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RP: The Puerto Vallarta Writers Group Ship of Fossils Sails BEYOND THE SHIP OF FOOLS (guaranteeing continuing entertainment)!!!

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American soldiers in Afghanistan: singing and dancing is their new job.

The OPPOSITE of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group can be seen here:

US soldiers in Afghanistan camp it up with Call Me Maybe

A new video is going viral on YouTube. It shows American militaries dancing and singing like the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders
The only thing to be said about this is that it is quite well done and I'd bet the great majority of servicemen in it are at least mostly straight. Now straight guys are not new to camping things up, but previously never did it so seriously and so clearly enjoying it.

You see, the younger generation have left all the religions in droves. "More than half of people in the UK believe religion does more harm than good, while less than a quarter believe faith is a force for good, a new survey has revealed."

This year, Satan is slated to join the pantheon of gods and agendas making a stand inside Florida’s State Capitol building. The Satanic Temple successfully joined...
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And the chance of that happening to Americans who are addicted to legal and illegal drugs to keep them from having to feel depressed or "other bad" about their un-examined selfish and self-deluding selves remains low -- the pain of ignorance has not yet caught up with enough of them.

A perfect example of this is my generous friend Testosteroni, who had first told me he takes Testosterone injections to combat Depression which he did not respond to other treatment of, but recently, tells me it was his OWN idea to find a doctor who would prescribe the injections (which give him higher energy and sexual friskiness) -- and that is EXACTLY what Tennessee Williams and many of his friends used to do. 

I have BEEN with Tennessee to a "Dr. Feelgood's" office -- although Max Jacobsen had died two years before and Tennessee had found a new, less notorious doctor, who mailed vials of yellow liquid that Tennessee injected himself with that were mostly forms of "speed". I covered this in my memoir published here:

And I am not so much against people getting whatever doctoring and drugs they are rich enough to pay for so it appears legitimate -- and I'm sure some of it is -- but no one solved a problem masking symptoms, and an even larger problem today is how we have all coalesced into cliques. I had not looked at Fox News online in months, and recently found it to report and interpret news so contrary to other sources both foreign and domestic, I couldn't believe they stay in business -- but they DO because they have their clique audience that wants to believe nothing else.

And I don't want to pick on Testosteroni, but recently I figured out that he must just make lists of attitudes that he knows if he expresses them, the fallacies in them will drive me bonkers since they are fear and hate based. But we discussed that today, and because he's been a hermit for years now, and has nearly no interest in News or TV Shows for years (where one sees how social attitudes change and info is disseminated -- old wives' tales debunked, etc.), his opinions and attitudes reflect those of a moderate of twenty-five years ago -- which is pretty much an unknowing person now.

I mean he still believes if you leave a cat in the room with a baby, it will suck the life out of it trying to get the milk it smells on the baby's breath.

And the most shocking thing to me like this was when I first moved to Atlanta in 1983, I drove down to The Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia -- totally cool since the opposite of an "Imperial Presidency Digs", but hanging in the livingroom was one of the most racist cartoons of "coons" I've ever laid eyes on -- and it was FDR's favorite -- he'd even gotten the artist to sign it and it hung framed.

At the time, the staff explained that attitudes have changed and we shouldn't look at it through modern eyes -- but a few years later, they removed it and a couple other outrageous examples of racist attitudes from the house -- after getting bomb threats.

Makes you wonder if FDR was actually just using black folks and like Lyndon Johnson, a TOTAL RACIST:

And getting back to Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, I have been outraged by some "pass-along" emails that Leader Colin has sent out as an individual -- not official business. They are completely White Supremacist by the standards of 1990 USA, anyway, and a couple of other members have complained to me about them too. But Colin, despite not being a drug or alcohol addict that I know of, anyway, doesn't see it -- and I asked him about that today, he seeming entirely clueless what I meant.

We met for coffee 45 minutes before our group meeting. I showed up first and saw that Charles Quigley and Frank Meyer were deeply in their own meeting outside the Act II theater, after they had both passed me on the street, Frank returning a waved greeting from a distance -- but Charles approached me on the sidewalk as I was speaking with David and his companion through the open window of a cafe.

Charles walked boldly right up to me and asked if I would listen to him without interruption, which of course I did. He demanded, yelling, that I never, ever write about him again or use his name -- and then asked if I'd heard him. Of course I confirmed that -- he was quite clear, but did not ask me if I would comply -- LOL!!!

So as he hurried off, I asked if he had given even ONE specific example of how I frequently insult him and the group, but he harrumphed and continued on.

This is how Charles's mouth is usually kept, although he has a larger, more manly jaw.

So Colin arrived and I first asked him if he'd ever gotten such a list from Charles, and he said no, which was when I explained my anger at Colin (although not very well), because a conservative Christian nut-ball had claimed the insults with NO specificity -- so IMPOSSIBLE to check out or evaluate -- then gave the ultimatum that if one of the two of us was not removed from the group, he would not be able to keep himself from beating me up.

No responsible leader accepts that kind of bullying from a member, and either insists on the specifics, or refuses to listen. It is most obvious to all that I could easily take Charles out if he attacked me -- and he wouldn't be stupid enough to do it without a gun. He being so proud of his National Rifle Association membership, he's quite capable of such a thing -- but I don't think he has any of his guns in Mexico -- which would be illegal.

And as several "manly-male" members immediately agreed today, if in the USA, given Charles's threat to me and Darrel's having to hold him away from Colin two weeks ago, I could easily have gotten a Restraining Order -- and have Charles's GUN RIGHTS removed.

The other thing that deeply angered me was Frank Meyer's attempt to shame me and convert me to Jesus two weeks ago. Today, I realized that no one -- not even Colin who is gay -- has reacted to that presumably because I handled it with aplomb, because today, I have never felt more welcomed and comfortable in a relaxed way with OLDER (not necessarily than me) male, straight adults!!!

It felt to me like a PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH, in which it is actually I who relaxed from my fears that came from past attitudes, now even radically changed, on the part of straight guys. We're just fellow human beings, all of us, and it FEELS SO GOOD!!!

I was able to be the first to compliment Charles on one aspect of what he read today -- another typical Charles challenge to grade-school grammar, delivered forcefully, about why he likes where he lives, and including there in no crime in his outlying Mexican town -- because when he asked the cops there about it, they claimed they take troublemakers out deep in the mountainous jungle and abandon them there, and as Charles then exclaimed "That sounds like a good idea to ME!!!"

Well, I think it sounds good to all of us -- but it is barbaric, so I guess that is what is taught in Pastor Ric Lehman's Church of NO RULES that Charles is a member of.

But as I met with Colin earlier, of my several blogged criticisms only two bothered him: my hair-sartorial comment (which he seemed to have paid attention to -- and his embarrassment over that rather than his White Supremacy attitude is quite parallel to typical "Older Generation People" not caring about their crimes -- but blame YOU if you confront them -- I fully understand young people praying for old fossilized fear-mongers to just die ASAP, and Colin is far from the worst of them.

But what was saddening, really, at the end of the meeting, was that Colin encouraged the interested to sign up to audition as travel writers, since they have a limited number of hours to do so before deadline -- and then only one possible day to interview, tomorrow (Sunday).

This is exactly what his THURSDAY email claimed -- a few hours to sign up for auditions that could only be FRIDAY. You see, in this type scam, no date or time is used, but language is used to get you to quickly buy something. And what there is to buy, is a manual on how to escape governments tracking your international money transfers and personal movements -- which is legitimate for those persecuted by governments, but otherwise is meant for Narco-Traffickers and Terrorists -- especially since it emphasized keeping a BURN BAG close with all your ID documents and other evidence you can burn quickly if suddenly the Law is about to catch you.

I had to shake my head in disbelief as we sailed right past the Ship of Fools, leaving them in the mist.

But I have decided to respond with LAUGHTER, instead.

Laura Argiri is a novelist who taught at Duke University when I dated Sewanee grad David Terry, artist, her roommate.

And Randall Kenan is also a writer who also teaches there -- and for twelve years, at the Sewanee Literary Festival, funded by Tennessee Williams's estate, called the Walter Dakin Fund:

When I blogged about this book of Randall's while living in Wilmington, North Carolina, several of Republican Mayoral Candidate (failed -- 2011), Justin LaNasa's friends accused me to my face on the street -- and in several email volleys as well -- claiming that "Let the dead bury their dead" is an old Satanist saying of great power to cause evil -- and if in fact a book title -- the writer was a Satanist:

Randall Kenan



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