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RP: It All Loops Back (perhaps because of Facebook) . . .

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Getting loopy (with guns), in Del Shores's movie, Sordid Lives.

Well FIRST thing today, I thought DEREK (who wrote me yesterday -- perhaps on behalf Benjamin R. David -- as seen in the last posting:, had written AGAIN, but since names like Derek and Kerry first became popular, I have ALWAYS confused those two. Actually, it was Kerry Glatts, from high school:

  • Kerry Glatts Hope your new year will be a happy one for you Scott
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  • Scott Kenan It will be, because I refuse to allow anything else -- LOL,,, and I'm eternally indebted to you for putting me in touch with Bob. And today is Hal Peters's birthday, and he, his current wife, and I have laughed most heartily over my fascination with orange hair caused in North Jr. High showers, so don't read my next blog post if I tell that tale to honor his birthday. I feel I have REALLY tested the patience of straight guys, and really need to do a GIANT salute to them soon. And I am SO GLAD you saw the tribute to Ed "Mal" Malikowski, as he was and maybe still is called. I thought of you and your love of basketball as I wrote it.
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And then I heard from Testosteroni, channeling Huck Finn:

"Food thrown out your window for the chickens also attracts birds, which on the ground provide sport for slingshot boys."

I don't throw food out the window for chickens, but for small vermin and microbes that can enjoy it (after it begins spoiling) -- chickens couldn't get through the undergrowth on the cliff, which is the SIDE, while my front door opens above the terraced community gardens.

And then my first cousin Janice (long Facebook dormant), popped up and I commented there:
Hello everyone, and thanks for the Birthday wishes....Have a great NEW YEARlove ya'll
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  • Dennis Fisher Happiest Birthday to you Janice! I know you will have fun at your party tonight cause you know how to. It's part of what makes you the best possible mom in law. Cheers!
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  • Scott Kenan Hi Janice and sorry I missed your birthday!!! I'm still in Puerto Vallarta fighting drug mafia associated with the CIA and Episcopal Church, but have gained much respect from both US and Mexican governments and will return to Wilmington before the end of this year to press charges and sue for damages against a number of people in Law EnforcementGOOD NEWS for the descendants of Doris and Wilbur Russ: they are all DEMOCRATS. And I'm sorry I offended so many of you with my trashy mouth, but someone threw me in a sewer and much of my fight was like a sewer rat's -- and I am becoming civilized again. So tell Judy I might-could go jukin' or shaggin' with her soon enough (if Baptists are allowed dancing), and you might have heard I am in love with your daughter, Lena Ludwig Lapper of Londres (England)!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ALL!!! Scott
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Janice's sister, Judith Whitney, wears turquoise toe-nail polish and fuchsia flip-flops. Look at her in her youth!!!:


Hal, as "originally sized", in 1968 -- and his hair is ORANGE-RED!!!

Hal's biggest contribution to B. Reed Henderson High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was his challenges to our German teacher, Herr Something-or-Other, and Hal's aggressive conversion of current slang into the language of Das Vaterland. 
Best example"Setzen Sie sich auf einen Stock und gehen um!!!" (polite form).

Means"Ram it and rotate!!!"

Doug Schoen with Coach Lou Holtz, a ginger.

And although I really didn't consciously realize I was gay until we moved to Columbus. Ohio, where we lived across the street from Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth -- who became my parents' closest friends, and when sister Jane babysat for their three grade-school kids, ALL OF THEM STILL SH*T THEIR PANTS!!!), -- something that I ACTUALLY tracked all three down to remind them of, two years ago, and they all quickly blocked me.

But getting back to Hal, he lived in an actual trailer with parents who were about as abusive as mine (this part I learned quite recently), then. And he was the FIRST EVER Evangelical I ever met -- I had been brought up a "good Catholic boy", and evangelical Christianity is its POLAR OPPOSITE. There were almost NO Evangelicals in S.E. Pennsylvania back in those years.

And here is the thing: Hal Peters had a FINE LITHE BODY when we shared 9th grade gym class, and I -- like SO many others -- couldn't help but admire his near AFRICAN (always then relaxed), peninsulaGORGEOUSLY surrounded by a red nest. Thus I became a "red-head/ginger fetishist"!!!

But what might be funnier still, when I called Hal about two years ago, and reconnected after all these years, he LOVED this story -- and told me later his wife and he laughed for DAYS about it all.
She MUST be a KEEPER!!!

That's about it -- for now . . .


They SHOULD!!! I could only watch 20 minutes of what seemed a "desperate mania fest", and having "been there; done that", I changed the channel.

Granny and lou holtz

Granny Clampett & Lou Holtz from a celebrity look-alike page

Frank K. Meyer, DDS will be your host!!!


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