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RP: The Intransigent NYC Police Are Controlled by My Friend Sonny's SUN KINGS Colombian Drug Mafia (he told me ALL ABOUT IT many times)!!!

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Sonny (his actual legal name is Jimmy Humberto Montano Prieto) and who is known in the US JUSTICE and CRIMINAL SYSTEMS with a completely DIFFERENT NAME, that I don't remember, but Sonny ALWAYS carried his US PRISON ID rolled up in his pants cuff or shoved up a slit in his waistband.

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The basic story Sonny told me many times -- remember, he and his wife Tanya gave me a place to sleep the last six weeks or so I was in Puerto Vallarta, late 2010 -- was that he was taken by one of his parents at about age five, illegally, to the USA, and became separated from his parent, so learned "the street life" so well, that the Sun Kings Drug Gang, which began in Brooklyn, took him on for special tasks.

Sonny's specialty became as a "butcher", someone who cuts up human bodies so they can more easily be completely "disappeared". He helped the Sun Kings in New York City TAKE OVER THE POLICE CONTROL from the traditional Family Mafias (Italians, Irish, etc.). He worked all up and down the Eastern Seaboard, with a long stint in South Florida.

And YES -- Sonny told me he did a LOT OF SERIOUS WORK in Wilmington, North Carolina.

He told me that they have a big "Power Center" in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and that they deal with the Episcopal Church in NYC -- especially Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine near Columbia University.

And this is where Tennessee Williams' Poet's Stone lies -- with Thomas Elliot Keith's boyfriend Arturo (of Colombia), not only dealing with clergy and others there -- but in Stone Mountain with Gingrich, etc. Arturo's entire family lives in the Smoke Rise section of Stone Mountain.

Me with Thomas Keith and the shorter Arturo at the Bishop's Reception following Tennessee Williams's Poet's Stone being dedicated, fall 2009.

Of course, Sonny is back in jail for what one of his friends told me will be another eight years, at least for some kind of fight -- although I ran into Tanya the other day and she believes for only another year.

I thank Sonny for telling me that he had been sentenced to 25 years in US MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON, but the CIA was so impressed with him, that they let him out after only 11 years, and dropped him in Mexico to protect US Government Narco-Trafficking here.

Sonny also said he had committed a lot of crimes that have no "statute of limitations" -- that are attached to his REAL fingerprints, but not his US name, and he FEARS extradition to the USA.

BOTTOM LINENew York City Police are LARGELY CONTROLLED by Colombian Drug Mafia -- is this a SECRET???

And to round this out with mentioning OTHERS released from US PRISONS by the CIAonly to protect narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta -- whom I've had the pleasure of knowing:

Martin Guzman is still hiding from Mexican Authorities. His brother Albert (who is much darker and has a different mother), and he committed a grizzly murder that was all over the tabloids in town, late 2010. Albert is convicted, but they talked police into releasing Martin. I lived in Toro's crack-house for five weeks with them and got to know them well.

Both are smart -- and neither is gay (unlike Toro!!! See on Toro

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