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RP: Whilest CNN Remains FIRMLY under NAZI/CIA Control!!!

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A Republican county official in Michigan is in hot water after making racial comments about Detroit, including the idea that the city should be turned into a detention...
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The FIRST thing I discovered this morning was a note from Ryan Burris of Wilmington, NC, that while James Elks got a fifth DUI and a charge of stealing a later boyfriend's car -- and is currently in jail -- John Mann is doing really well and is a student at UNC Chapel Hill now -- HOORAY!!!

I have NEVER been into punishment, but rather healing, so I HOPE we don't have to call Mr. Mann to testify when I bring charges against "Miss Coca Leaf" -- actually Lindsay Roberson, but my Defender, Jenn Harjo got a kick out of me calling her that -- who prosecuted me, Emily Zvejnieks, my first Defender -- and I have resisted accusing her of being a CONSCIOUS CRIMINAL until recently, when it has become more than obvious, as well as Judge Chad Hogston (Republican)

And what will happen to his wifeStephanie Fitzgerald David (Development Director of UNC Wilmington -- according to Ben David's promo materials), and his children, MadelineSophia, and Fitzgerald -- all of whom I've met -- when I put Benjamin Randall David in PRISON???


All these stories in mind (and expecting congratulations), I called Testosteroni in New York, and you will see my SHOCK that his reaction was to argue with me about how many died in the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s. I told him I had NO TIME for his "Republican Christian" consciousness today, said goodbye, and was thankful I had not yelled or thrown the phone out the window.

He is legally addicted to Testosterone injections that NO DOCTOR recommended, but he likes the energy they give, so found a doctor to do it -- just like Tennessee Williams did with "speed" injections, so I have no problem with that -- EXCEPT IT IS ROTTING HIS BRAIN!!!

So then I called Mom about all these things. Of course she was glad to hear of the Wilmington parts, but became strangely silent while I told the other two -- PLUS that Dems got nearly 60% of votes for Senator in 2014. She then said, "I don't know what to say."

The whole NAZI FANTASY that Mom with Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict "Ratzinger" and Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, et al HAD, is FALLING APART BEFORE THEIR EYES, now -- except mainstream Press in the USA is still CIA controlled and reporting NOTHING of CONSEQUENCE in the midst of it!!!

Here is the first story: The Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s raged EQUALLY in Scotland where they were equally dependent on potatoesBUT in Scotland the British Government made sure no one starved -- and no one did, although huge numbers emigrated to the New World then too. In Ireland, the government was more feudalistic, and the people more superstitious-Catholic, and landlords insisted that rents be paid before anyone ate.

Read the whole thing here -- they are calling it the FIRST European Holocaust!!!:
The Irish Potato Famine was NOT exactly that. Here's why.

There was no shortage of food in Ireland in the 1840s and yet 1 million people died and 1 million more were forced to emigrate. The potato crop failed in Scotland at the same time and no one died. The British TV Channel 4 is planning to commission a comedy series set in the middle of that genocide. No doubt they must be considering for their next commission a sitcom set at the time of the holocaust where long forgotten and good old Nazi sense of humour will entertain the masses as millions are put to death all around them.

“A woman with a dead child in her arms was begging in the street yesterday and the Guard of the Mail told me he saw a man and three dead children lying by the roadside…nothing can exceed the deplorable state of this place…On Saturday, notwithstanding all this distress, there was a market plentifully supplied with meat, bread, fish, in short everything.” (Major Parker, Relief Inspector of the Board of Works, December 1846)

“…immense herds of cattle, sheep and hogs…floating off on every tide, out of every one of our thirteen seaports, bound for England; and the landlords were receiving their rents and going to England to spend them; and many hundreds of poor people had laid down and died on the roadsides for want of food.” (John Mitchel)

Disease and death in every quarter – the once hardy population worn away to emaciated skeletons – fever, dropsy, diarrhea, and famine rioting in every filthy hovel, and sweeping away whole families…seventy-five tenants ejected here, and a whole village in the last stage of destitution there…dead bodies of children flung into holes hastily scratched in the earth without shroud or coffin…every field becoming a grave, and the land a wilderness. (The Cork Examiner, December 1846) 

The only way to prevent the people from becoming habitually dependent on Government is to bring the food depots to a close. The uncertainty about the new crop only makes it more necessary. (Charles Trevelyan to Sir Randolph Routh, July 1847)

If the people are forced to consume their oats and other grain, where is the rent to come from? (Captain Percival to Charles Trevelyan, Westport, County Mayo, August 1846)

There is no humour in a story of mass starvation other than in the attitudes and clownish actions of the ruling élite. Thus all the laughs will have to be provided by caricatures of Members of the United Kingdom Parliament and their comedic governmental officials. One such clown was Sir Charles Trevelyan who wrote gleefully about God sending the pestilence to aid the final British conquest of Ireland. 

The Scottish Highlanders were as equally dependent on potatoes as their Irish counterparts in the 1840s. When the same pestilence hit their staple crop, at the same time as it did in Ireland, the British government managed to feed all the people there and hardly anybody died. Although like in Ireland, 1.7 million people were forced to leave the country. Their actions in Scotland stand in stark contrast to their actions in Ireland which could have been due to their boofinish incompetence which now provides us with great comedy. However, as the evidence and the story of the failure of the staple crop in the Scottish Highlands proves that their motives were indeed sinister and based on the same concept of dehumanisation which led to the holocaust. Even though élitist buffoonery was present in some measure it does not provide mitigation. The élites of that time are indeed worthy of our derision but it can only stoke distress rather than laughter.

Thanks to Fairlie Gordon from Glasgow, United Kingdom who brought this issue to our attention and is organising a petition online called - Petition to stop Channel - 4 from making a comedy series, about the Irish famine.

You can also contact Channel 4 directly here.

Image: Ireland's National Famine Memorial near Westport, Co. Mayo. It was designed by Irish artist John Behan, which abstractly resembles a coffin ship filled with dying people. The monument was unveiled in July 1997 by President Mary Robinson. Photo by Young Shanahan
There was no shortage of food in Ireland in the 1840s and yet 1 million people died and 1 million more were forced to emigrate. The potato crop failed in Scotla...
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  • Cheryl Scribner wowMy ancestors came from Ireland in 1750
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  • Scott Kenan This blowing my mind -- and today, it comes out that John Lennon's murderer was CIA. I first blogged that John Eastman, Tennessee Williams's lawyer and Paul McCartney's first bro-in-law, authorized BOTH Tennessee's and Lennon's murders -- and I got thanks from Yoko Ono by "back door".
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John and Linda Eastman -- about the time I knew John well from visiting his office with Tennessee Williams

John Eastman a couple of years ago, is on far right:

I always have wondered WHY John Eastman -- one of the most powerful lawyers in the world -- has NEVER threatened me with a LIBEL lawsuit (or answered my several phone calls to his office a few years ago). I was only putting pieces together, but had no TRULY hard evidence (on Lennon's death), when I began accusing him of authorizing the murders of BOTH Tennessee Williams and John Lennon.

Well, READ ON!!!: 


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To a world shocked by Lennon’s violent and seemingly pointless death, it became clear that Chapman was a delusional nerd.
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I believe Tennessee Williams and I will just relax and sit back and enjoy -- while this all PLAYS OUT!!!

That is either Pepe or Juanita on my shoulder.

Mexicans -- they're just EVERYWHERE!!!

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Mexico can be irritating at times, but eventually you become Mexican. It’s contagious, you can fight it all you want, but soon you are one of us.
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Scott David Kenan
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