Friday, December 26, 2014

RP: Feeling "Fit as a Fiddle", I Am Contemplating Attending Puerto Vallarta Writers Group Jabber-Fest, Tomorrow . . .

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I was out meeting a contact for lunch (and he has assured me that despite the 2,650 murders in this LARGE state of Jalisco -- which includes Guadalajara and of course TEQUILA, as well -- during the last 22 months), and he assured me that all is progressing nicely.

Oy VEY!!!

Then I ran into a member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, who delighted in telling me EXACTLY how Colin Hamilton handled letting them know that he, Frank Meyer, and Charles Quigley kicked me out of the group -- without having a vote of members.

I did NOT have time to find out how the group reacted, but this person knowing NOTHING of it -- having missed the one meeting where I last had to deal with them (when Charles got so irate, and I was forced to call him a "God-damned liar" (which was NOT as strong as language some others used), and also NOT on my email list, which includes about ten members.

So I think it behooves us ALL for me to go tomorrow, just to let them know what ACTUALLY happened -- don't you agree???

And on this day the Del Shores has dedicated to HUMOR and LAUGHING, let me also just say that in the matter of those besides Testosteroni who have given me much less -- but considerable money, Rev. Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, North Carolina, gave me something upward of $2,000.00 all together, and from a "Pastor's Special Fund" of the church.

And Deb Baratta, who told me on one of our "motoring adventures" that her husband, who has a very well-paying job as well (currently, Deb is heavily medicated and had to quit her job, and when I last phoned her, she remembered ME, but NOTHING of Snow's Cut Bridge or how she landed in the mental hospital), is ALSO an amateur Kenan Family scholar, studying them very deeply.

She said that he appreciated the info I gave him through her.

And in two or three checks, Deb gave me a total of $2,000.00. I offered to sign a contract to give her a piece of my Tennessee Williams memoir, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams -- now can be read for FREE, here:

So I entirely appreciate these two for their help -- and many other things as well. I only hope I have not caused Ernie Thompson any REAL problems!!!

And that everyone in my ken is FIT AS A FIDDLE, a condition illustrated by this graphic of what interests ME most.

White folks dancin'!!! (It's about TIME!!!)


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