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RP: "Some Trouble for the Moose Lodge" Was Working Title for Tennessee Williams's A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND

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Like me, Ava Gardner was a North Carolina Girl, her museum is in Smithfield, NC

And on Avenida Ava Gardner in Mismaloya, Mexico, Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors tried to sell his house to meCasa Vista Los Arcos (seen here:, claiming that several well-known celebrities owned houses on the street, but that Kathy Griffin owned a house next door.

Photo I took of the front door of Jamie's house from inside, March 2010.

I have found evidence of Ms. Griffin's relationship with Mismaloya, but also that she had rented, not bought, here:

However, this past New Years Eve, when Kathy and Anderson Cooper hosted from Times Square, Kathy made poor Anderson SICK, when she suggested he liked to spoon with Candy Crowley nekkid (o similar), which made everyone eventually realize Candy has been spooning nekkid with Republicans for YEARS NOW (in the metaphysical sense), so thank GOD, they are now getting rid of her and we can all pray that the other big Republican Strategist at CNN, Wolf Blitzer, goes soon too, no???


Yesterday, earlier, ALL 500 emails I sent out of this posting:, came back as BLOCKED -- but slowly over half an hour and beginning an hour after I had sent it. I had ALREADY gotten comments from THREE recipients by replying to that exact email, so even though theirs came back blocked, I knew it was just a trick of the CIA or NSA (o similar).

But the last one I sent last night, came back in the same way, but even I did not get my own copy at my alternative email address, so I think it WAS totally blocked.

This was a problem two years ago, when I was still sending out THREE batches of 500 emails of each post -- and THEY all came back blocked for several weeks on end -- and since it is only rarely that they actually blocked the emails, it was just so I had to deal with the drudgery of deleting all those fake returns -- and as I've blogged 
before, it NEVER slows down hits to my blog(s)!!!

>>> ADDED @ 3:07 PM, CST: This playing with access to my blogs by authorities in the United States is why France, Germany, and Ukraine ALL beat the USA in hits, yesterday. Also why right now, I show nearly no one has found my blogs by Google or Bing -- USA versions -- foreign versions of both DO find my blogs).

At this point, with me now dealing with the actual United States DEA, it is simple DESPERATION on the part of my adversaries.

* * *


First of all, it should be abundantly clear to all that Colin cannot stand to be in a room with me at this point, so I am NOT going to push his buttons further by going to meetings for at least the rest of this year. 

His thefts at home (including over $800.00 of Writers Group funds stolen by break-in -- which Colin personally replaced -- the week AFTER he had had as much of his personal funds stolen -- Colin told me about this, but not the group -- he also eventually acknowledged that his bathroom window was accessible and was NOT burglar-barred through this time.

And there is the mysterious matter of the legality of the car he first had which was being used also by SOMEONE WHO HAD THE KEYS, and then impounded by Police for half a year, trying to straighten out legalities. I'll say no more, but Colin would be best just directing his "BBC WRITERS MEETINGS SHOW" -- which we ALL love, but someone needs to take the responsibility reigns from him rather soon.

And I'm really not in the mood to make of this what it actually appears to be, but Something or Someone has been influencing Colin to act like someone other than himself.

The BIGGEST case in point of that is that Colin threatened me with a lawsuit, claiming that my CONVICTION in Cook County Courts of LIBEL would show how easy it is to get a conviction of me -- and is in fact proof of my lies. (In fairness, since I was not properly tried, there is NO conclusion as to that Libel charge -- maybe it is TRUE, no???)

Now, Colin and I have both discussed personally that I was never legally served, and then tried in absentia, and that I am in fact working to overturn that illegal and unconstitutional action -- I've also explained it in meetings and it is all over my blog, so WHAT POSSESSED HIM???

Grant Henry (aka Sister Louisa), me and Christal partying in late 2009, Atlanta.

This is the exact trick tried by Christal Presley (close friend of Sean Hannity and my own mother), who had managed to file FELONY charges against me, claiming my using her name in my blog while I blogged from Mexico violated a Georgia restraining order, and in fact in Wilmington, TWICE I was stopped by cops who only let me go after a half hour wait to get the answer from the Dekalb County, Georgia prosecutor that they did NOT want me extradited, but in my first TRIAL in Wilmington, that charge was AGAIN brought up as being current and against me -- but soon thereafter, it was ERASED FROM THE BOOKS.

And later, American Express's victory to the tune of $25,000.00 against me from August 2010 and in absentia was ALSO reversed retroactively to show "Dismissed" -- and all the previous records of my Nolo conviction in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's 1990 court were ERASED, except the Writ of Habeus Corpus I finally filed after 15 weeks in jail WITHOUT BOND, for simple trespass, the first ever charge I have had in my life.

Well, I had meant to show the case, also, that Colin's DEMAND of my never mentioning the name of the Writers Group or any of its members on blog -- and to essentially ersatz-duplicate what I would call give him a written and notarized statement to that effect, is like when Rishi Nair of Chicago offered to give me back rights to WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, with a sneaky little clause that if I ever mention MY OWN LAST NAME on my blog or anywhere via the internet (I would have to send emails using an alias), I would be in breach of THAT -- HA!!!

My Republican Public Defender in Wilmington, North CarolinaJennifer Harjo (a devout Catholic, BTW), had LOST to Ben David in his original run for District Attorney, but said she had NOT lost and he would one day discover that.


Jen told me that Ben David had offered lots of alternatives before we settled on my leaving the state for a year to get all charges dropped, and they had involved PROBATION with rules so onerous that neither I nor anyone else could have lasted without breaking it inadvertently.

I credit Jen Harjo with an important lesson to me.

Enough, no???

I have proven that I am NO Southern Baptist Sissy!!!


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