Saturday, December 13, 2014


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Dear Jasmine,

I was most flattered to receive your request, but the page you suggested is locked from me altering it, until I find the instructions that were sent to me three years ago, and now are buried in one of the several hard-drives and memory sticks I have preserving my records (including emails going back until about 2005), and the search for that would have to be massive.

So I did the next best thing, and published your letter in full with the text of that page on my blogs (one mirroring the other for a reason too boring to tell): and mirrored here:

I can tell you that after two hours, this posting is getting hit a LOT!!! I get about 500 - 600 hits per day to the blogs counted together, but I always email out each posting to a list of 500, largely Press, Religious Leaders, Political actors of various descriptions, and Friends of Tennessee Williams. I have no idea how many of these read it. Here is a recent email list that I published, although I am always making some changes:

And I see you are in Cary, North Carolina -- perhaps you know some of my relatives. It seems that while I get on GREAT with their charities, they and I are otherwise like mortal enemies, due to their undying support of the Republican Party, but I DID force Tom and Betty Kenan to stop advertising on FoxNews Online their fully-owned The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Previously, they had been buying about 80% of the ad space!!!

If you have noticed I've had a few legal difficulties, but I am now on a practical path, as you will see from the next link, and have even contacted the DEA in the USA to give what I know about narco-trafficking directly to my OWN government -- not just the Mexican Army and Marines who LOVE to get my info.

Well carry on, and don't hesitate at all if I can be of any assistance.


I've also enjoyed assisting Mr. Tennessee Williams.


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