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RP: With Appreciation for HUGELY INCREASING Blog Hits, Recently: Frank Meyer, Charles Quigley, & Colin Hamilton!!!

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"Come and get it, Christian Gals!!!" ~ Frank K. Meyer, DDS

And just think . . . Frank Meyer was Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs dentist -- even marrying one of Sinatra's old girlfriends.

Me and Frank exchanging ideasLittle ItalyManhattan, December 2012.

And what's MORE, I know some of Frank's closest relatives

I love this photo from my friends Danny Sinatra and Phoebe Dollar's wedding. Read more about them and "Confederate Dollar" here, where there is ALSO more on Colin Hamilton that I wrote MONTHS ago!!!:

>>> EMAIL JUST SENT TO PUERTO VALLARTA WRITERS GROUP (with additions for clarity and further informationizing).

My next campaign will be to destroy CNN, which began working against me in 1990, when I dropped copies of everything I took to Newt Gingrich's office about the HUGE Colombian/CIA/Republican Party narco-trafficking behind my house also at CNN HQ in Atlanta -- and landed in jail for 15 weeks on charge of simple trespass, yet was in jail WITHOUT BOND for a crime that normally would have gotten a "Pillar of the Community" with NO criminal record, a warning and it would likely have been dropped.

That judge also forced me into house arrest probation for a year and to take the partially lobotomizing drug Lithium, and psychiatrists later have opined that I am NOT bipolar.

Some examples of CNN protecting SUPER CORRUPT writer Edmund White, who was once the top Gay Activist in the USA:

CNN protects and FEATURES material about Christal Presley. She is best friends with Jill Rhodes Hannity -- who had been her college roommate at VA Tech, as well as Jill's fag-husband -- that many times proven -- Sean Hannity of Fox News:


One of the "Boy Groups" Sean financially sponsored

re: Sean Hannity  Almost two years ago Sean Hannity  revisited Atlanta and attempted  to remain incognito while cruising a gay bar. He reportedly had donned a flannel shirt, a denim cap with a bill and also pleated pants which looked sort of baggy. He apparently spoke with no one except the bartender.

Now when he finished his Shirley Temple drink, he is said to have paid the bartender and scanned the small group of other patrons without so much as a nod to anyone, not even a cutie. However, just as he was about to exit the bar and return to his waiting taxi a man of about 40 yrs. slipped him a note which read "Hi Sean. How is Jill?" 

This was reported to me by an erstwhile friend.

* * *

Anyway, I need to get back to writing the blog, but I've done FAR MORE research on Frank and Charles and it will be hooty!!! Both have that "bleed thing" of lots of my blog's images showing up if you image-google them, but Frank less, since he has more of an internetic life, but for BOTH of them, the first image from my blog to show up and well ahead of the others, is this one:

Readers know that this is the gay bar where "Fernando Merino" worked as a dancer and prostitute, when I first arrived back in PV 2.5 years ago, and Fernando is actually the only child of Colombia's top cocaine exporter, as well as the Godson of "Hector-the-Engineer", who had placed the booby trap in the Chunnel to collapse it on command of the CIA to fake another terrorist attack and keep everyone afraid and so the NAZIs can take over more quickly. These people are intimately connected to Luis Melgoza of -- probably the top CIA agent in PV, and he intimately with Pastor Ric Lehman and his "NO RULES" Christian church -- which I just discovered that not just Charles, but Frank belongs to too.

See how Frank Meyer's image-google results are currently developing:
You may all recall the recent day when Colin Hamilton said that Danny Mininni HATED Frank Meyer, had had some altercations with him in the past, and would LOVE if he never set foot in Act II Stages again. Remember too, that all my communications go directly to the UN-CORRUPTED parts of the US and Mexican Governments -- as well as the corrupted parts. At this point, I have mapped out enough of the HEART of the corruption problem in Puerto Vallarta for US and Mexican Governments -- as much as an amateur who is NOT paid for it can reasonably do, which is why I can now commence FULL FORCE against CNN.

And as far as images go, rather than post the dorks of dorks, I will look for some humorous penises -- perhaps dressed up as if going to a White House Party -- so that when they show up on everyone's google searches -- especially those of your grandchildren (who do these searches while Old Farts are too stupid to even realize the world has RADICALLY CHANGED), this will give MANY the opportunity to tell their OWN story to their QUESTIONING families -- whether local or abroad.

Two dorks, Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams and Scott David Kenan --dressed up for a White House Party, 1981.

If you notice to whom I have OPENLY sent this, you see, I am preparing the press for a possible "DOOZY". (Redacted for blog -- for now) is the person who constantly fights me, yet sends me money. His first emails were identical in style to those of John Uecker, who not only murdered Tennessee Williams, but was James Gandolfini's drama teacher and probably his drug supplier -- and we all know what happened to Mr. Gandolfini.

But the fact is, I've had it with "Testosteroni", but decided rather than irrevocably publishing all his living and contact info on blog, I'll just warn him this way, and see if it has any effect, first.

Well have a pleasant Sunday, and sit back and ENJOY THE ENTERTAINMENT!!!

OH!!! I almost forgot, here is how I'm beginning this blog post:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

With Appreciation for HUGELY INCREASING Blog Hits, Recently: Frank Meyer, Charles Quigley, & Colin Hamilton!!!

"Come and get it, Christian Gals -- it's gotten even BIGGER -- and juicier!!!"



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