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RP: My Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Experience in Words and Pictures!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/my-tennessee-williamsnew-orleans.html

Two days ago (Palm Sunday), I chanced on what appears to be a Cardinal blessing parishioners as they left Mass at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. I did NOT interrupt him, but DID speak with about four of these older-looking altar boy types (which I was once one of for many years). concerning my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's getting the instructions of the last three Popes to NAZI-fy the USA via the Republican Party, Fox News, and drug addiction of minorities so they can be controlled and killed if they get "uppity".

I took this photo of the backside of the Cathedral one evening. It reminds me of a fave Russian film from my college days, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors --although THIS one was never forgotten!!!

>>> IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST (who is to judge that???):

1. Special thanks to Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu -- whom I'm not usually thanking -- for my completely clear internet connection since I returned to Mexico -- and the CIA/NSA, who now do not seem to be corrupting things, either!!!

To clarify what happened with my hotel connection via the Business Center at the Wyndham as described here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/let-them-all-be-waterboarded-michael.html, after I complained via chat, within an hour, BOTH my blogs were UN-BLOCKED in that system, but then the next time I went to my blog, I discovered that while the blogs were open for view, several individual posting were NOT, and the graphic that flashed up was that they had been instructed to block one specific one because it contained the phrase "White Supremacy".

That is STILL an infringement on Freedom of Speech and OUTRAGEOUS -- but better than the earlier claim that they had been told my blogs were "DANGEROUS" -- LOL!!!

Who did they think they are -- Mikki Prost of Puerto Vallarta ??? (see most recent posting). For the record, I have not YET received a reply and clarification from Mikki.

2. By the end of the last day, I realized that New Orleans is my HOME, and I am likely to move there when I return to the States, but when I got to Puerto Vallarta, I realized how much it TOO is now my home, so I will someday have domiciles both places (and a place to perch in New York City as well).

This is the panel from this account: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/i-dropped-bomb-that-i-came-to-new.html: Kenneth Holditch, David Kaplan, John Lahr, Annette Saddik, and Thomas Elliot Keith.

Here is a great report (except the guy has NO eye for paintings), in the International Press: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/mar/30/tennessee-williams-literary-festival-seduces-new-orleans 

And when asked how he felt (in his last talk, later), after having finished such a mammoth task, John Lahr said with deepest meaning, "Satisfied", which is EXACTLY how I feel now, too -- largely because of John Lahr's support.


The woman I referred to as my sort of bro-mantic partner, #6 here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/having-little-time-i-will-tell-you-1.html. I don't want to say more or even name her until I contact her, soon. I just found her agent's email address.

She has the native nobility and grace of Tennessee Williams's life-long friend, Jane Smith, and as we listened to readings at the Old Ursuline Convent, I just wanted to study her profile -- and wished I was good at sketching.

Photo of a Wedding Parade that I took Sunday night -- a fantasy of my future???


The book Gen. Honore gave me -- which despite being DEAD TIRED, I devoured during the first part of my return trip home. I sent the General a message via Facebook, this morning:
  • I am PROUD to stand with you, sir, and read your book on Leadership that you gave me -- instead of sleeping (which I was desperate to do) -- on the first half of my journey home to Puerto Vallarta, yesterday. And you clarified some things for me that I was ready to look at. I'll be emailing you about matters we discussed soon. Please send Col. Dottie Newman my love and appreciation -- should you have contact with her. I don't have her email address. Scott
See also -- General Honore's new organization: http://gogreenarmy.com/ as well as  https://www.facebook.com/gogreenarmy


1. My words, yesterday, concerning my contacts with the Publishing Industry do NOT reflect exactly what happened -- which hasn't happened yet, REALLY. I have to keep all that under wraps for a while. The idea of a book about what happened to me in the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group is my own of yesterday -- and continuing. I think I could write that story with inclusion of ALL kinds of other things, and it would be far more fun than trying to re-write my memior, http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.mx/, with all its knotty copyright issues.

2. I don't really have a problem with Lee Horvitz (as seen in #4 here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/after-two-brief-meeting-today-with-gen.html), except that MY commitments are firm -- or re-negotiated.

In Lee's defense, he DID later text me for the address to my blog -- proving he's OLD CIVILIZATION, since anyone AWAKE knows how easily he could have found it googling!!!

3. I learned that the VA Hospital in Lower Mississippi has been CLOSED for years now, so no wonder Drew Griffin of CNN never reported about it -- where my mother got doctors to give her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, double-dose Lithium Carbonate -- which Mom's previous notes show guarentees Chemically-Induced Diabetes -- what Uncle Bob died of after allowing my cousin Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman, now Larsen, to marry the Jew, Kim Opperman. See: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/email-to-drew-griffin-of-cnn-my-nazi.html

Leave it to the White Supremacist wealthy Kenan Family -- may they ROT IN HELL!!!

Measure would allow hospitals to turn away LGBTI patients
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I, two nights later, found Helen(e) sleeping in the same alcove, which was actually on Royal Street. Her poison ivy at ankles and below does not show -- but that is the same sign she had when we met. #3 here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/let-them-all-be-waterboarded-michael.html

I think it DISGRACEFUL that Bishop Schori, Head of the Episcopal Church, USA, allows Church representatives to be as confused as this young lady is!!!

6. Here is the goofiest of the photos taken for me of me and John Waters:

I understand how he feels!!! And all this reminds me of the Corn-Pone Fence (or similar), here:

7. And the LAST person I met in New Orleans, was Adrian Fulton, who was working on an image on metal -- with a same-type image of Lee Harvey Oswald prominently displayed on an easel. I began speaking with him (and we talked for a long time), and he flipped the metal to show the other side, which I photographed him with:

More on Adrian here -- and Laura Bush has even had him to the WHITE HOUSE!!!: http://www.laughyet-la.us/




Monday, March 30, 2015

RP: Back in Puerto Vallarta, I Face the HOME TURF Bullies!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/03/back-in-puerto-vallarta-i-face-home.html


  • Mikki Prost
    I've re friended you can see the amount of support I've received since your PM to me. There's a lot of people out there who think you're not only scary but dangerous too. BEWARE!

  • Thursday
  • Scott Kenan

    I am protected by THREE Mexican Presidents including Pena Nieto., who a top exec of Exxon-Mobil I ran into in PV three weeks ago ADMITTED my Kenan relatives with CIA put into power. President Vincente Fox worked for my family as exec of Coca-Cola before becoming Mex Prez. I also work with many patriots in the USA where I now am. I am only scary to people who are WHITE RACISTS involved directly or indirectly with narco-trafficking and drug running -- like several theaters in PV. I AM dangerous to them, but they have been trying to kill me since three years ago when i arrived back in town -- with no luck, so I am not at all worried. I hope you DID get support for your talent -- but not the belief that Jesus is God, which is what most racist narco-traffickers believe (added: while this is TRUE, there are many God-loving Christians as well and I have no problem with that), and TONS of people have given up believing in the USA now -- they knowing that is tacit support of NAZIsm. Anyway, I'm glad you are re-friending me!!! Scott
  • Today
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Nice of you to re-friend me -- then un-friend me -- LOL!!! First of all, I have not looked at your "support", but support of WHAT??? (I support your talent and right to work, so this is not about your talent which we all agree on).

    I was too busy in New Orleans to reply until now, and was recognized by John Lahr in front of his largest audience, as the AUTHORITY on the end of Tennessee Williams's life, the personal life, that is. Is this something you and your friends have a problem with???

    Gen. Russel Honore (who told me he WILL likely run for Governor of Louisiana as a Democrat -- thank God someone who can take down Bobby Jindal!!!), knew all about the narco-trafficking I know details on in Atlanta, Oregon State (Episcopalian narco-traffickers are big there), especially, and both he and the publishing companies who -- believe it or not -- sought me out and I am talking to them about a book (one suggested on what happened to me in the Puerto Vallarta Writers' Group -- including the major Gringo theaters), so I will soon contact the individuals in PVWG and PV English language theaters, to see if they prefer I use their real names or aliases in a book about it.
    You say people claim I am "scary" and "dangerous". No one can claim I have made physical threats or have ever been physically violent -- in my life -- so you must clarify that or I will let Gen. Honore know YOU are trying to bully and scare ME in your support of narco-trafficking.
    Russ Honore KNEW about my Kenan family's Exxon-Mobil putting Pena Nieto into power with the CIA's help, but THANK GOD Pena Nieto refuses to do business with those RACIST FAKE CHRISTIANS, and snubbed my family after changing the constitution. He is seeking oil companies from Canada and other countries, instead.
    So please answer my questions or I will let him know that YOU are the spokesperson for a bunch of hateful, bullying supporters of narco-trafficking, drug addiction in children, and felonies in both the USA and Mexico.
    I look forward to your reply, and here is my report on Gen. Honore, who was NOT the only politician I spoke with about this -- and I DID speak with Law Enforcement (US Federal), about the dire corruption here in Puerto Vallarta, so I do look forward to your reply.
    Thanks, Scott


Sunday, March 29, 2015

RP: John Lahr Pulls Through!!!

In John Lahr's final talk this morning -- and to his largest audience -- the moderator asked about the sketchiness of the last couple of years of Tom's life, and Lahr recognized me from the platform as the person to ask (although he first said, "John Uecker, who is here, somewhere" -- and I, knowing he had to mean me, since Uecker was NOT at the festival, raised my hand and he remembered my correct name.

Also, John Patrick Shanley sat near me, so I got to speak with him a little, finally.

Afterward, I spent half an hour ansering serious questions from about six people.

I expect to be able to up--load photos after my return to Puerto Vallarta.


Love to All,


RP: Let Them All Be WATERBOARDED!!! -- Michael William Kenan, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Jane Ann Kenan, and Julia (Kenan) Duffy

RE-PRINTED from here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/03/let-them-all-be-waterboarded-michael.html

Annette Saddik

FIRST: My online chat with the company that contrls internet in this Wyndham French Quarter Hotel:

Chat transcript
  Sara Sun, 03/29/15 08:24:21 am America/Chicago
Hello, we're glad you're here! How can we help?
  Visitor 08:24:23 am
You blocked my two blogs systemwide because I work with Gen. Colin Powell and Gen. Russel Honore -- and three Presidents of Mexico to kick the CIA and US State Dept. narco-traffickers out of Mexico and then the USA. I was Tennessee Williams last assistant, and you also blocked me from getting wifi on my own computer in this hotel. Your company is criminal and traitorous and we will put all of you out of work and some of you in prison soon!!!
                                    That's all -- have a nice life!!!
Duration: 1m 17s
Chat has been opened from website: http://www.uniguest.com/en/


1. Last night I ran into Annette Saddik on the street. She is ALWAYS friendly, if not interested in talking for more than a very short time. She was accompanied by the same three men I usually see her with -- if not always all at once. I told her it has been a GREAT festival, which she agreed with, and then mentioned, again, that John Uecker (who smothered Tennessee Williams with a pillow at the request of the Episcopal Church), claims she had stolen significant scholarship from him, and also that I DOUBT she would do such a thing -- but if she did, I SALUTE HER.

We laughed.

But I told her that a couple of people associated with the Festival are real problems and need to be gotten out of it -- then told her I told Thomas Elliot Keith that I will soon have him in prison.

I did NOT wait for her reply.

2. Just as I was typing the above, a gentleman sat down at the other computer here. We talked a little and he is flying today to Raleigh -- HE'S GOING TO SOMETHING AT THE KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS AT DUKE UNIVERSITY!!!

We ended up having a lot to talk about, he knowing so much.

3. Last night I ran into a woman who looked very sad as she lay in an alcove right of Bourbon Street with all her homeless paraphenalia. We talked as shes crached at her poison ivy all around her ankles which were smollen and red from her constant scratching. Turns out she represents the Episcopal Church, USA, and said she had just met with Bishop Schori three weeks ago, and had done presentations outside the UN building on behalf the Episcopal Church to help get Women's Rights amended into the US Constitution.

I completely support that, of course, but for the head of the episcopal Church to allow their representative to get into such a sorry state whcn they are SO RICH she could at least stay in ia budget hotel, not only is CHEAP, STINGY, and HATEFUL of Bishop Schori -- but what does it say about these SELF-HATING and GOD-HATING bitches???

Here is a website for that woman's project: www.KatrinasDream.org, and her email is helene@katrinasdream.org.

4. I got a text from my brother Mike this morning on my Mexican cell, asking how things are going. So I called him, and he fished around asking whom I'm meeting with today -- which I would not tell him except in general terms. I DID ask him if he was finally prepared to disclose whom he works for or at least in which industry, and Mike said, "You just know that I work really hard -- that's all."

So I told him that General Russel Honore thought that odd, too, that Mike won't tell his brother that much -- and then I said, "Have a nice life -- and GOODBYE!!!"



Saturday, March 28, 2015

RP: After TWO Brief Meetings Today with Gen. Russel Honore -- He KNOWS Col. Dottie Newman Well, and DETAILS about Stone Mountain, Georgia Narco-trafficking by CIA, CNN, Fox News, Episcopal Church, and Republican Party

RE-PRINTED from here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/03/after-two-brief-meeting-today-with-gen.html


I had dinner tonight at Mother's Restaurant on Poydras Street -- and you can't beat it for GREAT New Orleans home-cooked food at very reasonable prices, and the service is EXCELLENT!!!

Have the Bread Pudding for Dessert!!!

Alex managed the floor GREAT, and Felicia -- called Fefe (FEE-fee), IS THE best SERVER!!!

1. With NEW interference with my computer connection, I can't do a better job, now, but today's report is on my CONFRONTATION with Thomas Elliot Keith -- after which two members of the panel THANKED me for confronting the little SUPER CRIMINAL, and Gen. Honore knows a little about Thomas now TOO!!!

I could only write it up on http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com, the FIRST posting today.

2. Gen. Honore KNOWS Gen. Powell, of course, but ALSO his Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman -- and as soon as I mentioned Dottie's name, he immediately GAVE me his new book on Leadership in this new world as well as his card to continue to FEED HIM INFO on both the Traitorous Kenan Family (close and distant wealthy relatives), as well as Patrick Stansbury of www.Pentagon-USA.com, where Patrick Stansbury distributes all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB and he already KNEW about that and said that Stone Mountain, Georgia narco-trafficking is now even WORSE than when I left in 2010.

I told him how I'd witnessed Patrick Stansbury exchanging packets of cash with former Republican Congressman John Linder and that I can TESTIFY UNDER OATH IN COURT to that fact.

3. The woman I met yesterday, did NOT show at the festival today -- as I expected. last time I met someon I had the potential to really love (the former Chief Protocol Officer at the US Embassy in Mexico City who was SCREWED and fired one week before he got the benefit of right to live in the USA indefinitely for 15 years of service -- and he had known BOTH Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush -- having had a lot of discussions with them. But he REFUSED to obey orders that violated the US Constitution and both US and Mexican Laws -- and then was BLACK-BALLED so he was unable to get a real job since then -- about 2007.

Google in my blog to get all the info on that: "'scott kenan' protocol officer us embassy".

Anyway, if the woman does NOT show tomorrow, I'll asume God sent her to let me know i am OVER the worst of the "sewer fight" and am VERY capable of Love and Tendersness with whomever I have mutual attractin with, although men are more likely then women.

And I know how to contact her in a week, anyway!!!

4. Lee Horvitz, who for THREE DAYS was so excited to say we had to meet about a project, cancelled our appointment today at the last momment claiming he was tired. No problem with that -- except he did NOT try to reschedule. Given his excitement, the CIA has somehow pressured him, and I promise he will lose his job and or company soon!!!

Lee Horvitz
Writer - Editor

www.ifthenink.com (He's a good deal older than the picture on his website!!!)

"The best writer in New Orleans" -- Grace Wilson, The Times-Picayune

Principal: If Then, Ink Writing Solutions
Writer & Editor: Travelhost of New Orleans
Sold Screenwriter & Produced Playwright
PhD: Philosophy, Northwestern University

All for now,