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RP: As the NAZI-CHRISTIANS Become More and More Exposed for their Crimes against the United States!!!

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A perfect example of this in my recent life is not only my siblings, but the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group. I think everyone knew that Charles Quigley and Frank K. Meyer, DDS, were criminals of one kind or another, but I was generally surprised to discover that Colin Hamilton is one, too.

But not a SINGLE one of them has come to my defense the last few weeks, except Robin Avery (who condemned at meeting that Colin had shaken the donation box in my face and given loud insults in 2010 -- Robin not yet knowing that it had been Mr. Colin Scam-a-Lot)!!! And David Wright has a great sense of humor and honestly tried to de-escalate the whole thing.

Well, as Stanley Winborne told me (and I assume he's been paralyzed by his absolute fear of speaking out that was in-bred in North Carolina), the longer he's been here, the more he sees that MOST Gringos are trying or pretending to re-make their lives -- and THAT to TRADITIONALISTS means to be as SECRETIVE as possible.

So between that divide with me who has no secrets, and their being offended by my mocking rabid Christians, I imagine they are ALL glad to have me gone!!!


>>> THIS JUST IN @ 11:51 AM, CST: The email of this posting to my 500 contacts, immediately came back blocked by about twelve people -- including my brother Mike, so I sent another test email to him copied to about 15, and it came back blocked by ALL of them, and NOW, the email of the posting is slowly coming back blocked by EVERYONE, and I did NOT get my copy at alt email address, so I will resend shortly.

I wish Google would decide if it is total NAZI RACIST CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN, or if it will allow my emails through. I NO LONGER believe Google is NOT part of the Christian Jihadist Movement!!!

Funny, just now, searching for something else, I discovered that "The preservation of that status (solidly Catholic, private university), had been built upon a premise recently articulated by Gene Corrigan, the former Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner who, as Notre Dame athletic director in 1985, became The Man Who Hired Lou Holtz".

So he also likely is who chose my Uncle, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, as the Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish which happened at about the same time -- AND it turns out he is from Durham, North Carolina -- another example of the NAZI AXIS in the USANorth Carolina to Indiana!!!

Gene Corrigan should be INTERROGATED UNDER OATH about all of this ASAP!!!

Well DANG MY DINGHY -- look who has been recognized as head of HATE and INTOLERANCE in the Senate, the NEWEST Republican Senator from North Carolina!!!

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The nation's leading LGBT civil rights organization has included newly-installed U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis among its new "Faces of Inequality" in the 114th Congress.
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And it is HEARTENING to see so many Muslims acting like they dig both Muhammad's and Jesus's Teachings, too -- unlike Conservative Christians!!!

You have to follow the link to read it properly -- and several others.

These are amazing as language creations -- as well as sentiments!!!
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As seen recently in Los Angeles

Oh look -- this is REALLY hysterical if you actually watch the video. Too bad for my mother's and Lou Holtz's allies GOING DOWN THE TUBES, attacked by other Conservative Catholics!!!

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This week, Catholic League president Bill Donohue penned a disgusting statement in response to the terrorists who slaughtered 12 people in Paris, mostly members of...
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That should be enough for now . . .


Well, I was "popped out" in 1951 -- but in Cincinnati. So instead of being anything like perfection, I became Cincinnatus Retorno -- "Primed for Adventure"!!!


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