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RP: Inspired by Del Shores, I Ask Anita Bryant to Join Me in CONDEMNING HERE Media -- and Promoting SANE Gay Relationships!!!

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Today I found Anita Bryant's email address (on her Anita Bryant Ministries International, Inc - http://www.anitabmi.org) I wrote her this letter. Just so you know, OK is her home state where she lives now and FL is where she led a campaign that repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance. Do you think she'll come on The Del & Emerson Show

Dear Anita:

Almost 40 years later after you went full guns blazing against the gay community, Equity marches on and gay marriage is now legal in OK and FL.

I am a co-host of The Del And Emerson Show in Los Angeles. Please google me, so you'll know who I am -- and check out my Facebook page (Facebook.com/delshoresfanclub).

I would love to have you call into our show sometime to discuss where you are now with gay rights, given your marriages, not paying employees, bankruptcy, etc. In other words, do you practice Matthew 7:1 now, or do you still cherry-pick scriptures? Yes, it would be a tough interview, but perhaps, you've changed given the tragedy of your own personal life - and this would give you an opportunities to make some amends.

You can listen to past episodes of the show athttp://www.ubnradio.com/delandemersonshow

Del Shores
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Dear Ms. Bryant,

You have not likely ever heard of me, but my name is Scott David Kenan and I am a shirttail scion of the North Carolina Kenans, who still control Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Bank of America, much of Coca-Cola, and built www.theKAG.com into the largest trucking company not only in the USA, but in Canada and Mexico as well. I am NOT in the line of inheritance, although I know some of my wealthy relatives. I am also a personal friend of Del Shores, and I see he invited you to call into his radio show to discuss where you are with gay rights, etc., now that your world has collapsed. I am copying Del so he knows I am encouraging you, also.

As I am 63, now, I well remember your many campaigns -- and might even have seen your first TV appearance on the Arthur Godfrey Show. Nowadays, I only see you if I watch the movie MILK, and interestingly enough, my current difficulties were started by the lawyers of Paul Colichman -- a RABID Republican faggot who assembled HERE Media several years ago to include all the prime gay press, like The Advocate, and the owners of it back THEN tried to muzzle Harvey Milk, just like they have done to me, by getting Jamie Lee Sutherland to sue me for LIBEL because I published info regarding not only Jamie's narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo (a Kenan competitor), but also his having seen Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago, when Our President was a Senator.

Bottom Line: The HERE Media gay press promote casual sex and sex addictions in gay men, and we need to to STOP THEM!!! It is NOT in their best interests (financially), for gay people to be SANE!!! Will you join with me in condemning them for that???

As it turns out, I was never legally served and they tried me in absentia, and with my "conviction" came a fine of half a million dollars (to a person known to them to be getting over homelessness -- and Jamie only asked for $50,000.00), as well as my copyrights to ALL my blog postings ever, ALL my email til death -- on related subjects -- AND my memoir of having worked for Tennessee Williams (which had been scheduled to be the FEATURED hard-cover release of 30 in spring 2010, by Alyson Books, a division of HERE Media), which had received rave reviews from many. Can you say, "Republican Party NAZI Gag Order"???

Now, it seems to me that in addition to your obvious physical beauty, you have ALWAYS been passionate and never afraid of facing the public or even ridicule, so in this mature phase of your life, perhaps you can SUPPORT more loving relationships between gay and similar people -- whether legal marriage (I did NOT say your minister has to perform them), or not. So if you find it in your heart to go forward this way, I will -- assuming I will win some cases big enough when I sue these people (and others), after undoing that "conviction", pay off up to a half million of the taxes you cannot pay in several states where you had bankruptcies, etc.

There is NOTHING more patriotic that the average person can do than to PAY THEIR TAXES!!! I'm SURE you would like to at least DIE with them paid off so that you are remembered as a Patriot -- rather than just a failed Christian who did everything possible to AVOID paying her taxes!!!

I am actually quite serious, and you can see my own writing on my blog, http://scottkenan.blogspot.com. The only people we both know in common that you could check references on me, would be President Reagan and Nancy, but only Nancy is still alive -- but not in the best of shape, I'm afraid.

I hope that you will agree to this proposal in principle -- although we will need to discuss the details ("tres tricky", as they say), before commencing. I look forward to your prompt reply, and will send you the link to this letter published also on my blog, soon.

All best to you!!!

Scott Kenan

As Miss OklahomaAnita Bryant looked almost exactly like Jackie Kennedy Onassis!!!



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