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RP: Some Info-of-Importance for Stacey Miller of Myrtle Grove Christian School -- in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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This is Alyson Camerota of Fox News interviewing Daliah Saper, from As most know, Alyson has recently joined Chris Cuomo of CNN on New Day, to help the narco-trafficking Cuomos (Governor and brother -- NOT Mario, now deceased), in their WHITE RACIST drive to make the entire USA NAZI-CONTROLLED.

J. Stacey Miller, Head of Myrtle Grove Christian School

Dear Mr. Miller,

First, thank you for being a person who truly seems dedicated to his work – and if that is the last compliment I pay you today, I hope the situation will change in the future, and that you will read this with at least “Christian Forbearance”, as there is much you may not be aware of and that will DEFINITELY affect your school in the months and years ahead of us.

I was prompted to write you because I noticed you have added a strong anti-bullying rule at school (a second compliment, surprise!!!), but initiated a policy some years ago of not allowing any gay students – or students shown to have a homosexual relative NOT attending your school, as well as a policy to EXPEL any student found to have a gay relative. How you square any of this with the Teachings of Jesus, is beyond credulity – but then not everyone has an education or much smarts, and I’m sure you will agree with me on THAT, if not necessarily which people are ignorant (ignoring of reality).

As you might have guessed by my surname, I am of the family that cleared S.E. North Carolina of virgin pine forests before the American Revolution, the Kenans becoming even THEN the largest suppliers of naval stores in the entire world. The Kenans had several properties with over 300 slaves to do this, but never built plantation homes since they kept having to up and move closer to where there were still trees. Later, they built, which if you haven’t visited it, is an incredibly well restored property with much info on NC History.

The last TWO times I tried to visit it, I was BARRED FROM ENTERING IT, because the Kenan Family foolishly gave it to the Duplin County School Board, which being Republican dominated now, were afraid of me – but they were connected to

And within three days of the second time they disallowed me in, a poster with my face was posted in the common area of Good Shepherd, stating “Wanted Dead or Alive”, and stating that my own family hates me so much I was DENIED entry to the Kenan Homestead twice. Not only that, but I witnessed many narco-traffickers who stayed there distributing drugs – including long-time resident “Whitey”, who was cutting heroin into smaller bags in the men’s room of the church that does the King’s Breakfast, monthly, which I reported to the Pastor.

You see, I am not in the Kenan line of Inheritance (although I know some of my wealthy relatives), and I had run into political trouble in 2010, and was warned by a high US Army official associated with Gen. Colin Powell, that if I didn’t leave the USA, I would be murdered by the Republican Party – because I knew not only how my own parents set up the narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington in the 1980s and 90s for the Republican Party -- and were then also smuggling art out of South Africa illegally in a group who were also members of St. Mark’s Catholic Church Duplicate Bridge Club. I don’t believe that Father Bob Kus, who was their pastor then, knew about that – he’s one of the best people I’ve met in Wilmington).

But the fact is, that while I was homeless in Wilmington and sleeping under the Fourth Street viaduct with actual hardened criminals, in the Columbarium of First Presbyterian under the ashes of my cousin’s husband, Fred Smith, who was an Air Force Colonel, (Fred had taught at the Air War College, National War College, and Air Command & Staff College -- for all of which I sold ad space in their yearbooks when I worked for Patrick Stansbury, Pentagon Publishing, Inc. then when it got cold, in Mercy House Shelter, TWO people I know said their churches had stopped giving to the Good Shepherd because two of the guys who run it had embezzled so much money, they had bought powerboats and cars!!!

BUT, I was, the first half year, a member at First Presbyterian, and one of their members, a doctor, had built the Shepherd to what it is today – and I am pleased to tell you he has suffered the WORST arthritis in his hands, imaginable – perhaps it is God’s punishment.

In the spring, I was able to rent a house for a few months, and took on a roommate who was from Guatemala, and undocumented (he and his family had been tricked into spending several thousand dollars, which took them years to save, to get HIM here, and were promised legal papers, but David got DUMPED in Wilmington and NOTHING). It turned out that he worked with two others from his country, for one of the employees of The Good Shepherd, but when David Escalante and his buds asked for their back pay, the other two were shot dead in the face right in front of David (whom they told that should be a warning and they NEVER intended to pay him – just work him like a slave), and David fell into a panic and immediately fled to Charlotte and has not been heard of since. David DID have a paper showing getting shots and things in New Hanover County Health Department, so I’m sure there is record of him -- and I found that paper after he fled and still possess it if any questions.

And funny that it was only AFTER he fled that his girlfriend told me he is gay and wanted to sleep with me – but had been too shy. He was SOOOO handsome – and a totally nice guy, late twenties, I’d guess.

I presented these things and other crimes of The Good Shepherd to Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian, the Kenan-endowed church, and he REFUSED TO LISTEN and said that First Prez would ALWAYS financially support the Shepherd. He also then made Benjamin R. David a Deacon, and Ben David not only was even THEN bringing the first of the eight false charges against me that had me in Sheriff Ed McMahon’s (Ed is a HUGE narco-trafficker, like Police Chief Ralph Evangelous – who smoked crack, daily, in a house owned by one of my friends ), jail for over two months, total (all now dropped for no evidence), I was also committed to The Oaks mental ward twice, but quickly dismissed as I am not mentally ill.

And Judge Sandra Ray Criner (whose husband, Sherman Lee Criner was caught diddling a young girl’s vagina in Thalian Hall about eight years ago – but Police intimidated the father into NOT pressing charges, and Sherman Lee has gone on to judge in the Azalea Festival – HOW EVIL ARE THESE PEOPLE???), is the MOST  CORRUPTED by narco-trafficking, but wins the LARGEST number of votes in elections!!!

How EVIL are Wilmington voters, no???

The good news is that I am about to have vacated a LIBEL conviction I was never legally served and then tried in absentia for in Chicago – because I blogged my “friend” Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors (competitor with Kenan/Sinatra Families owned Bank of America), had told me about his $23,000,000,00 per month average narco-trafficking for his Chicago bank here in Puerto Vallarta – and had seen Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse several times in Chicago – when O was a Senator.

And wouldn’t you know it, the prosecuting attorney, Daliah Saper, is also a Talking Head on Fox News!!!

But perhaps funniest – as well as why I will win an award of multi-millions with ease – is that while Ben David was bringing all his false charges, his intern was Jeff Duncan, and then Jeff got a job at, which then had five lawyers, but I have scared all Daliah’s lawyers into leaving, so now she has only two, and they are new.

You see, the same Republican narco-trafficking cabal that has dogged me, also blackmailed Ben David over HIS homosexuality to act like a Republican, and Jeff Duncan is the connection of Ben David’s Republican allies and Saper Law, who with Ben and Jeff’s help brought those false charges. The ONLY politician in Wilmington whom I would trust is Mayor Saffo. And I knew Ben’s boyfriend Lee pretty well, and Lee called Ben the morning I tried to report Ben’s narco-trafficking to the DEA Office in the Nixon Building, telling him to “SHOOT YOURSELF NOW!!!”

BTW, the DEA Officer as well as the Coast Guard Drug Interdiction Officer, then – 2011 – 2012, were completely into the narco-trafficking and I will have THEM in prison soon, too!!!

So GOOD NEWS: within a few months, I hope to be in Wilmington putting most of your politicians in jail and suing them for damages – perhaps we can meet.

In closing, let me say that Wilmington has long had the reputation of being the “Gayest City in America”, but today, because of Christian Bullying, gays marry unsuspecting women and get their gay sex from internet contacts, but especially from meeting guys in the shower rooms and parking lot of Gold’s Gym and at Duck n’ Dive bar (as well as just about any other bar) – NOT the three gay bars!!!

It is no wonder so many marriages in Wilmington are a TOTAL SHAM. Have YOU noticed this too??? Well NOW you know why.

Unfortunately, I forgot to “anti-compliment” you – I don’t know you personally, so how could I??? But please – in the name of the Teacher Jesus-of-Nazareth – find it in your heart to accept gay students, and CERTAINLY straight one’s who might have a gay sister or parent.

If you ever went to college, you must know that in the first Kinsey Study in the late 1940s (before Anita Bryant and others got so publicly anti-gay), 68% of adult American men acknowledged at least one homosexual event as adults. This means that only FREAKS (of males), who have reached my age of 63, have NOT had homosexual sex to completion. So you might need to use TORTURE to find out who has and has not had homo-sex among your students’ parents and siblings. Clearly at least half the fathers of your students have been “temporarily gay” – AT LEAST, and to continue expelling students will leave you with only a few.

I invite you to my blog, where this letter will be posted very soon – as well as emailed to my 500 contacts, mostly Press and in the USA. Here is a recent list, although it changes a little all the time:

All best to you, and if you have any specific questions, please email me to ask.

Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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