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RP: More on that "Jewish Thing"!!!

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Of how I first knew the distant Kenans were "something", as I had never done any research on them or really read the 1967 edition of The Kenan Family, before purchasing a copy of the 1999 edition when it came out (and I believe I helped the compiler on that, too). You see, I knew they inherited a huge block of Standard Oil -- which only meant Exxon to me then -- and that they were instrumental in founding and funding UNC Chapel Hill. I had no idea they were involved with something like 86 universities in a major way now.

In any case, I did know the whole Leuchter family, but not Janet's sisters very well -- they being incredibly gorgeous, self-assured, and such. When only the parents motored down to see Janet in Cape May, they drove their new red Mercedes convertible -- which her whole family loved to show off all over creation. You see, Mercedes or Benz had built many of the crematorium ovens used on Jews, and to a lesser extent homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc., and most Jews would never buy one like most Southerners would not buy a Lincoln automobile before the late Twentieth Century (although the Jews' stance makes more sense).

But the Leuchters' driving a red convertible so brazenly was their show of DEFIANCE!!!

And I had never discussed religion or extended family with any of them -- and maybe not family with Janet -- but when I went to Vineland to seek counsel from Ben Leuchter, it turned out he had ASSUMED I was Jewish -- or at least the wealthy Kenans were. Back then, it was JEWS who were known for huge generosity toward the Arts and Education, and Ben knew a lot about the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, but since it was huge and for education -- and Kenan is an Old Testament name, he assumed we were a Jewish family.

And THIS is what led to me asking Gregg Loomis in 1990 (the nephew of James Graham Kenan's wife Anne (Clay-of-Kentucky) Kenan, whom "Uncle Jimmie" sent me to), if the Kenans might actually be hidden Jews:

But Gregg nearly choked and told me the one thing the wealthy Kenans hated more than blacks, was Jews!!!

Witness how Emory University, one of the earliest and most supported of the Kenan Schools, has a deep history of Antisemitism, although that ended years ago now.

And it is hooty that in First Chronicles, in the line from Adam to Noah, Kenan (Cainan in some translations), is the grandson of Seth, and as is customary, the family stories are passed between ALTERNATING generations, mostly, so when I got into reading Jane Roberts's SETH material in Cape May, no one should have been surprised (but I didn't figure this out until later -- ha!). That is where I learned to travel "dimensionally".

Another thing metaphysical that happened in Cape May, is that I met and worked house-painting for Grace Buck, the widow of J. Mahlon Buck, who had been on the Board of Smith-Kline, as it was called then -- his great-great-grandfather had been one of the Smith Brothers whose cough drops had started the company. I even stayed with her at her manor home in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, painting some of its interior, while dining with Mrs. Buck every evening -- and she called her old black servants with a buzzer under the table!!!

Not only that, be we ate under two original Monet oils -- and a signed thank-you photo from Richard and Pat Nixon. Later, I learned that "Mahlon", in the bible dictionary, means "The Sickness".


But what is even funnier, is that Grace Buck was BIG in the Christian Science faith -- and sent tons of her husband's drug profits to the Mother Church in Boston (and got me addicted to the Christian Science Monitor). She once gave me a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who began writing it in Wilmington, North Carolina, and her husband lies in the boneyard behind St. Andrews Episcopal in Wilmington) in a plain brown wrapper, warning me that people might harm me if they saw I had it -- REALLY (the book, not Mr. Eddy)!!!

I never read it -- then or later.

But that is not the end of it, because Grace and Mahlon Buck were introduced to each other by Henry Flagler's attorney (Henry Flagler leaving his entire estate to his third wife, Mary Lily Kenan, whom the New York Times then named the "wealthiest woman on earth" -- and when I was stuck taking Lithium, all the capsules were trademarked "Eskalith" (S.K. or Smith-Kline Lithium), so I figured if Grace's husband produced it, it must be OK, and after a few years, I could tolerate it pretty well.

And if you check the Bible dictionary for "Kenan", it means "the sadness" or "unbridled greed and acquisitiveness".

I have QUITE the Family Legacyno???



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