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My cat Melanie, who this morning went out and came back covered in seeds, has never done this before to even 10% of this -- reminding me of what happened with Tennessee Williams's cat causing Gary Tucker to butcher her coat -- and giving ME the first indication that Gary with his lover, Skye Wyattwere already allied with the Republican Party and Episcopal Church to murder Tennessee, then steal his estate from Harvard.

I was too naive to pick up on anything -- except DANGER.

Readers will recall that it was a high-placed Republican legislator for Tennessee State who kept Skye and Gary in luxury in Atlanta until their deaths of AIDS. And it was Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), who arranged for Tennessee's maid, Leoncia McGee (previously Ernest Hemingway's maid and known for discretion for not talking about all Hemingway's homo-sex -- as he admitted to Tennessee who told me), who arranged for Leoncia to receive a lifelong pension if she swore Tennessee was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will changing the major beneficiary to Harvard.

From my memoir: -- also includes how Gary Tucker forced us all to watch the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- claiming it the BEST movie ever made -- in the villa of an Italian Countessno less!!!

Scene from Toby Hooper's 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

>>> FIRST, THE BIG LIE OF 2014!!!

This is related to the item in yesterday's last posting about "The Senate's 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans"

Now I realize this is a bit non-standard math-viewing -- I'd prefer to see totals, countrywide, of how many voted for a Republican senator and how many for a Democrat, but it is a VALID mathematical viewpoint showing that of 150 million voters in the USA in 2014, 67.8 million voted for a Democrat, while only 47.1 million voted for a Republican -- yet the Republicans elected 22 new Senators, and the Democrats only 11!!! This due to peculiarities in US Constitution, not "tricks" and such and it is VALID.


I'd say that since 59% of Americans countrywide voted for DEMOCRATS for Senator, that the OPPOSITE is true, and Republicans are literally FALLING INTO THE HELL THAT CHRISTIANS BELIEVE IN:

WailingGnashing of Teeth, etc. of those who believed the Devil's BIGGEST LIE, that Jesus is the LITERAL Son of God. Mostly, these are Republicans (and perhaps black Americans -- who should have known better than to take on the "god-of-enslaving-DEVIL-WHITES").

>>> NONE OF THE US CABLE NEWS NETWORKS have mentioned this extraordinary FACT this morning, not CNN TV or online, Not Fox (of course), and not even MSNBC online. I don't know about NBC, CBS, or ABC. I'm sure other alternative press carried it -- Huffington Post carried it SUPER-PROMINENTLY last night, so AGAIN, I thank my wealthy Kenan relatives who not only stopped advertising their The Breakers HotelPalm Beach on Fox online, but whose has as a prominent Board MemberJimmy Soniwho built HuffPost to what it is today (and Alisa Worth, the Head of the Democratic Party in Arizona, sits on the Kenan Board, as well)!!!

So prepare for some ASS-GRABBING political shifts as this REALITY sinks into the consciousness of the American Public!!!

>>> AND JUST FOR FUNRyan Burris's and my further Facebook conversation since yesterday:

Danny Sinatra seems surprised that he and Phoebe Dollar produced such a beautiful baby -- but then most everything surprises Danny. He's one of those who really feels Life in his bones, and sometimes needs comfort -- don't we all???

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  • Ryan Lee Burris
    Ryan Lee BurrisActually.. David and John sold Costellos (at least the business, they still possibly own the building)
    they sold it... maybe 6 months or so back?
    i don't really know the details
    i still follow your blog postings from time to time. I see you've been dealing with some drama with the writers group, lol
    sorry to hear of your fathers passing... i'm glad that you and mom are cool now, too bad the rest of the family can't follow in suite.
    i didn't know that Leslie was in town, what for??
    cheers to a new year!
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  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Both Leslie and Del Shores have a HUGE love of Puerto Vallarta, and Leslie is booked at the Palm cabaret for a month.
    Don't know if you answered me just off this Facebook messaging or not, but I SERIOUSLY "fluffed up" yesterday's message to you on the blog AFTER I emailed it out. The fact is that I wanted to BLAST John Mann and James Elks (remember how James's cell phone played "Fly Me to the Moon" while it tried to find him??? -- LOL!!!), and I remember what he did to you. So I wanted to CELEBRATE your HUGE IMPROVEMENT in life!!!
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to returning to Wilmington (probably NOT permanently), to begin my Legal Duties there. I hope by then you will no longer be being "tested", and we can smoke cigarettes that are worth smoking -- and maybe with the Sinatra Family -- ya know "Confederate" Dollar, Danny's father-in-law, is a REALLY fun guy to smoke with right in front of everyone down by the river in Wilmington!!!
    And I will have a KICK ASS blog posting soon . . .
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Oh and "PS" (as they say), (REDACTED) are the only two people in my life who have spontaneously offered that they are SORRY, but we cannot have sex due to their commitments to their wives. I had NOT thought of them as sex objects, so it was all THEIR desire, rather than mine (although I find one of the two hot).
    In the spirit of Nancy Reagan sucking off her TRUE LOVE, Frank Sinatra -- even under the Oval Office desk -- I intend to work on someone so we can have some action that NOBODY FINDS OUT ABOUT, because family really IS the important thing and "So-n'-So" is committed to his, but most importantly -- and since I DID meet Nancy in the White House -- I want to find out what she knows about the superior quality of Sinatra spunk -- I mean they REALLY ARE descended from Roman Senators!!! Perhaps Danny has a cousin who is gay and will visit, no???
    And when I got the orientation for new members at First Prez, Old Charlie Boney, talked to everyone about the Kenans of that church in the past AS IF WE ARE GODS ON MOUNT OLYMPUS. Given what I have rather EASILY endured the last five years, I am LIVING PROOF OF THAT, and many of my "tricks" over many years have all said my cum is especially delicious.

Total shit!!! Lee Gosney, my co-worker at Pentagon Publishing, was a certified AA and NA counselor, and under cover of those organizations traveled the East Coast of the USA making deals mostly with Republican pols to distribute the illegal drugs brought in on US Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB for DECADESFortunately, I eyewitnessed owner Patrick Stansbury passing packets of cash with now retired Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder -- AND I HAVE SAVED EMAIL OF LINDER THREATENING MY LIFE if I didn't stop blogging about it -- LOL!!!

You see it everywhere this time of year: “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All People.”Meanwhile, according to the British newspaper The Independent, only...
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This is actually a MIS-TRANSLATION of early Protestant translations of the Bible. The ACTUAL quote is "Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will"(but DEFINITELY NOT "Goodwill Industries", perhaps the FIRST bull shit Republican money machine with little for the intended beneficiaries).

And the OTHER THING about that, is that same AA group in Tucker, Georgia that Lee Gosney was so active in is the SAME ONE my father attended in 1990, when he worked closely with GosneyNewt GingrichAND was also working with Dick Nixon's TOP AIDEJohn Ehrlichman, whom I met twice, working with CNN and the Republican Party to GROW NARCO-TRAFFICKING in Atlanta, centered in Stone Mountain -- and later PROTECTED by Bill "cock-sucked" Clinton!!!


>>> ONE FINAL WORD, written by Del Shores and delivered by Leslie Jordan in the play Southern Baptist Sissies -- which I re-watched last night:

Leslie Jordan – Say Cheese! My 

Life In Front Of The Camera (Jan. 4 

– 21, 2015)

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