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RP: Pope Francis Makes a HUGE "Boo-Boo" -- and I Respond to Del Shores!!!

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My friend, the best-selling novelist and "Father of Interactive Internet Advertising" -- which he invented -- J.G. Sandom, sent me this to use!!!

This is where Pope Francis and I PART COMPANY -- but he's such an improvement in most areas, I don't want to criticize him TOO much. You see, it is IMPOSSIBLE to insult anyone or anything who understands its connection to God. It is impossible to insult me (and I hope you as well!!!), although I often take "umbrage" for political or literary reasons. The Pope has just ADMITTED TO THE WORLD that Catholicism (at least), doesn't believe it is fully connected to God. Well, they believe in Transubstantiationwhich in a SCIENTIFIC world, would be enough of a delusion to commit a person to a MENTAL HOSPITAL -- LOL!!!


(Especially in the Roman Catholic Church) The conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements (unleavened wafer and wine), into the literal body and blood of Christ at consecration, only the appearances of bread and wine still remaining.

ANYONE who ACTUALLY believes this claptrappery, is LITERALLY, then, a CANNIBAL. Protestants tend to have beautiful remembrances of the Last Supper, a JEWISH event, believe it or not!!! 

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) - Pope Francis said Thursday there are limits to freedom of expression, especially when it insults or ridicules someone's faith....
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MORE outrageous RACIST LIES from CNN!!! The Great Zimbabwe presents a HUGE problem for White Supremacists, because it is the best and indisputable proof that BLACK AFRICANS had advanced early culture. WHITE CHRISTIANS have been trying for centuries to find proof that White People built it (or the "dirty whites" of the Mediterranean rim), but no credible evidence of that has been found. The literature is FULL of "scientists" stating that the one thing they know for sure is that no "niggers" (unless enslaved), could build a thing like this. The LIE in CNN's story is that it is "forgotten" -- it is AVOIDED, because it disproves WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!!

The remains of this powerful 15th-century capital of 10,000 people were once a top...
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Hey Del,

I got your other email and will write a fun email back later, after I've taken in Leslie's show.

There is no reason on earth that you should see Elizabeth Ensor as a criminal, and I have no proof that she is -- its the pattern of behavior going on around ACT II Stages, that seems to zero back to her, although Danny Mininni has been treating me super strangely as well (although it was Elizabeth who shot me an email full of expletives after I emailed them pointing out that the links to their website on Facebook were both misspelled having no double "I", and so don't work, and in FACT, I just checked -- now at least TWO MONTHS LATER, and they STILL have not corrected this, despite Danny's continuing to post there -- check it out on Timeline and About:, and he was previously in real estate here -- one of the best ways to launder drug money -- but TONS of people in real estate are not criminals, and even laundering that money that way is NOT a criminal activity, unless conscious and deliberate. Of course I mean in the USA, and this is Mexico, whose laws I know little about.

As you know, Protestants don't believe in making amends for their sins -- the belief in Jesus forgives all sins and they go straight to heaven, so why not sin to your heart's delight??? Now I know you were raised Protestant and that this is not how you see things, but at least Catholics, which I am not anymore, do believe they are not forgiven until AFTER they make amends, which is part of their Sacrament of Confession.

Frank K. Meyer, DDS (Frank Sinatra's Las Vegas dentist -- who married one of Frank's old girlfriends, but ditched her later), and Charles Quigley

I'm not in the mood to talk trash to you about those at that theater, but last time I was there (Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meeting in the Red Room), I had a shouting match with an Evangelical Christian, Charles Quigley -- because in the previous week's meeting, he and another Evangelical , Frank K. Meyer, DDS, had -- in front of everyone, about two dozen -- pulled a Williams play out of his right pocket and a New Testament out of his left, and DEMANDED that I choose one or the other. (Owning copies of both, I chose neither -- and he was only able to give away the play -- LOL!!!) EVERY SINGLE ATTENDEE acted like this was NORMAL, and nearly all of them are left-wing Democrats (or equivalent in their countries).

Colin Hamilton -- in his youth.

And before the next meeting, Colin Hamilton, the leader, kicked me OUT of the group -- the reason being so that my story accepted for publication in their annual anthology could be REMOVED before publication, this because the fucking faggots who own HERE Media called me in 2010 right after cancelling publication of my Tennessee Williams memoir, claiming they would see to it I -- not just that book -- was NEVER published ANYWHERE, EVER. That is also why Jamie Sutherland perjured himself and filed the LIBEL suit against me -- but they knew there was no LIBEL, so never legally served me (convincing the judge that when Mailboxes, Etc. signed for it from common carrier, that I had been served. I was in the USA, and did not get back until the window of service, had expired).

John Ehrlichman with President Nixon

Bottom line is that because my mother really is or WAS Dick Cheney's top strategist and Mom was intimately connected to the last three Catholic Popes, but I don't THINK Francis is also part of this, and Mom was big on plotting the Drug Addiction of America -- going back to working with Newt Gingrich and among others, Nixon's top aide, John Ehrlichman, whose apartment in Atlanta I visited TWICE in the early 1990s. He was working with my former employer of 18 years, Patrick Stansbury of, who distributed the illegal drugs coming in on US Air Force planes.

I digress, but Colin many times claimed that Danny gave us a shockingly low theater-use fee, much lower than we had paid anywhere else, and the other day, I went by to see what they have booked for the Theatre, and all is probably good, but none of it is as big-name as you -- or near it. The street talk in town is that the theater can't possibly bring in enough money from shows to pay its bills -- especially with so many apparent employees!!!

Marcia Blondin also sold Catholic Religious Medals and is a RABID Catholic, whose sales space was the recently CLOSED by Mexican Authorities, Paradise Community Center, where the top CIA agent in PV, Luis Melgoza, had his booth, and owner of that Paradise Community Center, was Pastor Ric Lehman, whose "NO RULES" Christian-claiming church NOW meets in the Red Room of ACT II Stages -- and Frank Meyer, DDS as well as Charles Quigley are CONFIRMED members of that "narco-church" -- LOL!!!

Here is Marcia's email address, should anyone care to contact her:

I doubt you will remember the woman sitting next to me -- Marcia Blondin reporter for the Vallarta Tribune -- in the front row (you and I met later), the one who was experimenting with lesbian sex -- then later DENIED SHE SAID THAT. I've known her for two and a half years, and she is a columnist in a free English-language weekly tabloid. She wrote an EXCELLENT review of the show that night, but claimed it had been to a SOLD-OUT HOUSE, while I -- somewhat in amazement that with only 30% of the seats full, you were so GALVANIZING and the room DID in fact feel and even LOOK nearly full -- but I literally counted the seats, and it was sad.

Anyway, I'm sorry the crowd size was so low -- I didn't believe I'd be able to even BUY a ticket!!!

"Toro" is ALWAYS horny for guys (and well-equipped!!!)!!!

And I have been fooled by "nice" people far more than I prefer to admit, but possibly the greatest example was that after I tricked my way out of captivity from "Toro's" Meth House (they held me for about five weeks in 2010), I started talking to a guy and his wife selling jewelry on a blanket on the Malecon, and within the first two PARAGRAPHS, he and his wife invited me to sleep on their floor, which I did for over a month before Mom sent me gas money to get back to her house in Raleigh.

Sonny by his and his wife's jewelry blanket on the Malecon

Sonny (born Jimmy Humberto Montana Prieto in Colombia), had been a butcher for the Son Kings Drug Mafia of New York City, and from OTHER trouble, ended up in MAX-security prisons in the USA for 25 years, but the CIA got him out before he served half, and put him here to protect the CIA narco-trafficking. We had a spat about 1.5 years ago (I having looked him back up on my return), when his two-year-old broke a drinking glass, and I was sweeping it up, but Sonny put her back down BAREFOOT before I got all of it and I said "Hey -- stop, it's not clean yet!!!", and he considers himself THE KING (which he might have been in New York), and it is a capital crime to interrupt the King of a Drug Gang, so he punched me several times so hard it took six weeks for the pain to stop, and held a knife to my throat for five minutes while he threatened me -- FOR PROTECTING HIS CHILD -- but he hadn't even listened and was not capable of hearing then.

A year ago, Sonny got into some kind of a fight and is expected to remain in Mexican jails for up to eight years -- but HIS fear he told me, is of the US Justice System, which believed the fake name he gave them -- but has lots of evidence of crimes Sonny claimed (without elaboration), that have NO statute of limitation (probably murders), connected to his fingerprints, so he does NOT want to be extradited!!! A few days ago, I had a meeting with some Mexican Army Officers near Ixtapa, so almost stopped at the prison there to see if I could visit him, but I was not carrying my passport, so doubted they would allow it.

If I were you, I'd avoid reading anything on my blog about those people (Danny and Elizabeth -- not meaning to imply Sonny -- LOL!!!). I HATE it when I see unfortunate things about my friends, and YOU clearly know nothing about any of this.

I had to stop using BCC when my blogging about ACT II, etc., caused my hits to go up about 30% after a period of relative doldrums, because, suddenly, whenever I did that, at least 2/3 of my 500 emails came back as BLOCKED, but I'd already planned to try using it again soon, so today is the day!!!

Thanks for the PUSH!!!


On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 8:45 PM, DEL SHORES wrote:


I didn't mean for you to remove me, just to BCC (blind copy) me if possible in future emails like you did today as my email address and name won't be there for everybody on your list to have and to reply to.  No problem if a hassle.

Elizabeth is a good friend of mine.   My gut about people is rarely wrong and yes it has been (only) a couple of times in my life, but I have stayed in her home, socialized with her, and know many of her friends from Alabama.  I'd have a very difficult time believe she is a criminal.

Best to you and thanks for the compliments!

You'll have to catch Leslie next time.  He's back in the states galavanting from gig to gig. (Proof Positive, that Del Shores does NOT memorize Leslie Jordan's intinerary -- something that I find BEYOND shocking -- LOL!!!)


BACK IN PUERTO VALLARTA! Lord, I sure am glad I am on the wagon. When I drank I fell down a lot. A LOT. I was also known for flipping backwards off bar stools. As you might know, I am teeny tiny. Barely 5 feet tall. So it was a chore getting up on a bar stool. I would crawl up on the bar stool then politely ask for a double Black Martini (2 shots of Chamboard, 2 shots of Absolute Lemon and a splash of Soda). After several of those, I would get worried and politely ask the bartender for a floor plan. That was in case I flipped backwards, hit the floor and lost my bearings. By the time I began yelling "NURSE!" when I wanted the bartenders attention, I knew it was time to go BUT I KEPT ON. I forged ahead barreling towards INEVITABLE disaster. (I once asked my sponsor why I always felt impending doom when I drank?  He said because DOOM WAS IMPENDING!!) One time at Pappadeauxs in Dallas with my drinking buddy who is now a Stewardess (Lord help the poor souls on her flights) I drank six Black Martinis and flipped backwards into a complete somersault.  I hit the floor and it knocked the breath out of me! It was assumed I was dead and 911 was called. It was an exercise in terror. When I saw these underwater bar stools, I clutched my pearls! There is just no telling what could happen if I was still a drinking man!! MORE COMING FROM PUERTO VALLARTA!!!!
BACK IN PUERTO VALLARTA! Lord, I sure am glad I am on the wagon. When I drank I fell down a lot. A LOT. I was also known for flipping backwards off bar stools. ...
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