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RP: Mismaloya Update!!!

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On May 14, residents of Mismaloya will travel by bus to Guadalajara to speak with the Governor of Jalisco State about the attempt to take their lands. Actually, they will go in a single-decker, closed bus -- and Pedro asked me to go with them, which I eagerly agreed to, until I realized as a non-citizen, I am NOT allowed to be political, so I can't.

I had hoped to meet another Mexican Governor, as I had met the Governor of Colima State, introduced by Dr. Waldemar Salazar who was ALSO the best friend of Presidente Salinas -- and the man I promised to kick US narco-traffickers OUT of Puerto Vallarta

I blogged about this before, when it looked doubtful for the residents, but it is looking MUCH BETTER now, and everyone expects townspeople to be able to keep their homes.

My THIRD most popular posting ever, has even been used to market Puerto Vallarta!!!

So Mismaloya Beach should continue to look like this.

The town leaders I spoke with were also pleased to hear of my own encounters with CIA Agent Salvador Fuentes:, as well as of my meetings with Gen. Russel Honore in New Orleans, recently, and here is an email I sent him after returning to Mexico:


Does any other Christian Organization show such an ANGRY leader on its banners???

Second most popular image of Samuel Joaquin Flores, leader of La Luz del Mundo organization -- a Pentecostal Denomination.

Well, I wish them luck. Mismaloya is NOT where I would try to push this non-sense!!!


Photo shows only HALF of the front of the MASSIVE private residence being built next door to Jame Lee Sutherland's house on Avenida Ava Gardner. The back of the house is very deep and shows at least five floors.

Jamie's house:

All the photos I had of Jamie's Casa Vista Los Arcos have been STRIPPED FROM MY COMPUTER -- as well as THIS BLOG!!!

What's up with that??? Read in this blog to find out!!!

Some nice views of Jamie's house:

Originally priced at $799,000.00 USD, the property is now at $495,000.00 (CORRECTED: $595,000.00), and has been on the market for five years, so Jamie might take lessno???

Be sure to tell Jamie I sent you!!!


In the same development as Jamie's house, Lomas del Pacifico (Hills of the Pacific), is one of Richard Burton's houses:

Gutted, but with little vandalism, Richard Burton's house (one of quite a few in the Puerto Vallarta area), is now fenced off.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were ALWAYS colorful -- no matter WHERE they were!!!



RP: Email Just Sent North Carolina Senator Michael Lee of Wilmington!!!

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Senator Michael Lee

Dear Sen. Lee:

First, congratulations on all the awards you have received as a top notch lawyer!!! As such, you know all the BEST and WORST parts of the law and how to manipulate it well. I am very concerned about your sponsorship of S.B. 511, titled Proof Required for Debt/Fees. This is one of few areas that North Carolina has stood to protect citizens, and YOU want to do away with it.

Thom Goolsby

Earlier today, I left a message on your office phone in Raleigh, and hope you received it. To clarify, I DID know Sen. Thom Goolsby, his parents and family – even been invited into his house – but after the harassment at his hands that I received, I mounted a campaign that eventually led to his resignation in disgrace, and if it had been ANY state other than North Carolina, Thom Goolsby would have been stripped of his Law License as well -- if not jailed.

But my problems in Wilmington in 2011 – 12, D.A. Ben David (whose boyfriend Lee I knew pretty well), brought eight false charges against me and I was in NHC Detention Center five times – now erased from their records – and falsely committed to The Oaks mental ward twice. This because I know all about the narco-trafficking set up in Wilmington with help of my parents in the 1980s and 90s. While corrupt Dems Sheriff Ed McMahon and Chief Ralph Evangelous are part of it, it is run by the Republican Party.

William R. Kenan, SENIOR, the ONLY Confederate to penetrate Washington, DC defenses to take a clear shot at President Lincoln, ALWAYS looked a tad DISTURBED!!! (He missed Lincoln but killed his aide.)

 As you likely know, a previous member of my Kenan family, William Rand Kenan, Sr., with the then Pastor of First Presbyterian, caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, stealing the town from elected officials and black businesses with NO compensation, and so many severed black heads were impaled on stakes on the peninsula between the Cape Fear and N.E. Cape Fear Rivers that for YEARS it was called “Nigger-Head Point”.

 For reasons I do not know, the wealthy branch of the Kenan Family soon converted to Episcopalian, and have given nearly $100,000,000.00 to Sewanee and the Episcopal Church over the last 90 years – mostly to support Episcopalian White Supremacy, as best symbolized by the Episcopal Church/Sewanee’s CONFEDERATE MACE, forced into retirement in 2005, causing alumni donations to plummet, and Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander then used proceeds from my former employer playwright Tennessee Williams’s estate (called the Walter Dakin Fund), to cover.

Well, I not only can prove in Court that Sewanee and the Episcopal Church murdered Tennessee Williams, and then stole his estate from Harvard, but that the Episcopal Church, USA is DEEPLY involved in narco-trafficking. I have been in communication with Presiding Bishop Schori about this problem, and while I don’t know about YOUR congregation, it was Christopher Wright Rogers who told me that ONE priest at St. James was very involved.

I was a member of First Presbyterian in Wilmington for most of a year, and recently wrote Pastor Thompson about their decision on gay marriage – but more importantly things mentioned lower in this letter:

And believe it or not, after I met an Exxon-Mobil recently retired exec who ADMITTED that the Kenans who run it behind the scenes – with help of the CIA – put Presidente Pena Nieto in power here in Mexico, but Pena Nieto then PUNKED the Kenans of North Carolina, refused to deal with huge US companies and first sought oil development help from Canada.

Currently, I work with three Presidents of Mexico as well as Gen. Russel Honore (whom I met with twice a few weeks ago when I was in New Orleans), and other Patriots in the USA to divorce the Republican Party and CIA from controlling hard-drugs trafficking worldwide.

Gen. Honore KNEW all about the crimes of the wealthy Kenans as well as the drug ring in Atlanta, which my parents with Newt Gingrich, former Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, former Congressman John Linder of Georgia (R) set up – but was also very interested in Wilmington. And I have been five times held hostage by Drug Mafia/CIA in Mexico in 2010.

This was my latest run-in with the CIA here in Puerto Vallarta:

And here is an email I sent that the CIA/NSA never let go through – matters I will soon again be pursuing:

I look forward to seeing evidence of your responsible legislating!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I'm part Cherokee, ya know!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RP: TWO New Tennessee Williams Festivals!!!

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Tennessee Williams.jpg

Hi Carrie,

Having just seen that NYC is going to initiate a Tennessee Williams festival this fall,, I thought of you and your starting one for St. Louis, so felt I should get in touch with you.

If there is anything I can do that will be helpful, I will be happy to do so. I actually tried to mount a 100th birthday party with performances, speakers, plays, and films for 2011 in Puerto Vallarta/Mismaloya, but ran into political troubles and got not too far (nor did I know what I was doing).

The hotel from filming The Night of the Iguana still exists in Mismaloya. One day, an old employee of John Huston gave me a tour:

And although I seem to be resolving all my political troubles, they have continued and I believe the email address I gave you at the NOLA fest was since then SHUT DOWN, as was another of mine, but currently I have both (the site is one I am locked out of changing, so it is over five years old now), as well as

I think I gave you the URL for my memoir, now published like a blog:  and my blog and its mirror: and

For now, just a few observations:

Beware some of the Williams people and the continuing fight to cover up the real cause of Tom’s death and disbursement of estate. Sewanee/Episcopal Church holds rights – but only because of the cover-up – which I once tried to undo, but now gave up on that, but I will not lie about it.

Thomas Keith is the biggest enforcer for the Episcopal Church, and when he was hired by Alyson Books while they were committed to Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams hard-cover publication spring 2010, to edit my memoir (which he did mostly rather lightly), he just pooped out about 2/3 the way through and the last third was highly slipshod, proving in MY mind that he knew they never intended to publish it. I have become aware of his BLOCKING the publication of other books as well.

And it was recently-deceased scholar Allean Hale who had MOST encouraged me in getting to the bottom of Tennessee's death and the disposal of his estate. You can see my recent Tribute to Allean here:

The NOLA fest does not need permission for much from Sewanee, so can be rather neutral, while the Provincetown festival needs Sewanee’s cooperation because it is all about play performances. This is why I believe David Kaplan and Jef Hall-Flavin have always been completely cold to me – nothing personal, but they don’t want Thomas Keith to cut them out!!!

Others seem to be more or less intimidated by Thomas and his kind, so I will not comment on them. I AM especially fond of Kenneth Holditch, who is actually about Tenn’s 4th cousin. And for comedy, you can’t beat the woman who runs the Columbus, MS festival – but after all these years, she hasn’t even MET Paul Willis who heads the NOLA fest!!!

I have the highest regard for Paul Willis – and enjoyed running into him so many times this year to tell him that.

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

And I would recommend a couple of people as presenters. Roy Rogers Oldenkamp lives in Tennessee Williams’s old apartment in West Hollywood, and his friend lives in Gavin Lambert’s old apartment in the same building and between them own several of Tennessee’s paintings. Roy has long been in the media and had agreed to give a presentation at my aborted thing. It would be best to contact him via Facebook:

The other person is Rick McKay, of Broadway the Golden Age I met Rick when he toured with his first movie in 2004, and his first movie is FULL of Tennessee Williams. I see he got his first new installment out last year, and has another due out in 2016.

And if you could get Alison Fraser (between acting stints), her recording with plenty of credit to David Kaplan, too, is AMAZING

And Alison was also in the original production of In Masks Outragous and Austere:

Alison is third from right, and that tall black character in the back is Mac, said to have been based on me, and QUIET and observing. I am not quiet, today -- LOL!!!

Also, William Shuman was very much in contact with me when he wrote EN AVANT!: An Evening with Tennessee Williams. I don’t know his work, but he TOO lamented that the person who used to perform as Tennessee in years past at NOLA came off as a sniveling little queen

So, anyway, I hope your early preparations are going well!!! I will publish this email on my blog – because this could all be for public consumption -- but I will NOT publish continuing conversation – unless you begin to channel Maria St. Justnee Britneva!!!



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RP: Having Confronted My CIA Nemesis Yesterday, Let's Have a LIMBAUGH PARTY Today!!!

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It was five years ago that for $1,000,000.00, Elton John played at his former drug-partying friend, Rush Limbaugh's third serial wedding (CORRECTION: FOURTH serial wedding!!!). We know they have long been close personal friends, because during the oughts, Elton often admitted that -- and that Rush had no problem with gays, but stood for Civil Unions but not marriages, because of his POLITICAL ROLE -- not actual belief.

Rush invited Elton's boyfriend (now his husband), David Furnish. Actually, Elton and David were wedded in 2014.

For lots of photos of the wedding, disclosure of some of the guests (Karl Rove, Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannity -- closest friend of  my Atlanta Nemesis Christal Presley, and others, please see:

And of course, it was held at America's TOP DESTINATION for One Percenters:

And here is the hotel's owner:

Tom Kenan might throw the best parties for the Wealthy, but I'm CERTAIN he had nothing to do with my problems with Luis Melgoza and Salvador Fuentes of the CIA -- EVEN THOUGH SAL FUENTES INSISTED TOM KENAN HAD SENT HIM AND 60 MINUTES TO INTERVIEW ME -- as mentioned here:

And the property:

And you can read about that wedding party here: 

But Rush is not doing so well, today:

Limbaugh’s ratings data is guarded like a state secret, but it was revealed that his show is drawing fewer listeners than Spanish language stations in New York and Los Angeles. The biggest sign that Rush Limbaugh is on the decline is that he has fallen off of the political map. Limbaugh was at the center of the Republican Party during the early days of President Obama’s first term, but the Sandra Fluke scandal and advertiser boycott that followed has cost him dearly.

The ratings have gotten so bad for Rush Limbaugh that radio stations no longer want to carry his show.
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And I admit I am trying to distract myself from the fact that I will now have to deal with my flat tire (mentioned in the last posting), today. 

I guess this hasn't really been much of a party, sorry.



Dear Mr. Leone:

I just spoke with cheery Evelyn in your meetings marketing, and she has given me your assistant’s email address so I can send you a note. As you might recall, I had been in touch with several of your hotel’s employees a couple of years ago, and thought I should clarify a couple of things that have since clarified for me.

First, I absolutely salute you and your staff for the excellence of hotel experience you provide – and even though I’m not far from homeless, I do NOT RESENT the money others have – in fact I expect to be wealthy one day. And the Kenan Family (I’m blood-related to Tom at about the year 1700), should be SALUTED for providing the means to keep your hotel up to standard. They have some of the largest Charities, so it’s not like the wealthy Kenans don’t do their share there.

But if you happen to speak with Tom, would you please tell him that I understand he has not replied to my several direct attempts to contact him the last five years, but had he at least let me know that CIA agent Salvador Fuentes was at least NOT sent by him in 2010 with the fake set-up to record my story for 45 minutes for 60 MINUTES (and I had seen the 60 MINUTES piece on Tom in 1989 about Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler then Bingham – so it WAS believable to me), I would not have believed that “fake-out” of me by the CIA-- at least not for nearly two years.

But even that said, I seem to have been BUILT to handle all the troubles I have endured – and I got a GREAT STORY, and despite all my false arrests, false nut-house commitments, beatings, five poisonings and five times held hostage by Drug Mafia/CIA in Mexico in 2010 – as well as having a carcinoma removed from my foot and hospitalization for water on lungs, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, etc. -- I am healthy and HAPPY, so I WIN!!!

Anyway, I really DO appreciate that your hotel stopped being nearly the only advertiser of Fox News online. As I have explained many times, my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, was (and maybe still is), the liaison between the last three Catholic Popes and both Fox News and the top leadership in the Republicans Party. We had swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings. Coach Lou Holtz and Nixon’s former aide John Ehrlichman were very close friends of my immediate family, and helped in the setup of drug rings in both Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA.

I guess the bottom line is that we Kenans are OUT-SIZED CHARACTERS – so I’m glad that someone of your skills heads The Breakers!!!


Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta

>>> AND THEN FINALLY, I thought to call the Breakers' Wedding Department -- and they treat Gay Weddings EXACTLY as they treat straight ones!!!

So if YOU are planning a wedding (and have some spare change), contact them TODAY!!!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

RP: Simply Put:

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UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A new report says the twin threat of extremist groups and the governments that restrict liberties to combat them has led to "the most deadly...
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