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RP: Is MY Male Bag Getting MORE or less MASK-YOU-LEAN???

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Obama Libre (Why is this in Espanol -- tee-hee -- ???)

It’s been a bad year. But the president is closing strong.

Thank you. I have received many encouraging emails and Facebook messages from people supporting my "writer's mission", and lately asking me to REALLY turn up the heat on little Colin Hamilton -- whom I might rename "Colon Shame-L-Ton", as Charles Quigley (another group member), suggested I do.

But I DON'T have to do anything at all -- because I googled him deeply this morning and found he appears linked through REAL ESTATE ventures with both Charles and Frank Meyer -- and on the pages about the agencies they deal with, one finds this logo, the sign of "International Arms Smuggling".

This came as a complete surprise, as I had always assumed they were into narco-trafficking -- but had never found any hard evidence of it. But NOW, I cannot find that gun logo, so might have to google to find it again to post when I put this on the blog.

>>> ADDED @ 8:09 PM, CDT: I FOUND IT!!! !!! !!!

However, whilest searching, I came across one of Colin's real estate associates, simply "Smith", who sent this email to Colin and posted it as well: ""I am Smith; the BDM for CrescentITSolutions Ltd.,This is regarding Offshore Development Services." And here is the website of their org in New York City. The name is fake, but the SECOND  one is a contraction for "I am a dog whore" -- I mean I could NOT make this shit UP!!!

But with people like Colon Shame-L-Ton around, there is NEVER a lack of writing materiel -- LOL!!!

Thanks again for your kind support!!!


On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 12:15 PM, marma duke wrote:

I ve heard of Xmas punch but damn that one you just served has quite a kick. .give em hell.  when I read the last few blogs It made me think of that line in The Grinch where his heart grows three sizes or something like that. I imagine that is how you must feel when people send you such loving emails...

Well "DANG MY DINGHY!!!" -- as Roscoe Sweeney used to say in the "funny papers".


Now Marshall, the last time you got a boner over my emails was AT LEAST two years ago. I must be even MORE attractive to you now, so please send at least three pics of your erect cock.

This is the price for ANY North Carolinian (except NC Stanley, of course), to "get off". There should be NO identifying birthmarks, faces, etc., as I am compiling a giant tribute to the guys the last five years who have harassed me -- whether due to horniness or other, and I will INCLUDE the pics of dicks from the site, that contacted me in Wilmington and we had sex. MOST are owners or executives of building companies in town.

Senor Steve Burch (who said he goes BOTH ways), and me in Duck n' Dive Bar, spring 2011.

  1. Duck & Dive Pub
  2. Live Music Venue
  3. Address: 114 Dock Street, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States
    Phone:+1 910-399-2866

    Open today · 1:00 pm – 2:00 am
  4. More reviews:

As I'm sure you know, MOST of the "gay pick-ups" occur in the shower room or parking lot of Gold's Gym -- or at "Duck-n'-Dive" bar -- where the Bit Coin users meet and can spend Bit Coin to DRINK (but ya can't buy whores with it yet -- to my knowledge)!!!

For some, I shall have to search the "Internets" to find what I think would be appropriate for them.

In the BETTER news, today, I have asked a former Republican NC Senator, to ADD me to his Linked-In contacts. I just LOVED his Mom and Dad and wife (all of whom I met first). They are a TRUE Christian Family!!!

Click to see FULLY

So SEND ME THOSE PICS, and I'll remove you PERMANENTLY!!!

All best for the Holidays,
Scott D. Kenan (Five Star)

PS: As they say, I have truly "covered the waterfront". Click the link below the photo to see what Tennessee Williams had to say on the subject:


1:31 AM (16 hours ago)
to me
Get a real job , thank God for blocking technology to block your STUPID SHIT , told before , tell u again , fuck off ! 

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Contact: Mark Lanter,

Mark Lanter of Wilmington -- looks like a "chick-with-a-mustache" to me. What is YOUR opinion???

Click image to examine more closely . . .

Final Note: Members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group should all google their own name in quotes, followed by "Puerto Vallarta", to see what Santa has done brung you ALREADY!!!

Many will find THIS BLOG all over their stuff -- but MOSTLY if you then click the IMAGES TABFor example, here is what shows when I google Colon Shame-L-Ton

Click image to expand.

The way Google has set it up, these images constantly change position depending on WHICH of my blog posts is being hit the most at the moment. And there are TONS MORE of my images-from-blog-in-waiting -- if you scroll down Colon's page, you will see they are now virtually LIMITLESS.

Imagine that . . . 

And I didn't even know this was HAPPENING -- until at least two years ago!!!

Tonight's sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.



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