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RP: After Contacting Court Officials in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois!!!

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Where is the 24 Hour News Cycle Coverage on the Bomb at the NAACP Office in Colorado?
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Totally true -- NO ONE in Atlanta hates God MORE than Martin Luther King, Jr's children. MLK III is the FATTEST, TOTAL REPUBLICAN NARCO-TRAFFICKER, and all King's children do is FIGHT over money from the estate. They are FAR uglier than the ugliest Ku Klux Klansman, may God BURN Martin Luther King, Jr's three children in the HOTTEST fires of HELL - they have asked for it, and earned it!!!
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Jamie Lee Sutherland, Director of Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago


1. Here is my case as it was "tried":

Dalia Saper: Fox News talking head and Law Firm owner.

Lawyer Rishi Nair was subcontracted by Saper Law (or Jamie changed the case to him), to collect the damages. He made one offer about half a year ago, in which Jamie would give me back my rights to Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, if I would sign an agreement that kept me from using my own surname in email or otherwise on the internet -- IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Rishi Nair of Nair Law, LLC, Chicago

2. So this afternoon, I spoke first with someone in Cook County Clerk of Superior (District???), Court Office of Inspector General, for nearly half an hour, she was AMAZED by my story and not surprised that my troubles had ALSO been with Dorothy Brown, Clerk of District Court, who had been surly with me when I actually got her on the phone a year and a half ago, and who STAMPED many of the Court documents that have NO JUDGE'S SIGNATURE, which she told me is normal in Illinois. ALL my times in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court in Dekalb County, Georgia are signed (I still have the original papers -- although the record of me in court was SCRUBBED off their court database a year or so ago), and same for the judges in North Carolina - they at least SIGNED all their orders!!.

One of many negative articles on Dorothy Bown from the internet:

3. Because  Judge William Maddux was soon in charge of assigning my case to a subordinate judge, I called and reached him by phone before he did so. He listened to my story of NOT being legally served, and told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to stop the case, but that I could EASILY have the lawyers disbarred afterward -- but I had to let it play out.

Who knew that the Judge that Maddux assigned me, would try me in absentia -- if that actually happened. WITHOUT signatures, ANYONE who had the right stamp could have put this through without any court anything.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Judge Maddux Runs Law Division Cook County Court as Criminal Enterprise

From the internet on Judge Maddux, who is now retired:

4. After I was convicted-in-absentia of LIBEL, I called all around, but no group gave legal assistance to someone not living in Illinois, and then the ACLU of Illinois said they were sorry, but they ONLY would take me if it was the GOVERNMENT who had brought a bad charge.

5. My first call today sent me to the Office of Chief Judge Timothy Evans and his assistant couldn't believe what happened to me either. I am to contact them tomorrow to get specific on how to do it, but he thinks I can file electronically from here and get the whole thing VACATED without much difficulty -- and he also said it sounds like I should get VERY LARGE compensatory damages from Jamie Sutherland -- this before he know who I or Jamie are -- HA!!!

In fact, he made it sound like that TOO would be easy and I can do it from here.

Stay tuned . . .


Someone needs to OUT that closet-case homo so the Republicans stop blackmailing him to support BIG BANKS, WALL STREET, and CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKING that profits the Bush/Cheneys -- NO???

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats took President Barack Obama to task on Thursday for urging Congress to grant him the authority to fast-track huge...
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