Saturday, February 28, 2015

RP: A Wee Fly in My Ointment . . .

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Me, Christal Presley, her boyfriend Sunil, and India-Indian, then a mid-level Coca-Cola USA exec, and their foster child, part-time.

>>> FOUND NEW, this morning:

1. I still have not heard back for the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans about what they have reserved for me -- but I should soon.

2. Sean Blackwell of (a domain I gave him), emailed out notice of his new video this morning -- and not only does it only claim to reveal the LOCATION of his first ever HEALING RETREAT, rather than excitement about its content.

Worse, the link to his new video is MISSPELLED, so broken, and it CANNOT be found by going to his site. He needs to acknowedge that his Mom cut off his privates when he was small -- for whatever reason -- and if his wife would stop calling Sean her "gay husband", he might get straightened out. He is CORRECT in most ways, but absolutely HATES marijuana -- always a bad sign.

* * *

Yes campers, I’m afraid I have had to face reality – once again. Last night, nearly DELERIOUSLY happy to have gotten what seems to have been an olive branch from Christal Presley, I spent hours imagining what sort of email I might send her to see if she could meet me at the Atlanta airport for what I imagine would be a rollicking good time – like we used to have.

I was thinking about all the personal adventures, that I largely have not blogged about, as well as the “political difficulties” that I have OVER-blogged about, and two things happened: 1. All I could do was laugh and I never got a whiff of anger. 2. There were so many things to mention, and I felt I needed it to fit on about half a manuscript page, so I decided to sleep on it and let it sort itself out (prioritize itself), better overnight.

Smart move – and here’s why:

I had totally forgotten, but Christal got a restraining order against me in 2010, and later got it enhanced to permanent (for life), and any contact I attempt – at least from Georgia or maybe the USA, even by email – would be a FELONY VIOLATION. She’s even brought a charge that I violated it (unfounded, but she brought it and there was a FELONY warrant for my arrest). I know this is true because TWICE Wilmington cops stopped me on the street for some other matter, but when their computers showed that, they held me for about a half hour until they contacted the Sheriff in Dekalb County to see if he wanted me extradited, and he did NOT, which even the cops thought was very odd.

And then this was read into the record of my trial as evidence of my complete immorality and lawlessness by “Miss Coca-Leaf” (Lindsay Roberson, Asst. D.A. who prosecuted my only actual trial). And that was such a sham it was beyond pathetic. Not only did John Mann, whom my first defender, Emily Zvejniek (or similar), had told me John would testify for ME against my accuser of “Cyber-Stalking”, and only after we were in court did Emily tell me the truth – he was a witness for lawyer David Nash who had brought the charge.

And eventually, although Emily DID give my defense partially as Freedom of Speech – in a completely NON-confident way, and Republican Judge Todd Something DID allow that Emily had a point, he NEVERTHELESS decided to rule GUILTY, and assigned me to strict one-year Reporting Probation – that included taking psych meds – LOL!!!

When I had lost all confidence in Emily, Chief Defender Jennifer Harjo stepped up to the plate. Funniest, was the FIRST thing she noticed is that the charge of Cyber-Stalking in no way fit the description of my actions claimed to BE Cyber-Stalking. But, the conviction was already in.

And I have no idea of what happened to that Felony charge of Christal’s, but by the time I thought to see about the online court records, it had already been removed. Court officials in Georgia, when I called them, REFUSED to answer my question if it was on the books, saying I needed to come into their office to find out – REALLY!!!

I had had similar problems in Dekalb County Courts in 1990, when I ALSO had the last defender alphabetically, which assured virtually no witnesses to any court actions, cases being called by last name of defenders. And that odd day was a freak cold snap and I was held in a virtually unheated holding room in the courthouse from 9:00 AM until I appeared in Court about 5:00 PM, shivering uncontrollably, and in my thin jail clothes (too short), looking the PERFECT part of a derelict.

Well, my fortunes have all now reversed, but I can’t contact Christal, and if she actually wants to contact me, I need a letter from her lawyer saying it will be OK, given that still-standing restraining order.

And speaking of which, STILL, after a couple of years, one of the biggest search terms bringing people to my blog is Bill Saffo/Rene Saffo divorce or restraining order. I think Mayor Saffo made an error, trying to keep secret that Rene got a restraining order against him – and it may well have not been deserved, but brought for Political reasons.

So although miffed that I can’t invite Christal to a meeting, I certainly was thrilled that I found NO ANGER when I thought of her and all we BOTH have done, actually.

And the Official Dekalb Court Records online, have several times been illegally amended, mostly by dropping things, like the whole series of trials I had in Judge Linda Warren Hunter’s (Democrat) Court in 1990, leaving only the Writ of Habeus Corpus. And then about two years ago, the CONVICTION and $25,000.00 dollars I was ordered to pay American Express in August 2010 (action was in absentia), was BACK-CHANGED to dismissed!!!

And American Express was intimately involved with Christal Presley too, because the day I confronted her about the lies of her Dad having PTSD -- before the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a Sunday front-page piece on Christal and her PTSD charity, and I also contacted 12 AJC editors, primarily Jay Bookman, who works for them still, they had the writer of the piece call me and she eventually admitted they all knew it was lies – “but it is for a good cause”, and that is why they planned to and DID run it), was about 9:30 at night on a Sunday, and twenty minutes later I got a robo-call from AMEX, telling me they were reducing my credit limit by $24,000.00 (or close to that), leaving only $243.00, available.

In Georgia, at that time, it was ILLEGAL for banks to make ANY kind of robo-call on a Sunday – or after 9:00 PM ANY day. In emergency, they could human-call anyone, anytime, bur NOT robo-call.

And REALLY, it was outrageous that AMEX was also the ONLY company Tennessee Williams actually made an ad for (and I remember it still), and the only credit card he carried, but my Amex card was co-branded with Delta Airlines, my now favorite.

What a messy mess – but it is HUMOROUS!!!

OK, so I called Mom this morning, since she knows Christal Presley fairly well – as does my sister Jane – and told her all of this, and that I would have to explain it all on blog. Yet another fine phone-call with Mom. And I have to say that if Christal cooperated with Mom in the past, Mom was not giving away any discomfort about all this. Who knows what is in her heart – but we are certainly playing nice, now.

And then the OTHER odd thing about Christal, is that her LINKED IN profile has deliberate or surprising errors of omission – CRAZY, as it is so important to her that Christal has MORE than 500 people she is linked to, several times as many as even famous people I have checked. But Christal had always told me she got to know Sean and Jill (Rhoads) Hannity so well, because Jill was her roommate at Virginia Tech where she got her undergraduate degree.

Her profile shows that Christal went to a military academy (presumably high school), and then to Capella University – nothing else. Capella, one of the WORST for-profit colleges, gave Christal a PhD after she did almost no work to earn it – we were closest while she was getting it. So WHERE were her Bachelor and Masters degrees obtained???


I’ll have to entertain myself in Atlanta by stuffing myself with Wendy’s food, visiting the vomitorium, then doing it again, no???




Friday, February 27, 2015

RP: The Only Thing That Matters to a White Supremacist Devout Catholic Woman

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Top image-googling result of "White Supremacist Devout Catholic Woman"


The MOST extraordinary thing that I found once on the internet is that Christal Presley, my WORST ADVERSARY, previously -- and the one who knows me best -- ACCEPTED my many-years-standing invitation to link on LINKED-IN, which means she TRUSTS me now that I'm not mad at ANYONE, really, and I would LOVE to visit with her when I have my four-hour layover in Atlanta in less than a month!!!

Christal Presley
Send a message
Then, I got and responded to this email:

Thanks for straightening me out -- something the fucking fake Christians in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group were unable to do -- LOL!!!


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Marcia Blondin <> wrote:

No Scott: I was in a play, Del Shores was not in the play.

Marcia Blondin
Cell 322 159 9675

>>> But MOST interestinglyArlene Pervin, a Canadian and severe-looking never-laugher from PVWG is here, and when I tried to speak with her -- she was FROSTYHad this happened outside, I've have treated her like I did Marcia Blondin, two days ago.

As all my email victims know, I received -- actually by Facebook message -- a cheery note from Ms. Marcia Blondin, yesterday, explaining quite breezily that she and Del Shores had once performed in a play here in Puerto Vallarta, in which she played a lesbian, and thus the mysterious behavior when Del was on stage a few months ago – it was an in-joke.

This makes PERFECT sense to me because I have often run into Marcia and spoken with her and NEVER gotten gay vibes from her – in fact I consider her a very attractive and well-dressed woman – and intelligent as well. The only thing I know for certain that we disagree on is the divinity of Jesus.

But here’s the rub: I don’t know why she wasn’t still at least a bit miffed at me (you can read a description of our Costco encounter only a couple of postings back), and the best I can make of it is that she hopes that her pleasantness will so “bedazzle” me, that in relief I will forget that that isn’t an important point AT ALL (a common female trick). No one on this earth gives a damn about her sexuality, but I am happy to clear up what MARCIA found to be EXTRAORDINARILY important.

Now, to be clearer still, I never thought for a minute that either Marcia or Del Shores are involved in actual narco-trafficking – it is their FRIENDS whom I have issue with. And she is Puerto Vallarta’s top theater critic (and she works for the electronic ticket-vending company that everyone in town uses as well, so she’s a big ticket-seller, which would be considered “conflict of interest” in a reasonable society). But HEY!!! A gal has to do what it takes to put food on the table. She’s not rich – twice I ran into her boarding public busses.

She expressed NO NOTHIN’ about my allegations in Costco of her association with criminals, so she is cool with being labeled someone who indirectly helps children get addicted to drugs, which is what pretty much proves her allegiance to the Catholic Church – she just is DESPERATE to clear any misunderstanding that she might be or ever has been involved in homosexual sex.

This is the ONLY thing important to these devils – and no one but their own Catholic or Christian (and perhaps Muslim, too – but not Jews), Crowd!!!

They are as BAD as Republicans who think tanking morale at the Department of Homeland Security in protest over something the courts have already stopped Our President from doing (OK, all intelligent people know that the stay will soon be lifted – LOL!!!, but let’s just pretend for now), and the idea that they could work out a deal in the next three weeks is ENTIRELY BRAINLESS!!!

I am writing this after the Senate acted like adults and passed a clean bill to fund it until the end of the fiscal year, and the House has not gotten into action, yet.

That’s enough about THAT bitch (Marcia AND today’s Congressional actions/inactions).

WILL publicly confront Marcia (or anyone else I feel I have enough reason to confront) for supporting drug abuse – should I run into her in person, again.

I don’t think I would be TOO out on a limb to THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA, for AGAIN providing me with another clean Windows Update, yesterday, when by all normal indications, I could NOT have had an internet connection. Of course he didn’t do that personally – and might not have even been aware of it. Nevertheless, he is my Commander-in-Chief (Comedian-in-Chief???).

But another bizarre thing happened, and as I’ve pondered it now for nearly a day, I think I understand it. Testosteroni emailed me the name of playwright John Patrick Shanley – AFTER I had blogged and sent the email, meaning he knew I would have no internet to drop it in for at least a day. He intended to be helpful, I’m certain – but what did he actually accomplish???

Testo had responded to my email to the Williams Festival in New Orleans, which I’d blind-copied him on, so I DID get it in time to change the blog, but I liked it best the way it lies (as opposed to jumping around, not as opposed to truth – and NO, I didn’t mean like laying an egg, either).

I have named Shanley many times in this blog – in fact I have several times, a good while back, detailed my relationship with him, and it was a fluke that I kept blanking on his name, yesterday – and I HAD intended to check the internet to refresh my memory, but forgot to do that. Shanley will be as old as I, soon enough, and forgetful of names, so I can’t imagine that he would care.

And Testosteroni’s ridiculous, completely anti-logical attempt to help (as if I am TOO FUCKING STUPID to google up a name I can’t remember), is EXACTLY the kind of thing he does more than he actually helps (not counting the financial support, which is a GIVEN, even if we are fighting). I used to blow up at him, but it didn’t faze me that way when I read it. Thinking of him as a “curve-ball pitcher” has removed the irritation from me.

But although the conflict and strife in our relationship is now gone, I don’t want anyone to think that I could not have him easily committed to a mental hospital (and probably get a reward from his landlord and neighbors). I really do not believe he is actually any kind of a criminal – just BRAIN DEAD in the critical functions of reasoning and prioritizing, and I suspect that is primarily due to his voluntary-but-legal Testosterone injections, which are NOT for Depression (which he claimed for at least the first 2.5 years of our association, then later saying it is for an energy boost, like Tennessee Williams got from his “vitamin shots”, which were actually “speed”).

The only thing I know for certain, is that it improves things when he pulls his pud – well, GLORY HALLELUJIA!!!

On a similar note, soon after Viagra came out, I got some, sort of needing it – not by going to a doctor (I didn’t want to pay what Americans typically do), but by answering a few questions to prove I could take it without risk, and then getting it mailed to me from India at about 10% the American prescription cost – and it always arrived 3.5 weeks after ordering, and in a SEWN-SHUT muslin envelope via US Mail (that was almost the best part!!!).

I saved additional money, by ordering the largest size, and cutting them down to 25 mg, the smallest on the market. I was wary about the whole thing, but it always was effective, and I think I ordered three times over several years.

But I never liked it. Sure, it gave a GREAT erection (and it was fun playing TOP now and then for a change), but I LOST sensitivity and it took more work to achieve release.

Fast forward to 2010, when I was running out of money -- but still in Georgia. I had begun smoking pot almost daily, and discovered that I was getting better and better “self-responses” without Viagra (which I never used when flying solo), than I had had since my teenaged days!!!

In fact, I now believe it was my finding MY “truth” that caused all my sexual difficulties to disappear. And TODAY, I have the LARGEST loads by far – and the greatest physical thrills. I’m entirely serious that when I now shoot, it is FAR better than I remember it ever having been before – and lord knows I don’t do it as often, but aging guys don’t usually have that teenaged need of release at least seven times per day – JUST TO THINK STRAIGHT!!!

Oh heck – I think this is enough of EVERYTHING for today. But I DO believe that Testo is best as the recluse he has chosen to be. His stories of taking sponge baths (as opposed to baths or showers), while he still was working his job and getting complaints of the obnoxious odors emanating from his back, which he could not reach and was not getting at least a rinse, are indicative of what people thought of him then.

As all know well from experience, calling attention to these types of things is not done lightly, nor unless it has been a serious and continuing problem. And of course his spewing racism which he never actually believes is that, might be a fundamental belief in White Supremacy – or just a function of his having withdrawn from society and not kept up with the pace. In any case, he’s a true friend of Tennessee Williams, which only requires an EMOTIONAL mind.

I’ll get this off and see what the Williams Festival has sent me, if they have, yet.



Thursday, February 26, 2015

RP: What’s New, Pussycat – Whoa – oh – oh – oh – oh ohhh!!! (Just when needed, Tom Jones has appeared!!!)

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Heck, I don’t know if Tom Jones is still alive or not, but this morning – surprised to hear one of my spayed cats yowling in my kitchen like she was in heat, when I investigated, it was IN FACT that the tortoiseshell BULLY neighborhood cat who once I had to actually chase out of my bedroom and out of the house, sat in the kitchen window yowling and planning to RE-INVADE MY HOUSE!!!

I cannot blame THIS on Drug Mafia, Christians, or even the members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- which reminds me that I separately ran into TWO of them yesterday on the street, bringing it to a total of right near half a dozen – since Colin Hamilton kicked me out of the group without taking a vote. And I have to say that all the ones I HAVE run into (with the exception of Miss Darrel McLeod, who is Canadian and claims to be full-blooded Souix Indian -- but Christian-educated – and we really had a shouting match on the banks of the Rio Quale a couple of weeks ago), have been MOST cheerful and friendly – appreciating my sense of humor in this blog.


This is meant to be the cover of Coast Lines 4, art by Adrian Rojas, as arranged by Stanley Winborne III, whose family controlled THIS Wilmington, North Carolina Railroad (until they lost it all -- LOL!!!):

The engine they named "The Champion" is as purple goose-gay as the owners, no???

Yesterday, I learned that the group is still meeting and presumably in the same place – AND that Coast Lines 4 has actually been published and available, at least to members. And while I did not ask, I got the impression my selection WAS published. It is just a slight reworking of my Chapter 3 of my Tennessee Williams memoir, which you can easily find by the Table of Contents to the right, here: .

I said I would order a copy from Amazon, where previous issues have all been offered, one of them electronically, as well. It just isn’t offered there, yet.

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday, is that even though this Ace McD/CIA-worked-on computer shows it is connected to my wifi network, and diagnostics continues to claim no internet at all, due to a break in the internet connection between my modem and Telecable, my provider, the virus updates came in TWICE, yesterday but THESE two times showing it had updated SUCCESSFULLY – LOL!!!

I can’t find the anti-virus program on this computer now – the one Ace installed, replacing Avast – but I have no real complaints about it – and Windows FLIPPED ME OUT this morning, as while I was in the middle of a 90 minute reading of saved blog postings, it suddenly wanted to shut down in the process to install new Windows Updates – which HAD to have just come in over my nonexistent internet connection.

I guess Pigs will FLY IN THROUGH MY WINDOWS, next – HA!!!

And actually, I sense that the REAL CIA has taken over from my adversaries, so now my corruption is becoming friendlier, no??? I have never had a reason to fear anyone spying on me – at all!!! I’m not a crook (unlike President Nixon).

SO, John “I Prefer Taking It Up the Butt” Boehner is still acting cagy and the time limit to fund DHS is upon us. Now, I have no idea if my mother (when I spoke with her yesterday – as blogged), was actually waiting to hear if she needed to return to the place where she has secured comm with Boehner, Holtz, Cheney, et al – or if her awaiting a crucial call was simply coincidence.

DO know that neither she nor Dad ever used their phones or internet to discuss any of this, as they know they are tapped. And I also think Mom would set them up to make decisions that would DESTROY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY for at least a generation. Mom is on my side – or rather, Mom and I are on GOD’S SIDE, together, now.

So it will be very funny to see how all this progresses.

And now, I am limiting my writing, so I can contact the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival,, to try to make my reservations for events that might run out of space. And it has occurred to me that the problems I have had with Vendini Ticket service may not be CIA/NSA related. You see, many things that Americans take for granted – like using this service – do NOT work outside the USA, because of inter-country licensing agreements. For instance, there is still no Amazon Mexico, so if I order via US Amazon, they tack on a two-dollar surcharge, which does not happen in countries which HAVE their own Amazon site.

So I think I will simply email them with my preferences, which are to attend all things including John Lahr, first, then John Waters, Senor “Doubt” (a playwright), and of course Gen. Russell Honore. Plays can be fit in around them, and sacrificed if necessary, since play performances happen all the time, somewhere – and ESPECIALLY those of Mr. Tennessee Williams!!!

And since I have had VERIFIED problems with the US Mail (in Wilmington, NC, at least), and it takes up to 3.5 weeks to get snail mail here in Mexico, they can just hold my tickets and email me a receipt.

But let me remind you WHY I am so thrilled that Suddenly Last Summer is being presented on stage this year. Of course the obvious is that it is about Violet Venable trying to get Dr. “Sugar” to cut her niece’s memories of what happened with and to Sebastian Venable right out of her HAID, like Tom’s sister Rose and her lobotomy – as well as the one that NAZIs Joe and Rose Kennedy had performed on THEIR daughter, Rosemary, forever cementing the relationship between Tennessee Williams and the Kennedys, the Kennedy apples falling FAR AFIELD of their parents.

THAT THERE was a PUNK to J.G. Sandom who does NOT want the truth of him or his family revealed in detail. You see, the Kennedys never denied Joe and Rose’s NAZI crusades – but like me, they Honor their Parents for the RIGHT REASONS, and do not emphasize this fact.

Joe Kennedy, with Henry Ford, were the TOP American Industrialists urging FDR to join up with Adolf Hitler – and then, Pope Pius XII (?) made Rose Kennedy a Countess of the Catholic Church, a title the Church had not bestowed on ANYONE for a few hundred years, in appreciation of her and Joe’s efforts to make the USA a NAZI/Catholic country.

Well, while I have never read nor heard this, it is not too much of a stretch to assume Tennessee Williams knew ALL ABOUT the Venable Family of Stone Mountain, Georgia, James K. Venable then riding HIGH as the single-handed resurrector of the Ku Klux Klan in the Twentieth Century. No one else was then so evil on the American Scene.

But the SUPER-HOOT thing, is that even after I worked for Tennessee Williams 1981 – 82, and even though I was intimately familiar with that movie, if not as much the play, I chose the lot at 903 Second Street in Stone Mountain to build my humble house – because Wino Row ran diagonally across it, and there had been TWO moonshine stills that James K. Venable operated on it during Prohibition (I figured the ghosts of all that camaraderie would enhance my enjoyment of my property).

And here is how I left my house when I sold it and fled to Mexico on suggestion of Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer for Gen. Colin Powell:

It was only about 2003 that I learned this crooked tree had been the one many black folk had been lynched from – but what was I then to do???

At the closing, I was surprised to learn that a white couple were actually buying it to finance for the black man (with possibly even under-aged black boyfriend), who had been the ones who actually looked at my house with the realtor.

Well, black gays actually have FAR MORE to worry about from black Christians murdering them or otherwise causing them difficulty, than white gays – at least in the USA. So he immediately de-homosexualized the property, leaving nary a foundation plant!!!

I took this photo when I picked up my remaining possessions from Hilda Wells of Wells Fargo Café. Hilda and I are a mixed bag of agreement/disagreement on politics, but we SHARE the desire to fix the USA.

So anyway, I will now off-line-write that email to the Williams Fest, check to see if Boehner has figured out yet that he is nothing, really, but a “Moby Boner”, and then post and email to all.



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RP: What’s Next???

RE-PRINTED from here

Marcia Blondin, seller of Catholic medals and diaphanous scarves in the CIA-controlled former Paradise Community Center, now closed for “mysterious reasons”.

I’ll get to Marcia shortly, but last night I was up until about 2:00, and slept in until 8:30, local time. I think of New York City (or Atlanta), as the center of my universe – Wilmington, North Carolina, the only place I have been connected to my ENTIRE life, is more like some HORRIBLE HELL I had to pass through, temporarily, so actually mostly live politically in Eastern, rather than the local Central time – and Puerto Vallarta is in REAL time almost closer to Pacific than Mountain, making it strangely dark in early morning, and summer sunsets about 10:00 PM.

Anyway, the first active thing I did was to call Mom. I wanted to demonstrate that what we achieved two days ago was entirely real, which has demonstrated without any effort. But the most important thing I wanted her to know – and I hesitate about calling Mike, Jane, or Julie directly, only because they must still be SHELL-SHOCKED by my reactions they have dealt with before, so probably need a little time to trust me at all – is that I am NOT angry at anyone in our immediate family, and looking back, if a single thing had happened differently, I might not have achieved my success. Also, it all looks like COMEDY to me now.

Mom said she totally and absolutely understood that, and she was clearly pleased. So I also told her the other pressing thing, that being that I have always (occasional exceptions excepted), intended that when I make a lot of money off lawsuits and/or writing, that because I necessarily had to DESTROY my family’s privacy, I will liberally share my financial winnings with them.

Mom didn’t have time to really respond to what I’m certain pleased her enormously, because a call was coming in and she said she had been waiting for it. So with a totally private chuckle (we are again facing a possible Government Shutdown), I told her to get on with that, and we parted ways quickly.

Lou Holtz and John Boehner

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I caught Mom on private, secured communications at the EXACT MOMENT John Boehner (the closest personal friend with and co-strategist with Coach Lou Holtz, who had lived across the street from us in Columbus, Ohio 1968 – 1970, and was my parents co-duplicate bridge player as well as confidante, etc.), made the deal to re-open the US Government after the LAST shut-down, only a year and a few months ago, now – I THINK – if feels like years ago to me.

So that’s why the chuckle – I knew Mom had to have cleaved all her political ties since then. She even abandoned watching Fox News many months ago now. THAT made me REALLY happy. I have been pissed off for YEARS now that I gave my parents my 54” Panasonic G-level, or mid-grade, plasma TV when I first fled to Mexico in 2010, it having such an incredible picture that it LOOKED 3-D, although it was not, and Mom and Dad used it to watch mostly Fox News – WHAT A WASTE!!!

But since Mom watched this year’s Oscars on it – and that show’s production values were so high that I got the BEST picture of it on my current LED LG giant TV, I KNOW it was SUPER AWESOME for Mom. Anyway, I am back to happy that she has my old TV.

But it is appropriate to explain how I see the legal situation with my family. First of all, I have no evidence of my siblings doing anything particularly illegal – and none of it harmed me at all, really – and the same is true of all Mom seems to have done. I will NOT press those kinds of things, and I’ll avoid blogging about them as well – but I expect I WILL have to bring some of those things up from time to time. It is important that all understand that I don’t back away from any of my claims, although I recognize some have been made in error or misunderstanding.

So major errors (ones that have legal consequences), I will change for any of them who ask – and really, I must do this for ANYONE who asks – up to and including Dick Cheney and the two living Catholic Popes. They just have to ask me and provide a cogent, believable alternative explanation of the facts of the situation – or disprove what I have believed to be fact.

And I will devote what resources I have to defending my mother and siblings if they end up in trouble with the Law. This will not happen, however, because if all the “Nazi types” in the USA were put in jail, there would hardly be enough people left to guard them or run Society.

And Mom is 92 now (although of completely fit mind, still), and what good is it to jail an old gal – especially when someone like me, who credits her with PREPARING ME to do what I like to think I have done – begs whomever not to prosecute, and legally helps if necessary, and will even sexually service whoever is President, then, for a pardon.

God HELP ME if we next elect a woman. Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin (do the Republicans have a believable female candidate at all???). Of course Hillary Clinton is fully capable of such a role – not counting her treachery -- and many want Elizabeth Warren to run, but I think she needs more experience first, and is important in the Senate.

But who knows??? I expect the final candidates will be a surprise to us all. And perhaps when I get to the internet to post and email this, a resolution of funding DHS will have already been found – I hope so.

>>> Anyone seen Newt Gingrich on CNNlately??? (tee-hee)

NOW, to Ms. Marcia Blondin.

Marcia Blondin with two who are unidentified -- at ACT II STAGES/Entertainment.

DARE say that the guy on far right is my OLD FRIENDDel Shoresno???

As Readers will recall, I once bought a Catholic medal from Marcia at the Paradise Community Center, and would have bought a bunch of her very attractive scarves as well – were I more a “nelly” person. Now, my buying a Catholic medal, which I carried in my pocket for months – including my trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia in October or November of 2012, which is WHY I was unable to receive Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC, Chicago’s original (only) attempt to legally serve me (I have debit card records to prove my whereabouts) – I was out of Mexico until the window of active service had expired, and they got a judge to believe that its delivery to Mailboxes, Etc. was service to ME.

But getting back to that medal, I had only reacted to the beauty of the tortured crucifix that Pope John Paul II had commissioned – and not thought at all that he was the Pope Mom met with in person at least three times. And I don’t ascribe my safety during that trip to the power of trinkets, blessed or not. But there WAS something special to all of that.

And Readers will also recall that just half a year ago when Del Shores came to town and performed in the Red Room of ACT II STAGES/Entertainment, where I met him, later, Marcia had sat next to me front and center, and while it was GROSS EXAGGERATION that in the review she wrote for (in fact, Marcia’s email address there is – I had only previously had her address at the Puerto Vallarta electronic theater-ticket-selling org, which she also works for), that it was a packed house, it DID feel that way to us all.

But the STRANGEST THING was that early in the show, Marcia told Del that she had been experimenting with lesbianism, recently – and then when Del teased her a couple of times later, she not only DENIED that she had been doing that, but that she had even SAID that, which all of us had witnessed.

Fast-forward to Costco, yesterday. I saw her with a female friend and said hello. All was quite friendly until she said some BS thing that was a lie, and I erupted full force (i.e. super loudly – which Costco has never said a word to me about – I having alerted them to my political causes, and they seem very much in agreement with me), reminding her of her associations with narco-traffickers associated with “Gringo Theaters”, and that my info, given to various governments, will likely have a lot of them in prison soon.

Then after I perused the cold storage to get some fresh fruit, I thought she might not be aware that Mom and I are now irrevocably allied – which changes EVERYTHING is the MOST significant ways. So with me and she and her buddy faced off across a table of baked goods, I told her she should check my most previous blog posting to see what has changed. This was not easy, because her friend was blessing me out very loudly, telling me to get my sick ass away from them, so I shouted something that anyone who believes in God would find highly offensive, and rather than express the LEAST offense, they both LAUGHED, and returned equally ugly words.

So I told them they passed the test of Christian, Republican, CIA narco-traffickers, having NO LOVE OF GOD whatsoever, but hatred of themselves, instead. And that was that.

I believe MOST, if not all, English-language press in Puerto Vallarta is complicit with the CIA narco-traffickers/gun smugglers. TOP agent Luis Melgoza has a column in a different one of them, and so does the Realtor who wrote the profile of SUPER-CROOK Frank K. Meyer, DDS. And when I found that photo of US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O, it was from one of them, and the sponsoring agency of that event with the CURRENT Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, was called “PV Angels”, so you SEE how these God-Haters who ACTIVELY TRY TO DRUG ADDICT CHILDREN WORLWIDE, all hide up the “skirts of Jesus”, and so WHYNONE of the Christian Churches denying their Christianity, I (on a personal level, only – I’m in charge of nothing), TOTALLY CONDEMN anyone who still believes the lie that Jesus Christ is/was the literal Son of God.

Yes, many do follow Jesus’s teachings, but whether consciously or because they have REFUSED to see the truth, they have EMPOWERED devils incarnate to NAZI DESTROY not just the USA and Mexico – but the entire world as well.

Our CIA in action, no???

Anyone associated with these Devil Organizations, I will confront by DEMANDING they get on their knees (and women strip off their blouses and bras), and BEG all present for forgiveness for having DELIBERATELY addicted any relatives of the audience to drugs IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

That is what I will be up to when I am walking about Puerto Vallarta – from now on.


Opium poppy cultivation in 2014 was up 46% over the previous year for a total of 21,425 hectares. In terms of worldwide cultivation, that’s 7% of the total.
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After Pope Francis used the word mexicanization, External Relations Secretary José Antonio Meade responded by firing off a diplomatic note to the Vatican.
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