Friday, January 2, 2015

RP: Was I Just TAPPED by CNN's TAPPER -- or Am I This Crazy without Help???

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REALLY -- I just took this photo off my BIG-ASS TV. They flatter me, but at least they call me "The Buried Lead", which is metaphorically true.

And to be able to see "Life Itself" Sunday night at 9 ET, is an opportunity NO ONE should dis-avail themselves of. I can't WAIT to see CNN's definition of "LIFE".

And that there in the framed photo (actually a series of three in one frame), is my mother's mother, Gertrude (Hesselbrock) Meyer, at age five in the year 1900, in a Cincinnati studio playing fairy.

I have had LOTS of offers of cold cash from "arts & antiques" dealers -- but it is the LAST thing I would ever sell.

And a blow-up of Grandma's face:

Pax Vobis, y'all!!!


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