Saturday, December 20, 2014

RP: Shall We Return Now to the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT (no offence to non-believers)!!!

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Christmas in deep Latin America.

MARCY ME -- # 18 is Carol CHANNING!!!
Who knew???

America’s strength comes from its' diversity, and some of the country’s most prominent celebrity figures have incredibly diverse ethnic backgrounds–even though
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Who's more likely to support a policy of U.S. torture of detainees, religious Americans or non-religious Americans?
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No matter what else I have said or written, I hold my wealthy relatives in high esteem for so PERFECTLY PRESERVING this gigantic tribute to the Guilded Age -- WHOOOPS!!! "Gilded".

Remember, it was THERE that Elton John LOST all his "Gay Cred" by playing at Drug Rush Limbaugh's THIRD serial wedding -- hosted by Thomas S. Kenan IIISee more

Lynne and Dick Cheney with daughters.

And at the Flagler Museum, across the street, if I've read all the plaques (both bronze and dental), correctly, the operation there is funded first by Kenansthen by Flaglerswith Dick and Lynne Cheney coming in third.


BEFORE I FORGET: I wouldn't rejoin the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, now, if you PAID ME (money -- I might feel better if I'm paid with man-sex). And I am STILL trying to figure out why Malcolm and Joan Tanton -- who are regulars who NEVER have a thing to read -- attend so often. Surely it isn't just for Malcolm to PROMOTE GMO CROPS, which is about all he does, they Canadian citizens, although he is originally from the British Isles.

The Breakers Hotel is the TOP TOURIST DESTINATION in the United States for "One-Percenters"!!!

Come on inPrecious!!!

Make YOUR reservation TODAY!!!



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