in Chicago in April 1982, while I worked for him.

It is about a society of drug and appearance addicts who claim Christianity while destroying their own entire world.




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