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RP: Iraeli NAZIs Are Now Falling Apart!!!

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Netanyahu and His Wife Are Being Sued For ‘Racist and Physical Abuse’ of African Bodyguard and Maid

>>> And I just got an email from Nancy Pelosi saying that Democrats plan to BOYCOTT Netanyahu's address to Congress. YAY!!!

>>> CNN HAS DOUBLED DOWN MORE AND MOREspreading fearful lies and speculation in support of their NAZI Time/Warner bosses.

BIBLICALLY speaking, ALL employees of CNN and Fox News (I have little access to have an opinion on others), should be STONED TO DEATH, but 10 years to life for talking heads, writers, editors, and similar -- and one to two years for those with desk jobs, security, etc.

Anderson Cooper is the other best example of WHITE SUPREMACY in action at CNN.


NRA representative Charles Quigley - US, Senor Tension (aka Malcolm Tanton - CN), Andrea (Austria), Me - US, Stanley Winborne III - US, Colin Hamilton, UK from Africa,and Bonnie Dixon - US

I ran smack-dab into a few members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- and did WE have a BALL, laughing at the GROUP!!!

They practically ran up to me like CHILDREN when they spotted me, and even though we had many things to discuss, we ended up with one asking if I knew WHAT the PVWG really is to me. I replied without any hesitation that they and the whole non-sense that has happened is the LEAST significant event in my entire life story, which is EXACTLY what they hoped I understood.

GOSH -- does that PROVE that some people are at least as smart as me -- maybe SMARTER???

Oh, say it isn't so!!!

Well, I was glad to finally connect in person with some members -- and glad that I have been right about so many things, too.


That's right, the Commission was TWO YEARS of fighting with Republican New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger (who is hopefully back in jail where he belongs now -- and double that for his buddy, Justin LaNasa):

Justin LaNasa is just a common TATTOO PARLORIST, and the drug-nuts who manned the bank of computers in his HardWire tattoo parlor on Front Street, cat-called me a CHILD-MOLESTER in front of Wilmington crowds.

That is one of the worse civil and moral crimes that can be committed, and I will somehow see that those who accussed me even of molesting THEIR OWN SONS -- but REFUSED to press charges when I demanded they do that, will get HEAVY criminal penalties (or Civil if I must), when I return to sue Wilmington Police, District Attorney, and Sheriff's Department of NH County (they are all Democrats!!!).

TODAY'S DILEMMA is that County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield (Dem) and Vice-Chair Beth Dawson (Rep -- and an ELDER of First PresbyterianPROVING she has to be a conscious and deliberate NARCO-TRAFFICKER in conjunction with Racist Rev. Ernie Thompson -- it was now deceased Rev. Jim Holderness who ADMITTED TO ME that he and Ernie Thompson made Benjamin R. David a DEACON to protect his narco-trafficking, so a HIGHER Elder HAS TO KNOW!!!

Jonathan Barfield with "Tighty-Whitey" Dawson

Anyway, Mr. Barfield is to give a State of the County address, and a "Loose-Cannon" type Republican wants to use county equipment to record his rebuttal -- no rebuttal to this speech ever having been given before.

Woody White, the Republican Tea-Partiest who thinks John Boehner and Eric Cantor are as Liberal as President Obama (and when you think about it -- he actually has a POINT -- LOL!!!)

Obama's attitude EXACTLY through MOST of his presidency!!! How QUICKLY we forget how staunchly he has FOUGHT gay rightsincome equalitymarijuana legalization, anyone who shows PROOF he is actually homosexual, is terminated or jailed -- EXACTLY what that asshole has done to me REPEATEDLY, consciously and deliberately.

Well, my point had been that the NHC Commission needs to work this out (perhaps the Commission will some day vote on whether of not to fund a rebuttal speech beginning next yearno???)


ISRAEL selling the arms that corrupt the US - MEXICAN border -- oh NO!!!

US Border Patrol agents are getting a boost in military technology and militarized strategy, courtesy of Israel's Palestinian "testing grounds."
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Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus


RP: The Son of America's TOP NAZI Explains to "Lesbo-Mary", the Difference between Ridiculing Aspects of Women and Ridiculing Americanized Africans!!!

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Harry Whittington Apologizes for 

Getting Shot in the Face by Dick 




Both women and blacks are put down by American Society, but EVERYONE needs women or humankind would die off, so they cannot be rounded up like Republicans would prefer to do, and exterminated at Auschwitz -- and to laugh at ridiculous stereotypes of gals relieves everyone's tensions from the power and security games many women play. Also, although it is often love/hate, straight guys and lesbians (such as yourself), have good reasons to preserve women for fun.

Not so true for blacks, gays, Muslims, Mexicans-in-USA, etc.

Blackface has NEVER been considered remotely complimentary -- although in Cub Scouts in Kentucky, I once sang "My Old Kentucky Home" at an entertainment, using char from wine corks, and it had been my MOTHER'S idea, she second in command of our C.S. Group. Years later, Mom became your Dad Dick's top strategist to promote the NAZI PARTY, USA, and you people only ridicule blacks with no reason you can think of NOT to exterminate them whether one-by-one, or in camps.

All that said, SOME whites who are known to be intimately comfortable with black folks COULD get away with blackface, like Mayor DeBlasio or President Obama's mother -- should she return from the grave!!!

Mary Cheney wants to know why it isn't "socially acceptable" for a white person to "put on blackface...
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1. I just posted a link to this developing blog post on Facebook, and within 60 seconds, I got a phone-text promoting anti-oxidants in one's diet -- immediately followed by one admonishing me that I will have to pay a price "for this situation" -- LOL!!!

2. I would like to thank my readers, who have AGAIN propelled this blog to massive hits!!! Most popular are ALL the postings about the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, and this one almost tied the record for most hits in its first 24 hours:

Fred Abrahamse

3. The "Fred" who emailed me like a "Colin-Hamilton-prissy-prig"DID write again yesterday, and inadvertently disclosed his actual name, which showed in Gmail, finally. And it is UBER BIZARRE, that he is in partnership with a MEYER, although I doubt related to my Mom or Frank K. Meyer, DDS from the PVWG (look it up at

And I don't know if he might have read in Writers Group -- or I came across him due to Tennessee Williams, but get a load of THIS!!!

Outstanding Director of a Drama
Fred Abrahamse, Stairs to the Roof, Sudden View Productions

Outstanding Set Design in a Play
Marcel Meyer, 
Stairs to the Roof, Sudden View Productions

Outstanding Costume Design in a Play
Marcel Meyer, Stairs to the Roof, Sudden View Productions
Outstanding Lighting Design in a Play
Patrick Huber, 
Stairs to the Roof, Sudden View Productions

Circle Awards will be presented March 23.
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Nevertheless, I include the FULL email trail:

Suck my dick.

Scott David Kenan

Sent from my iPad

On 30/01/2015, at 14:23, "Fred Abrahamse" <> wrote:
Dear Mr Kenan 
Please comply with my request. 
I will not jump through any hoops or engage in any correspondence with you let alone ‘identify myself with enough info for you to search me out online as an actual person’ 
How vary dare you! 

Will you please desist from invading my privacy! Now! 

Sent: Friday, January 30, 2015 9:38 PM
Subject: RE: My reply to a "Fred" . . .

Even Sergio Salazar of Vallarta Daily got involved in this thread!!! 

Please do the same to us. We never asked to be put on any of your lists either. You are spamming people without their consent . I don’t think anyone you have contacted wishes to receive this junk and they should all ask for you to stop, you are taking up our professional time and email boxes with slop.

Thank you,
Sergio Salazar

From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: viernes, 30 de enero de 2015 01:11 p.m.
Cc:; Team Kenan;; Vallarta Daily; Colin Hamilton; CHARLES QUIGLEY; Stanley Winborne; Darrel mcleod
Subject: My reply to a "Fred" . . .

Hi Fred,

I have no idea how you got on this list -- could you tell me how long you have been on it, and if longer than two weeks, WHY you waited until now to complain, please???

The good news is that I will take you off IMMEDIATELY, but only if you identify yourself with enough info for me to search you out online as an actual person -- and write a short paragraph of FICTION, on a funny reason  you might have been put on for. (It is NOT a writing contest, but one ofcreative imagination.)


Scott David Kenan (a worldwide unique name!!!)

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 11:56 AM, fred <> wrote:

Can you please remove me off the mailing list. I don't know you or this group. Regards Fred

4. This morning, I received an email message that John Patrick Shanly has been added to the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival -- and I could not be more thrilled!!!

You see, Shanley was by far the most electrifying speaker at the BIZARRE investiture of Tennessee Williams into the Poets Corner of Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC, fall 2009. But what an event that was.

John Patrick Shanley

First of all, Thomas Elliot Keith, in charge of planning the event, had told me that I would sit with John Uecker (who had murdered Tennessee, but I had not put that together yet), and that there were only going to be TWELVE reserved seats, and we would be in two of them in the front row.

The front actual row:

Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Sylvia Miles, Olympia Dukakis, John Guare, Vanessa Redgrave, and John Patrick Shanley

And not only had Vanessa Redgrave, afraid we might ALL be exterminated by the NAZI Episcopal Church, ONLY attended because she got 50 reserved seats for friends, in case a BRAWL broke out!!! (or that is the story Thomas Keith LATER told me.)

In any case, Uecker and I sat in the very last row of about 15, behind one of John's "Running Sun Theatre" acting students then in a soap opera, but Uecker's THEN top student, James Gandolfini, was NOT in attendance -- and we all know what recently happened to HIM!!!

Gregory Mosher circa 1982

Uecker and I were absolutely ignored by EVERYONE, except that Gregory Mosher, who had produced A House Not Meant to Stand when it premiered at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, made a POINT, of walking back from the front and BOLDLY daring to say hi to me!!!

And having no time now to tell the full story, I will tell you I was TOTALLY SNUBBED by the management and staff of the Tennessee Williams Festival in Provincetown -- but it was for POLITICAL REASONS that applied THENnot now, so I bear no ill will over it.

In any case, I had the BEST time talking to Senor Shanley -- and teased him because I had an instant crush on him -- and I even CONTINUED teasing him on Facebook for a year after that, because he relentlessly played the shittiest mind games with women who were in love with him -- LOL!!!

He eventually blocked me, but I WON'T sexually tease him come this March!!!

So I met a lot of people for the first time (documented elsewhere in this blog), but Not Vanessa Redgrave, because she and her party-of-50 left immediately after the event and before the party in the Bishop's Residence.

At that party, Marian Seldes speaks with John Patrick Shanley, while I can be seen behind them, talking to someone else, then:

I continued arguing with this India Indian on Facebook for a few months -- until I realized he was part of the CIA Episcopal Church narco-trafficking machine, and he soon after that blocked me, and returned to India.

And the STRANGEST THINGS came out AFTER that party:

1. You see, Wyatt Prunty of the Sewanee Writers Conference, read the poem from The Night of the Iguana like an Excel SPREADSHEET, and when I contacted my NOT blood relative, Randall Kenan who teaches at UNC Chapel Hill, after I learned he has (now, he continues), taught at the Sewanee Festival for at least 12 years, he set me straight on some things:

Chief among them was that the administration at Sewanee of the Writers Conference there was run by idiots who are TONE DEAF TO ART!!! -- and he especially laughed that Wyatt Prunty would EVER read a poem -- HA!!!


2. The other thing was that my brother, Michael William Kenanunbeknownst to me, had driven to New York from his home near Philadelphia, and hidden himself in the "peanut gallery" -- just to get some idea of what my life had been.

Mike didn't tell me about that until a couple of years later, and it is the kindest, most loving thing ANYONE in my family has EVER done!!!

Mike with his family at Connor's graduation from UNC Chapel Hill

Mike, I'll always love you!!!