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RP: This Is Pretty Wild (when you think about it)!!!

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This bird is labeled on Facebook as "How to Be, Book Author
Maroon-breasted Crowned Pigeon, from New Guinea. (With matching bracelet!)"

I guess to be an author I need to be a tetch FANCIER, no???

>>> FIRST OF ALL, let me disabuse all of a notion I promoted yesterday: Although it is TRUE that my sister Jane and I both have guys providing us with money with no exchange of sex or other demands, mine, at least -- Senor Testosteroni -- is not actually connected to my mother, and I have no concrete evidence that Jane's is either. Jim lives distantly in Michigan. 

I can only say that the one opportunity I had to meet Jim -- and I had driven (before my first Pontiac Vibe was repossessed), from Wilmington to Raleigh and was a mile from Jane's house -- she said NOT to visit them as they were refinishing Jane's deck, and I respected that, although I thought it very strange. I know I seemed strange to them then too, so nothing personal, I suppose.

And while I'm at it, I was still believing I would be able to sell my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams to a publisher and a film producer, as my agent, Cynthia Zigmund, had shared with me the emails of two producers who had inquired, one was the producer of ALL the Harry Potter films, but they turned it down, and then wunderkind Scott Rudin inquired, but try as she did, Cynthia was NEVER able to get an answer from him, but John Uecker (whom I allege murdered Tennessee Williams for Sewanee and the Episcopal Church but funded by the Republican Party of Tennessee), claimed to me that Scott Rudin was one of his closest friends dating back to high school (they are eight years apart in age, so unlikely), and was in negotiation with Uecker to film Uecker's story of Tennessee Williams.

Scott Rudin

I eventually called first and talked with one of Rudin's main assistants -- then wrote him, and given our personal connection from the phone call, I was shocked that I never heard back: . Perhaps I should try writing again, under calmer circumstances, now.

My point here concerning my BROTHER, is that being that I had run out of funds to pay my car note, mid-summer 2010, but expected to sell something soon, and my brother Mike DID pay an installment for me and tried to pay a second one, but Ally Bank (the former GMAC), had changed rules of payment, and Mike couldn't do it the same way. At the time I was angry because Mike could have found another way -- and it took me until I arrived in Wilmington late 2010, after becoming homeless in Mexico, that I realized that it was a LOST CAUSE to expect to sell anything soon, and Mike had the sense not to throw money away, once initially thwarted.

It was June 2011, when Ally Bank found me and my car and it disappeared one night, but my contents were returned to me the next day.

Anyway, I don't know much about Jim so cannot comment, but Testosteroni had had to simply divorce himself from his entire family and never look back -- this many, many years ago now -- and he's pleased that I am able to continue some kind of relationship with mine.

But above and beyond that, life is multidimensional, and we all spiritually line up like iron filings when magnets appear, so subconsciously achieved, Jane and I really ARE in the same boat, although Jane has a nice nest egg set aside. Women need more physical security then men -- until they rise up in consciousness to a higher level, and Jane is FAR from the bottom.

>>> EMAIL JUST SENT SCOTT RUDIN'S CURRENT CHIEF ASSISTANT: I also emailed it to his former assistant, Jeff Petriello and blindly another from LINKED-IN, Kaitlin McKee, but those two came back to me, so they must have moved on.

Dear Assistant to Scott Rudin:

I apologize, but am using the address of Mr. Jeff Petriello, the person I spoke and emailed with in late 2011, but see that Mr. Rob Moya seems to be a chief assistant now (so constructed a parallel email address for him). I could find no contact information online, but many projects in the works, so I hope this reaches someone appropriate.

In summer of 2010 (CORRECTED: 2009) your organization contacted my then agent, Cynthia Zigmund, now of, asking to see my manuscript, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, which had gotten a rave review from John Lahr as well as many Williams scholars, but Cynthia never heard back from you despite her attempt(s) to get a definitive answer about your interest. On December 28, 2011, I first spoke with Jeff Petriello by phone, and he said to email him and he would speak with Mr. Rudin, but I never heard back from him, either.

At that time, I was homeless and living in a shelter in Wilmington, NC, but all has settled down now, and I live in a house overlooking Puerto Vallarta, and thought why not see if there is still interest. My book does NOT delve into the controversy of Tennessee's death -- nor the disposal of his estate, so there is no reason for Sewanee (rights holder of all Tennessee Williams work), would try to block such a project.

Although I was sued without being legally served and convicted in absentia in Chicago of LIBEL over unrelated matters, copyright to my book was assigned by that court to Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago (and I should disclose that my Kenan relatives control Bank of America with Frank Sinatra's heirs whom I know well), and not only am I now on a positive path to easily get this overturned, I have published the book in its entirety as a blog at, using Consuming Broken Glass as a "faux title" there -- so you could read it, or refresh memory.

And even if I CAN'T get my copyright back, I still own my own story, so could rewrite it if necessary.

Here is a record of what I wrote Jeff back in 2011, with additional comments made about my then homeless situation:

I hope you still have interest -- or if I can help you on any project concerning the end of Tennessee Williams's life, I would be happy to help you out with information.

Thank you,
Scott Kenan
Puerto Vallarta


They meet weekly in Wilmington, although HQ-ed in Chapel Hill, and since they TOO can't stand Tom Tillis, just elected Republican US Senator, perhaps they would out of Christian Compassion, hire me a lawyer to overturn the illegal and unconstitutional conviction of me in absentia of LIBEL, saving the Center for Justice & Accountability some money -- if they are willing to take my case: .

At least writing that letter would be a lot of funno???

But I have decided on a laid-back day, today, and perhaps I can get some READING done -- for a change!!!



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