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RP: Ms. Erin Burnett -- Just a Few Minutes Ago -- Lopped the HAID off President Barack Obama (REALLY!!!)!!!

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Erin Burnett of CNN at "A Concert for the Prince's Trust" in London, 2004. in celebration of the acts produced by Trevor Horn.

I took this photo of my TV playing it -- just like I had to do to get my ONLY photo of "Texas" Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara, whom Sewanee and the Episcopal Church, USA have fought for YEARS to minimize in importance in Tennessee Williams's life.

Texas Kate next to Tennessee Williams, 1979

Tennessee's only known godson (Episcopal), is Dudley III, but until I blogged about it and he immediately disappeared from view, Dudley Sharp III was the TOP TV apologist and promoter for the Texas Death Penalty -- especially as it was most brutally used a few years ago, Dudley appearing on ALL major TV networks to support it, broadcast and cable.

Dudley Sharp III on far right

But Dudley's mother was nothing like that at all. She had grown up in Atlanta, BEST FRIENDS with both Frank Hawkins Kenan's and James Graham Kenan's families, which is where she got to learn how to always act like the richest woman on earthand is who the character Babe in In Masks Outrageous and Austere was based on -- not Maria St. Just (nee Britneva).

That is Betty (Price) Kenan in the center, Tom (on right"anti-tea-totlin'" -- as they say), attending as a "High Episcopalian" (at least type), confidently "sycophants-the-verb".

Confidential to PVWG-ers: NC Stanley is BLOOD RELATED to Mrs. Betty Kenan (although strictly typing, it should be styled "Mrs. Frank Hawkins Kenan"), far more closely than I am to her step-son, whose lover, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, we shared in different times that were adjacent -- and as the movie Blue Velvet was being filmed using Robbie's apartment building, which overlooked Kenan Plaza and Kenan Fountain.

Click image -- for a better view.

>>> BUT FIRST: DO YOU ALL REMEMBER COLIN HAMILTON, the Leader or Modulator of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, once photographed holding an explosives detonator???

Colin Stewart Hamilton

Well LOOK what has just emailed me that Colin has tried to do (and yes, that is his real email address): Colin has tried to break into my Amazon PUBLISHING account, where I published Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, that is published for all to read for FREE now, here:

To tell the truth, anywhere between two and thirty attempts to guess at my password and break into my account have happened (now, every day), beginning when I first published my memoir in Kindle edition, Memorial Day 2011, but not getting worse than one per week until Jamie Sutherland with lawyer Dalia Saper or Rishi Nair got Amazon to freeze all sales (fall of 2013) for six months, and then removed the listing entirely after a half year.

And even if Colin wanted to try to do this, he is too smart for such an ignorant stunt. This is yet another instance of proof that his email account is TOTALLY HACKED by people who want to harm me. I've noticed this since I first had Colin's email address, months ago.

5:26 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Dear Scott Kenan,

We have received email(s) from, which is not registered with your Amazon account. Please re-send the email from your email account that is registered with or contact the seller via our website instead.

For answers to any further questions please visit our online help:

We hope our online resources meet all your needs. If you have explored the above link but still need to get in touch with us, please use the Contact-Us form in our online Help department.

Kind Regards,
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After noting that President Obama CLAIMS to be against torture, but sends DRONES in that kill with impunity and the US Government claims anyone killed is an enemy combatant -- which clearly MOST have not been, so he TOO has his HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS that he should be prosecuted for, and Obama is NOT interested in prosecuting Bush Officials for torture, Erin was interviewing a high official whom she had just caught in a web of his own lies, claiming that while he felt water-boarding (which US signed treaties YEARS ago, making illegal and labeling as torture), would be torture if done to HIM, but it is NOT torture if done to someone else, necessarily.

And she went on to ask him if had he been where the actual water-boarders were, would HE have water-boarded these people even though he believes it would be torture IF DONE TO HIM, and he answered a very firm YES!!!

So after Erin dismissed HIS ignorant ass, she turned to the camera and said, "If he (Barack Obama), were there, maybe he TOO would do the same thing."




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