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RP: Of Del Shores, EMINEM, My Siblings -- and POSSIBLY a "Boston Butt"!!!

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Yes, Del Shores has been AT IT AGAIN!!! More on that, below.

>>> AS YOU WILL SEE, my siblings are MUCH NICER than me, and ONE symptom of a person being POSSESSED BY THE SPIRIT OF ADOLPH HITLER, is that they try to sidetrack you with criticism of your STYLE (expletives, naked delivery of speeches, etc.), but REFUSE to discuss substanceFREQUENTLY these people believe in the Divinity of Jesus.

Criticism of GRAMMAR is another matter. Think if the Empire State Building had been built without architect's plans, and THAT is what an ungrammatical sentence is like -- NO ONE wants to enter it!!!

The email trail:

This morning, I woke up laughing about all the expletives I had used in emails to you guys -- and had left in your voice-mails, so I naturally called Testosteroni, and we had some good laughs too.

I'm sick of trying to figure the three of you out and I am NO GOOD AT IT!!!

I mean I pissed Mike off because I caused the marriage of the girl who lived next door to Bebe Rebozo to Connor to be cancelled, and I DON'T want to get further in anyone's GREEDY LITTLE WAY. So I have decided NOT to call Max and Connor's employers to get them fired, but rather to offer lots of "background info" on their family -- but not before the first of the year.

Now, as far as a cash settlement to me from the three of you, I think $10,000.00 USD each would work -- and you could combine it and figure out who would contribute how much. And REMEMBER, Mom probably still has that stack of hundred-dollar bills that she and Dad used to grab from to throw one at me for gas money when they wanted me to leave through most of 2009 and 10. Ask HER to contribute too, if you think it wise.

Of course, you will get FAR MORE than that back as my ventures become more profitable -- and they are ALREADY THAT, when you consider that Testosteroni has given me upward of $35,000.00 over the last three years, and that without me asking for ANY of it, really -- MERCY!!!


On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 5:03 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

No, I'm not calling you people again -- except Mom, and I've already called her for Christmas. YOU read my fucking blog piece about to be emailed out to 500 (and I am now getting 700 hits of the blogs per day), because if the three of you don't make some kind of even CASH settlement with me within a few days, I WILL DESTROY YOUR FAMILIES AND THEIR JOBS (IF POSSIBLE).

You don't think it can happen??? -- GOOD FUCKING LUCK!!!


On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Julie Duffy wrote:

Scott we just tried calling you but I don't have. International service Jane and I are out walking so call my cell bye

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Del Shores's vacuum cleaner.



Well, good morning! I have a sugar hang over! And I gained 5 pounds in 3 days. I have much chocolate left over from gifts given and sent to me. AFTER THE GYM, I'm thinking of driving around today with dollar bills and giving chocolate and dollar bills to the homeless. A gift to them -- and me. 

So how is everybody the day after Christmas? Feeling good? Can you believe that the wrapped vacuum cleaner has been shared almost 109,000 times from my page?

As a result, over 50 people turned me into Facebook for "sexual content" of a wrapped vacuum cleaner, but FB hasn't put me in jail or taken the picture down. YET! One person also claimed it was an image of them and asked me to take it down. I wrote back. So you look like a big giant dick? No response. Another said it was their "intellectual property". I guess they clicked the wrong box in their disgust of that wrapped vacuum. 

So, yay for FB. I'm literally getting messages from people in many different languages and I find this hysterical! Almost 1000 new "LIKES" of my page, so WELCOME THOSE who appreciate my twisted humor! 
Let's do this today. Let's laugh. Let's tell jokes. Make people feel good! That feels better than clinching your ass so tight you can't laugh over a wrapped vacuum cleaner! So LAUGH friends, LAUGH! I'll start by sharing some dialogue I had with the HYSTERICAL Caroline Rhea a few days ago.
After us talking on the phone for a bit --

Caroline: Oh! I gotta go. I'm going to be late for my Kabbalah class.
Del: I hope those start working for you very soon!
Caroline: You know, NOBODY likes you Del Shores! Bye!!
FYI - Caroline does not practice Kabbalah, but enjoys the classes. She took me to one and I got one of the single best life lessons that hour that I still apply to my life. Finish one task, one project, give it your full attention and then move on to the next. I find that when I try to do many things at once, I get NOTHING done. This lesson has really helped my writing, my creating. Speaking of… 

I need to write!
Have a great Friday. An amazing 26th. Only a few days left in 2014! Let's make the most of them! LOVE YOU ALL. And LAUGH.

Thanks to the DEMAND of Americans and Canadians for DRUGS, Mexico's homicide rate has shot up the last two years to 34.2/million, while the US remains steady at 4.7 and Canada at 1.6. In my state of Jalisco, in the last 22 months, 2,650 have been murdered -- and JOURNALISTS like me are one of the biggest targets, so I DO understand how to successfully live in danger, no???

The free expression of ideas shall not be the subject of any judicial or administrative inquiry or trial" – Article...
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The nations Consumer Protection Agency in Mexico fined 25 businesses over the holidays and closed eight found in violation of Mexico’s consumer laws.
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In Mexico, authorities use ONE excuse to close businesses for OTHER REASONS -- just ask the owners of the Boutique Theatre or Pastor Ric Lehman: what happened to his Paradise Village.



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I have always liked Marshall Mathers III because what he sings about his mother makes me believe that SOMEONE actually had a WORSE mother than me -- growing up, I mean. My Mom seems fine now.

And today, Eminem has sent some GIFTS FOR MY FRIENDS (hint: Google "Eminem naked", and you will find almost NONE of them were "Photo-shopped"!!!)

1. For FRANK K. MEYER, DDS -- so that he can see if he "measures up" (although Eminem does not seem to be in this photo)

This is actually "the world's oldest dildo".

2. For Charles Quigley (since his wife is no longer young, really):

3. And for Colin Hamilton -- in case he's forgotten:



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