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RP: After a Day of Riding My "High Horses" . . .

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How interesting that this image was paired with these words: “The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!” ― Anne Frank

1. I woke up this morning to Terrorism in Paris, and CNN had already lined up five or six Speculators -- even though they didn't yet know if the gunmen were apprehended!!! This did NOT piss me off (better to keep Americans in the dark -- they are too stupid to handle actual news, is my new motto, and at least they weren't lying). So I turned to CBS and Charlie Rose and crew were REPORTING ALL KINDS OF NEWS -- imagine that.

And they were having a lot of fun, so I think my messages have been getting through to at least REAL NEWS networks. I've decided CNN is just "Rolling Newsiness", and everyone ALREADY knows they have to go to other sources if they hope to get news

And in CNN's defense, at least if they are not having politicians on to bloviate for a few days, they will have had time to first GET REAL ABOUT THE ACTUAL POLITICAL CLIMATE.

Also, is anyone besides me getting BORED with terrorism stories -- I mean I know this is serious and must be dealt with, but I no longer feel FEAR when I hear about them -- the thing that attracts the CNN viewers.

And besides, WHAT is the difference between these two Islamic Terrorists and MY OWN United States CIA TRYING TO KILL, JAIL, OR NUT-HOUSE COMMIT MEthese last five years??? ??? ???

2. And I am TRYING to stop colorizing text so much -- can you tell???

3. My phone call to Mom, yesterday, was a lot of fun, and I've begun telling her some of my stories -- you see, she doesn't ever see my blog, and while Jane might be tempted to print and take her a few of my postings, I think Jane is smart enough not to risk Mom's taking an interest and accessing this blog, on her allegedly unused iPad that Mike bought her.

Yesterday, after Mom said Julie had just called her and was creeping to work in Pennsylvania in a snowstorm. I asked about her husband, Joel, whom I'd forgotten is now driving a school bus, and remembered that Patricia Sinatra, who had sat me down in Wilmington for three hours to tell me so much of the back-story of her selling my wealthy relatives control of Bank of America, and she continues to be in charge of managing what might be called "Sinatra Family Enterprises" -- and this would be a good time to add something I always forget, that the Sinatras got out of "mafia shenanigans" YEARS ago -- and I have seen no evidence anywhere that contradicts that.

Anyway, I think it great that she also does something so GROUNDING. That is how I've found ALL the Sinatras to be -- just regular people!!!

I could not google up a photo of Patricia (although even THAT googling was lightly polluted with images from this blog), but I thought this fun pic of Mr. Frank with Eleanor was cool!!!


Writers have a serious advantage over the rest of us.
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Basically, BOTH mental and physical ailments are relieved by writing, and its power to do this is amazing. 

5. Mexican Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto was at the White House yesterday, and there has been some criticism of President Obama for NOT condemning Pena Nieto for the cartel violence in Mexico. First of all, Mexico has a culture that EMBRACES political corruption, and there is nothing new to that -- but coupled with the financial power of the Drug Mafias, now, it is a TERRIBLE MIX.

And Obama knows that this is BECAUSE AMERICANS DEMAND ILLEGAL DRUGS and also that the CIA is in charge of the Drug Mafias. I believe he intends to change this as rapidly as possible.

I think we are going to be FORCED to do what France did over ten years ago and it has cut its drug problem in half -- at least decriminalize drug use and regulate the drugs like alcohol is regulated. Use the tax income to fund education and rehabilitation programs. Can you imagine how much CRIME would be reduced???

Anyway look how they have aged and "serious-upped" in two years:

Two years ago


And remember, Pena Nieto enumerated 288 goals when he was Governor of the State of Mexico, and completed all but a few -- so I would NEVER underestimate Senor Pena Nieto (although confidence in him is currently in the toilet)!!! 

6. There has been some recent brouhaha about the depiction of Lyndon Johnson in the film Selma, and it has caused me to rethink President Johnson. It was no secret to me then or later that Lyndon Johnson was a "died in the wool racist" -- and one of the ablest politicians ever. So he played up to black folks to further his own and the Democratic Party's goals.

I used to think he had to be denounced for the racism, but it is his ACTIONS ONLY that now matter -- and except for creating the "welfare plantations", he did GREAT in that area!!! Nonetheless, I think we need to be reminded of this:

Click to enlarge.

And then there is this as well:



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