Wednesday, December 24, 2014

RP: My Plan for Tomorrow -- or Perhaps Today (In the Jewish Sundown Sense):

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>>> IT IS NOW NEARLY FULL DARK IN PUERTO VALLARTA, after a colorful striation of clouds caught all the closing light.

So I was thinking that first reasonable thing tomorrow, I will call Testosteroni in New York, to see WHERE he intends to get his daily prepared food portions today, and he seeming not at all Jewish (and never having expressed an interest in Chinese food -- or for THAT matter, for Asian foods at all, at least not from East if India, and few from there), and the point of that is that there is a tradition of Jews eating in Chinese restaurants on Christmas Day -- or so I've been fooled into believing.

And he's never talked about delis -- just Whole Foods and such.

So I'm HOPING he doesn't have to resort to trapping mice and vermin to eat on Christmas Day!!!

(And later, perhaps "touched by paranoia", as they say, I thought I'd better make clear that that was meant to be a light-hearted ending.)

But I'll worry about that tomorrow, as Dear Scarlett loved to say.

Written when this was first published:

"Most sexual activity is a waste of time because it is done in confusion, frustration or from a sense of obligation. Many people fail to recognize sex as a normal expression of life. When we view sex with clarity and joy it becomes a happy and creative experience. Dr. Schultz is a nationally acclaimed New Thought teacher, lecturer and writer who has demonstrated an enormously successful ministry and career. He is the Founder and Minister of the Atlanta church of Religious Science and is the President of Religious Science International. He is the author of Questions Jesus Asked and A Legacy of Truth. Dr. Schultz is noted for his great clarity, breezy style and quick wit."

So let me tell you of a Sunday Talk that Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz gave (and he loved to bellow, "And if this were the Catholic Church -- I'd be the Pope!!! But it is NOT the Catholic Churchand I am no Pope").

The title of his talk one closest-before-Christmas Sunday, was "A Lonely Goy in the Jewish Deli", and it was about the time while he was a psychologist practicing in New York, that one Christmas Day he was all alone and with no food in the cupboard, so he took to the streets in hope of finding food at least up to college student standards.

Finally, he chanced on a Jewish Deli that was open, and he sat at a table and ordered, then noticed only two other tables were occupied, and each of those by a single man, neither destitute nor prosperous to the eye -- and no one was looking to meet anyone else's eye at all.

So when he completed his corned beef sandwich and whatever, he asked for the check, but was told it had already been paid. Looking around, he saw that one of the two other patrons had gone.

"Did he say anything?" "No, except that he was paying your bill too."

And although I don't believe Kennedy expressly said this, I am certain that was the spark that sent him on his incredible quest.


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