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RP: Holy Jingleberries -- I Found ANOTHER "Nefarious Connection" (I believe)!!!

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Claudette Hampton

Claudette Hampton

Senior Vice President Of Human Resources And Administration

Prior to leading the team, she served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Baker & Taylor, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte. MORE

GOP Moneyman and strategist Art Pope (whom Gov. McCrory had appointed to preside over North Carolina's BUDGET OFFICE), with Gov. Pat McCrory

You see, (Lending Tree, Money Tree, etc.), based in Charlotte was just found to be giving huge payments to both McCrory and Republican Senator Mark Sanford, SC, and BOTH served on their Board of Directors!!!

But in looking (and praying I would not find it -- which I did NOT), for evidence of Kenans on the Board, I found Ms. Claudette Hampton, who had been a V.P. at Baker & Taylor -- previously known as one of the largest wholesale distributors of books, worldwide.

Isn't John Mackey GORGEOUS!!! He sent this with other photos of him in a state of disrobement when for political reasons John was sexually teasing me, ENDLESSLY!!!

And he actually let me sniff his pits, TWICE!!!

But FUNNIER, is that he used to have a nose EXACTLY like Dante Aleghieri's -- until he had it surgically re-sculpted.

Actually, Dante looks like my FATHERWilliam Scott Kenan:

Dad was his handsomest at Julie's wedding, about 2000.

And when I visited Florence, Italy about the year 2000, I stayed in this guest house half a block down from Dante's actual house:, and Chuck and Hilarymy former partners in stayed there TOO, at my suggestion, and liked it.

Perhaps you would like to stay with them when you are next in Florence. It's the best reasonable accommodation that is in the center of things.

But the BOTTOM LINE is that all the mythology of the "Devil", was CREATED by Dante Alegheiri -- it is nearly entirely ABSENT from the Judeo-Christian Bible!!!

Click image to enlarge.

And GUESS who was ALSO V.P. of Baker & Taylor -- about as many years ago, exactly. That's right, John Mackey, the SAME person I once had a huge crush on, who introduced me to Latino Gay Bars in Atlanta, and actually gave me the FIRST honest criticism of Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams (, when I had begun by writing a short story for the writers group at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta.

It had had the working title of "The Obelisk and the Sphere", referring to Tenn's and my shapes. It survives as Chapter 23 "An Uptown Soiree" and can be read here:

So, knowing that John Mackey has since formed his own company rehabbing slum properties in one of the major cities on the Great Lakes in Ohio, so wanting more background, I tried Linked In -- where I had previously seen ALL his education and history of jobs back while he was working for Baker & Taylor, but it has been REMOVED.

Better, I found something else, another of his profiles that shows him well over 100 years old, running a "railroad company" (code for moving illegal drugs), and the address is one that my former literary agent, Cynthia Zigmund once gave. CORRECTION: I looked too quickly and read it wrong -- but I DID take a "screen snap" of it this afternoon, which I forgot to post then:

 -- IN FACT, it was John Mackey who introduced Cynthia and me.

And look at her now:

Cynthia Zigmund and me in Chicago, 2009

Sorry, but she never had the PRESENCE to be a literary agent nor president of a REAL company, like she had claimed. My impression was that she was far too MOUSY, to do any of that, and on meeting her I went into despair -- until I realized she HAD gotten me a SIGNED CONTRACT with Alyson Books (but not the advance due on signing -- or ever).

She was "in on it" all along!!!

Cincinnatus Retorno

>>> LATE ADDITION: EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH JAMES LESTER. The original exchange was here:

As found at 8:41 PM on Google+

And a screen capture of his profile there:

Well James, honey, I don't know what the hell you think YOU are. You might be heterosexual-acting and have children now (do you???), but you have never denied your "gay orgy past" that you liked to brag about -- and how popular your awesome foreskin was.

Is there anything ELSE you'd like to say??? Your grammar is better than half the 60 submissions to Puerto Vallarta Writers Group anthology that I read this year (sometimes I wonder if the WHOLE DAMNED THING is a drug front!!!) -- so I don't mind reading what you write AT ALL!!


On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 7:35 PM, James Lester <> wrote:

Tennessee Williams was a faggot wacko just like you. I pray that you get put in prison for all the harassment you do.

>>> And then Added at 9:49 PM:

James Lester

8:53 PM (53 minutes ago)
to me
Haha you faggot. I would never think of being with another man!! The only time you ever saw me naked and ever will is when your faggot ass spied on me in the shower. You are a waste of human flesh just like all faggots, and you will end up locked up and someone's bitch before long.

I think he wants to lock me up as his bitch -- HOTPRAISE JESUS!!!


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