Monday, December 15, 2014

RP: I've Been Successfully Pigeon-Holed -- for Now, Anyway:

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Yesterday, 7,000 Catholics Marched for Peace in Puerto Vallarta

If you read this brief article, you will see how DIFFERENT this type of Catholicism is from that of Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, or my family's old friend Coach Lou Holtz:

But for ME, the real shocker came from Pope Francis and I'll leave it with just the comment I posted on Facebook a few minutes ago, except to say that these words are the words of a practitioner of Science of Mind or Religious Science, where I met my greatest spiritual teachers, and THEY were all former Catholics, or at least that is true of Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz and Joyce Rennolds (but maybe not of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, but I only did her weekend seminar).

I do believe it is true of Louise Hay and others prominent in the movement, as well, although over all, I would say the religious group that is "smartest" in my dealing with them have been the Jews, and yes, even the "Frozen Chosen", as congregants of First Presbyterian, Wilmington like to call themselves. The philosophy behind that Protestant denomination seemed metaphysics with only a thin veneer of Christianity.

And while I am on it, Jonathan Reiner, who made me an "Honorary Jew" without having authority to do so, like me, studied Science of Mind through Practitioner Training, but neither of us had interest in getting certified.

Pope Francis is defining what I was taught in 1960s Catholic grade school is the "Catholic Church Invisible". My home, I guess I should admit.

i LUV dis pope!
i LUV dis pope!
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So today, I accept the label of "Catholic Church Invisible", although it is not all of me.


>>> IN THE MATTER OF THE PUERTO VALLARTA WRITERS GROUP, issues have clarified and the whole thing will now be handled discretely.

And for the RECORDJohn Markuson,, is the only person in PVWG who has BLOCKED my emails.


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