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RP: On the Morning after President Obama PROUDLY Granted Banks and Wall Street the Right to Make Profits While Charging TAXPAYERS for Their OVER-REACHING GREED!!!

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Once again, House Republicans have pledged their allegiance to a multinational corporation instead of the indigenous people of our country.

As a proud "Cherokee Smidgeon" (I am 1/16 Cherokee or native American -- which I call my "Cherokee Smidge", making me first cousin to native Mexicans, who give me Spiritual Solace), I am MORE than offended by these White Thieves of our Lands!!!

They credit Jesus of Nazareth with the authority to steal our lands and to MINE, EXPLOIT, and POLLUTE THEM ENDLESSLY -- only for profit of their "Chiefs".

The GREAT SPIRIT is already beginning to serve them their comeuppance -- PRAISE QUETZALCOATL!!!

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So Pope Francis doesn't want to anger the Communist Chinese. This is NOT the Catholic Church that I grew up in!!!

ROME (RNS) The Dalai Lama said Thursday (Dec. 11) that he would not meet Pope Francis while in Rome for a summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners. “The Vatican...
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Good morning, Colin, and I had to sleep on this before having even a clue how to reply to it and you.

First of all, British English must use the word "prejudice" rather frequently in a way similar to how we use it in US Law, but rarely in common speech. For instance, the eight charges brought against me in Wilmington, were eventually dropped (actually including two convictions that were erased) -- and I forget if it was WITH or WITHOUT prejudice, but I know that whichever of those it was, it meant that the charges COULD be brought against me again if the prosecutor, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, chooses to do so in the future.

District Attorneys Jon David (Republican) and Benjamin R. David (Democrat), are not only identical twins and natives of Florida, but have adjacent jurisdictions in North Carolina.

And this is a good time for me to CLARIFY what I have reported others as having claimed about the David Boys' sexualities -- which are NOT the same!!!

Some of my earlier reporting on a couple of members of a rock band who told me that in summer of 2010, their band had been playing on Pleasure Island, and Jon and Ben David came up to them totally trashed, and demanded to know where they could find "cocaine and pussy"See

And given that I never heard a single rumor about Jon David having sex with men, I DID know Ben David's long-term male lover rather well, and he even told Ben to "Shoot yourself in the HAID!!!", after I got back from reporting Ben's protection of narco-trafficking to the DEA head in Port Wilmington (but of course the DEA is part of the problem -- in Wilmington, not Arizona -- so nothing happened):
Look what the DEA did in Arizona right recently -- but I had to get the story from the MEXICAN PRESS, not that in the USA!!!:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DEA arrests Guerreros Unidos drug cartel operatives, in major trafficking ring with Chicago connection:

But back to Wilmington, since some of his assistant D.A.s told my Public Defender that he had no evidence to back any of the charges, I'm not at all concerned about that!!! Surely, Jeff Duncan, who interned in Ben David's Wilmington, NC office while those false charges were brought against me -- and then conveniently got his first job in Daliah Saper's law firm in Chicago shortly before SHE did not legally serve me, yet tried and got conviction of me in absentia for Libel in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago), court, will be able to testify under oath about all of that once I've gotten my charges filed.

The attorneys at Saper Law, LLC, Chicago in April of 2014: Shyla Jones, Aaron Midler, Daliah Saper, Chris Mcelwain, and Jeff Duncan.

Today, Daliah has only Chris Mcelwain and Matthew Grothouse (a new-hire):

All that because I blogged that Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo, Chicago had seen SENATOR Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse, Man's Country -- as is reported in the press widely as well, but ignored by Americans, if not foreigners. I DID also report on the narco-trafficking Jamie had bragged about, but REMOVED all that from the blog, but I was sued ANYWAY, so it was by supporters of Barack Obama and the myth of his heterosexuality.

And none of that involves YOU, at all!!!

And I really did not think you were trying to claim that the several pass-along emails revealing your attitude toward the dark African race were not "prejudiced". You sent them all openly to a Bob Ahmer (whose identity I have no clue to), with many undisclosed recipients like myself -- and some other PVWG members have also complained to me about your "White Supremacist Attitude", yet you have never run Writers Group showing any prejudice at all, so you have a right to your beliefs!!!

So I assume you must mean by "prejudiced", something like "compromised", "hijacked", or "hacked into", which puts you in the unenviable position of now needing to explain WHY (since your email account is NOT "prejudiced"), you contacted and pretended to be me on business relating to my Publishing Account there.

I'm sure my blog readers will, be interested in THAT!!!

Please explain your action(s), and I will publish your response without editing -- and maybe even without comment. Here is the email Amazon sent me warning about your attempt(s), again, for your convenience:

Your email to Marketplac​e

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x <>

5:26 PM (15 hours ago)
to me
Dear Scott Kenan,

We have received email(s) from, which is not registered with your Amazon account. Please re-send the email from your email account that is registered with or contact the seller via our website instead.

For answers to any further questions please visit our online help:

We hope our online resources meet all your needs. If you have explored the above link but still need to get in touch with us, please use the Contact-Us form in our online Help department.

Kind Regards,

Waiting with abated breath,

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 8:55 PM, Colin Hamilton <> wrote:

My email has NOT been prejudiced.   Perhaps you should report this to the Police. 

Colin Hamilton

Eduardo Ramirez Valencia, also known as "El Profe" (the teacher), who is alleged the "Los Zetas" drug cartel leader in the Hidalgo state, is presented by the Mexican federal police during a press conference at the federal police headquarters in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, Dec. 2, 2010. 


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