Tuesday, January 6, 2015

RP: Well PRAISE THE LORD, This Email Actually WENT THROUGH to CNN -- and I got confirmation of that!!!

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What is THIS about???

Sirs and Madams:

My name is Scott David Kenan, a shirttail scion of the Kenans of North Carolina -- Gen. James Kenan having led the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown eight full years before the lazy Bostonians had their Tea Party, so perhaps too early, no???

First, you should know that until a month or so ago, I was prevented from using any of your online forms to contact you -- by CNN or the CIA/NSA hackers who hound me. I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams and Jackie Onassis told us how the CIA and Republicans and narco-trafficking Episcopal Church would kill him and steal his estate from Harvard, which I can prove in court, and THUS the US Government having tried to kill me so many times and the Mexican Gov't. now protecting me from CIA hit-men.

Anyway, please just check my blog http://scottkenan.blogspot.com to see how I have many times documented CNN's crimes against the USA, and if you don't stop it 
OVERNIGHT TONIGHT, I will see that everyone of you is imprisoned for assisting NAZIs -- or at least dragged naked through the streets of Atlanta or New York or Washington (maybe three times), by your HAIR -- like they did to the WHORES in Paris France after the Nazis were routed there.

Call me madam: Women at a 'closed house' club in Paris. Such brothels flourished under Nazi patronage

NAZI whores in a Paris Brothel -- BEFORE the Americans arrived (to leave them all PREGNANT)!!!

And actually, the whores had their heads shaved and garments above the waist removed, and they were paraded through Paris being pelted with spoiled fruit and rotten eggs.

And if you portrayed Wolf Blitzer as from a Holocaust survived family -- why the HELL have I occasionally seen him on TV saying "Praise the Lord" to people like a CHRISTIAN -- and Don Lemon even is nearly a MINISTER in "sharing his Christian faith" on the news. This is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!!! These two should be CRUCIFIED, although, thankfully, that is not an option available today.

I trust you will appreciate my seriousness.

With respect for your FUTURE,
Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I expect I will have to salute my mother's birthday today, tomorrow -- but THAT'S OK!!!



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