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RP: Letting Some Bygones Be Bye-Bye -- It's TIME, Now, No???

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Compliments of Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- which Patrick Stansbury of always called the "Urinal-Constitution" -- he a "constitutional, Christian Republican" -- LOL!!!


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Every week, we bring you one overlooked aspect of the stories that made news in recent days. You noticed the media forgot all about another story's basic facts?...
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Bobby Jindal to kick the New Orleans/Tennessee Williams Literary Festival out of the state as he makes "GAY DEPRAVITY" the chief enemy of the United States in his run for President???:

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is counting on his religious extremism – and hatred of gay people – to pave his White House run.
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IT IS PAST 5:00 PM, Friday, and even though Colin Hamilton has gotten forgetful and not only has sent out his meeting reminders a day late a few times the last two months -- and forgotten to carry his own money to the last THREE meetings -- it is now safe to say that he has REMOVED me from the roster of members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, without taking a vote -- that I am aware of.

And no explanation of WHY he contacted trying to get into my publishing account there (I've had two emails from people outraged by Colin's literal CRIME, which he confessed to by insisting his email is NOT "prejudiced", which his PERSONAL email certainly is by any true Christian or Rastafarian Standard.

An assortment of "Anglicans"

Perhaps not by Anglican Communion Standards, though.

Well, it seems to me that the ONLY way out of this "Cosmic Joke" -- as such things are often called -- and not fun for all participants -- is to take this whole matter as a WRITING PROMPT!!!

And anyone and everyone who cares to, can reply to me via email (even anonymous!), or comment below on blog, making up the most creative and fun reasons Colin Hamilton would have tried to break into my Amazon account (which he never actually did -- his email was just hacked, again).

See the previous blog posting for more on all that, and as a refresher, here are the characters:


Colin HamiltonCharles Quigleyand Frank Meyer -- each with an arm around his lover -- except that is actually Charles's daughter, unseen.

And then there is me, trying to be transparent about it all:

As you can see, this photo obtained by image-googling "Scott Kenan naked"is not actually me, but the first actual naked shot that came up -- and with the sort of thing that hangs around my rumpus room.

So have a go at it if you care to, and don't spare ME any anger, lust, or other emotion you may harbor.

The whole point is to be CATHARTIC!!!


This afternoon, I thought: If I am such a big PATRIOT, why am I not trying to give my info to agencies of the United States Government???

I mean it's been YEARS since I tried to -- and EVERYONE can't be corrupted, so today, I called the DEA contact number, let them know the basics of my story (particularly about Port Wilmington), and I even called the local office in Wilmington where Agent Jeff Grant had spurned me in 2011.

Anyway, I gave them a lot to think about, and will get back in touch after the weekend.

I also called another DEA office in another state, but that call will remain under my hat for now . . .

Scott D. Kenan
Cyber-General, Five Star -- Mexico y Estados Unidos

Me, as I first took body in America

And some pals I owe a lot to:


Retired US Army Col. Dottie Newman (on right)

A Grateful Scott!


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