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RP: Today, a Date That Will LIVE IN INFAMY!!!

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This, from my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, newspaper.

And it is brought to you by "Ass Crackers", aka, the White Supremacist Republican/Christian Party:


1. I have delayed my trip to Colima due to today's RICH news environment, which is too seductive for me -- and with midnight tonight the Constitutional deadline for Congress to pass a spending bill, much political theater is already happening.

2. First thing I noticed this morning is that blog hits went UP overnight -- and shocking to me, it was because of people googling for info on Scott Rudin, and my post of my email and conversation with his top assistant has nearly gone viral. Here it is:

This will introduce MANY in the world of theater and film to this blog, so as Peter (o similar), said: 

As you can see, Jesus must have said this out of the side of his mouth, because it could only be photographed from the side when it hung on my wall.

I gave this painting to Marc LaFont in gratitude for his and his then boyfriend Kelly Ray, flying to Atlanta just to set up my computer when I FOOLISHLY switched from Windows to MAC. More on Marc LaFont:

You see, this painting illustrates a PROTESTANT HERESY, that anyone can be given forgiveness without FIRST making amends for their crimes (or sins). I didn't want it in my house anymore!!!

3. Getting back to today, my computer was hijacked twice already in the last half hour, so that I was unable to blog, check email, or post to Facebook, but I know some work-arounds, and all is fine again now.

But it DID remind me of what happened yesterday, when I went to a branch of Santander Bank (a Spanish bank), here in Puerto Vallarta, which has a "no fees" agreement with Kenan/Sinatra-owned Bank of America, to withdraw cash for my trip to Colima.

Everything was fine and I was able to check my balance, but when I tried to withdraw the equivalent of $400.00 USD and it even accepted the amount -- I then OK'ed the confirmation screen and it flashed up a screen that claimed I had entered my WRONG password, although it had allowed so much that proved I had entered the CORRECT ONE, already. It threatened to grab my card if I made TWO more mistakes, so I figured no harm in trying it once more, which I did and I got my cash pronto with no additional difficulties.

We ALL know that the CIA and NSA are heavily colluding with Banks, worldwide, to harm anti-NAZIs.

Lou Holtz in the WRONG COLOR of cap for REAL Carolina Football!!!

4. This is already getting longer than I had intended, so let me cut to the most important things. Knowing I had caught my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC on secure comm with our former neighbor and John Boehner's current closest political strategist, Coach Lou Holtz, at the exact time Obama negotiated opening the US Government a year ago -- and that yesterday, Mom nicely gave me the bum's rush when I called her because she was expecting an important call, I called her again this morning.

5. Dana Bash of CNN had already -- and rather GLEEFULLY -- reported that the Republicans in the House have ALREADY crafted an alternative to the bill that will soon be voted on -- because the first is CHOCK FULL of "poison pills", so if it looses (loosens, o similar), or the President wisely vetoes it, they have one ready to go to fund for a few months WITHOUT the poison pills -- a TACIT ADMISSION of their NAZI TRAITOROUS ATTEMPT, joined by TRAITOROUS Democrats, as well.

We will SOONER-THAN-YOU-MIGHT-THINK prosecute them ALL as Traitors and NAZIs beholden to the Catholic Popes.

6. So I confronted Mom with this second bill-in-the-waiting, and I don't believe she even KNEW about it!!! Proof that SOME Republicans are DEFYING MY MOTHER AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Praise Jesus, no???

Ansley Kulp (a North Georgia girl), in purple, with "Miss Teeths", from Facebook

It is so sad when an old Dame gets dried out in the muff, and doesn't re-hydrate and stimulate herself with the lubricants available today!!!

7. And Ansley Kulp, my fave living Episcopalian of stellar Progressive Causes (mostly), again today praised the Episcopal Church of the South and Sewanee -- centered around the Confederate Mace:

The Confederate Mace is their Symbol of Jesus's Rule of the Earth, but when I listed many of the Episcopal Church's crimes that I can TESTIFY TO IN COURT, like the murder of Tennessee Williams, the theft of his estate from Harvard, and the several narco-trafficking operations of the Episcopal Church I know of in Baja California, Mexico, and both Jalisco and Nayarit states (with the help of US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O, a Bill Clinton appointee), that dried up old bitch deleted the posting entirely -- but to her credit, did NOT un-friend me.

Kelly Trainor de O ALWAYS goes to bat to keep the USA supplied with ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!

Remember how I told you I saw Carl Timothy of not only jump line at the Consular Office in Neuvo Vallarta, but hand her what seemed to be a THICK PACKET OF CASH.

And Carl Timothy has Jamie Lee Sutherland's listing for his "Casa Vista Los Arcos", even though I WARNED Carl Timothy AND Taniel Chemsian this would involve THEM as accessories to one crime or another -- Jamie with Fox News talking head Daliah Saper, not only sued me without legally serving me, but then tried me in absentia in Cook County, Illinois courts -- finding me guilty of LIBEL, and then getting TEN TIMES the award Jamie had sought -- as well as copyrights to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, copyright to ALL my blog postings and emails into the future -- ABSOLUTELY for my blog posts, but only if on this subject, for email.

How many ways can YOU spell NAZI GAG-JOB???

What else are Real Estate Agents in Puerto Vallarta meant to do but LAUNDER DRUG MONEY -- and pay off the USA Government agencies that protect them.


8. OK, this is getting downright unruly, so I promised some phone numbers so anyone can check some of my claims out:

Mom in her youth in Indiana

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan landline: (My mother's phone number is no longer available -- unless still listed. Please direct all inquiries to the designated "MONEY MAN", Tom Kenan, as shown below). Mom also has a cell phone but won't give me the number, and an iPad with internet and email, which I promised my brother who bought it for her, I will not use -- although they accidentally gave me Mom's email address.

Thomas S. Kenan III, where he is most comfortable -- around music: Thomas S. Kenan III speaks at the annual Kenan Music Scholars Spring Recital in the Kenan Music Building, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Although I DO have Tom's (and his step-mother Betty's), direct home land-line numbers -- and have used them to speak with Tom and his boyfriend -- I will only publish his business number:

Kenan Management Inc
I recommend you ask to speak with Steve Armstrong, a young man I have found very helpful -- and important assistant to Tom!!! 



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