Monday, December 1, 2014

RP: Today, a Card-Carryin' Member of the National Rifle Association (USA), Has THREATENED My Physical Safety in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- LOL!!!

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>>> MY REPLY ON THIS MATTER was to Colin, our Leader or Moderator, who sent Charles's note that he has apparently circulated, to me:

LOL!!! Since YOU are the Moderator, I presume that top line means that Charles is trying to drum up support among our members. Well, he and Frank have never been up-front about ANYTHING much at all, so that would not surprise me.

I'm glad I had no idea he was after me when I replied earlier. And nothing on earth compels you to choose between us, at all. Also, in the USA, I could have him arrested or at least get a restraining order for such a clear threat of intending to harm me physically -- which would likely strip him of gun ownership rights.

>>> ADDED: Remember, Charles has a record of physically threatening people -- like when Darrel had to restrain him after the last meeting -- or the one before. I documented it here:

He is saying he cannot control his bestial urges to beat the crap out of me or possibly kill me -- I have no such feelings toward him, even with all this silliness. And if I have insulted the group, then let's examine that insult by insult, to see if there has been a misunderstanding -- as I've said, I know I've been prone to passion, lately, but earlier today, I took another step toward correcting other things by writing Scott Rudin, movie producer, to see if he still has interest in my manuscript -- and have planned to contact the head office of the Episcopal Church, USA to see if we can at least come to detente over my allegations of their involvement in Tennessee Williams' death and theft of estate.

So many have come from the USA to harm me, and I think they are acting WITH Charles, as Tennessee's estate is worth a billion dollars, nearly, now to the Episcopal Church and Republican Party, so they DO go to great lengths. There is NO real personal reason Charles could be after me like Godzilla on Testosterone. How pathetic to reach his age and STILL not be able to control one's urges -- as REAL Christians learn to do through the teachings of Jesus.

Funniest is that I've always felt that Charles was the friendlier of the two of them to me, and Frank the truly hateful one. Perhaps my seeing his impediment of speech seems due to two missing teeth (presumably replaceable, like mine were), has embarrassed him while his behaviors do not.

I think you should decide his question WITHOUT using my earlier comments, as I DO prefer myself, and because I have a strict policy of not talking behind anyone's back, will copy him and a few others, including in the USA who track which Americans give me uncalled for threats and difficulties as they tend to be connected "in Christ" and/or the Republican Party. I expect to eventually file Racketeering charges against them, although, this happening in Mexico probably excludes him and he knowing that, it even emboldens him.

Besides, this is too grammatical for Charles to have written -- someone else wrote it.


Thanks for letting me know.


Charles E. Quigley with his daughter Lupita

On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Colin Hamilton wrote:
This is a copy of the  email send to the Modulator! Enjoy!



I am writing this as I see that this matter has reached a point that it is going to go from words to physical if it not settled. .

I will no longer stand and take Scotts insults at the group, members of the group or at myself both in the meetings and on e-mails.

You must tell either Scott or myself not to attend any PVWG Saturday meeting or any other meetings that that the group may have.

I leave this matter for you as our modulator to take care of and to notify both of us as to whom you wish to attend any more meeting.

Charles E Quigley

>>> AS A FINAL NOTE: Twenty minutes after I first blogged this, several firecrackers were set off at the side of my house. Although I have not heard firecrackers in the neighborhood in about nine months, I certainly can't prove it was anyone, Christians, Drug Mafia, or CIA, even, associated with Mr. Quigley.

According to the Judeo-Christian Bible, Chronicles I, the Age of Kenan (sadness and un-stifled greed and acquisitiveness), now ending, although some don't get that yet, is followed by the Age of Mahalalel, or the Prince of Peace.

Spooky, no???

Don't worry, if you read yer Bible, you know that all those ages (called people), considerably overlap and my Kenan relatives carry on!!! NO ONE, criminal or straight, should have to give up their money. We all allowed the crooks in Congress who passed laws allowing that.

Tax Laws, however, will have serious adjustment.



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