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RP: Loose Ends (on the morning after I leased an apartment)!!!

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1. Testosteroni pushed me too far, finally, so I found MORE evidence of his crimes, and published them as well as a photo of the front of his building. The landlord has wanted him out for YEARS, and Testo fears that my dirt on him will give his landlord the LEGAL WHEREWITHAL to legally FORCE him out.

I've told him time and time again that I will do this if he continues PRETENDING he is going to leave me "high-and-dry", and STOP his financial support WHEN I NEED IT MOST. But he always comes around and continues.

This is PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM, and I will have him charged and tried -- if he doesn't give it up immediately.

He has pulled this stunt at least a dozen times over the last 3.5 years, but comes back to his senses -- BECAUSE HE KNOWS I CAN SUCCESSFULLY SUE HIM FOR PALIMONY, he consistently helping me for so long.

2. In case your BRAIN is shrunken from watching American News Media so you didn't "put two and two together" in my last posting, the DAMNING exclamation of my mother that she ALWAYS KNEW my edema was from significant heart disease -- but always acted like it was no big deal and allowed me to assume it was from the Lithium Carbonate -- PROVES HER NAZI HEARTLESSNESS.

She hoped I would die of a sudden heart attack or stroke, which is what would normally be next, if untreated.

See how she murdered her brother after he allowed my cousin, Jan (Meyer) Opperman, now Larsen to marry a JEW!!!:


And here is the summary of my legal troubles: 


And a list of SOME of my practical accomplishments:



We got an apartment??? Be RIGHT OVER!!!


Monday, June 29, 2015

RP: I FORGOT to Post the "Uglies" -- in the Last Posting (Absolute DIRT on Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan and my siblings)!!!

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1. I DID stop in Mayor Bill Saffo's office this morning, and Dawn Grants proved to be not only really NICE, but younger and more attractive than I had expected!!!

It is difficult in this photo to tell the identical twin brothers apart. In 2011, several guys in a band, told me that Jon and Ben David came up to them drunk (On Pleasure Island), insisting they be told where they could get "cocaine and ussy-pay"!!!

They look high as HELL, here, no???

Just returning from a week off, she said it would take her a couple of days to catch up her important work, and then she will call me to set me up with an appointment with the Mayor. Without getting into details with her, I want Our Mayor to know that the Fed Investigators probably will first either make deals to catch even BIGGER fish with former Republican State Senator Thom GoolsbyDistrict Attorney (New Hanover County) Benjamin R. David (http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/04/repost-da-ben-davids-boyfriend-lee.html), and District Attorney Jon David (neighboring Brunswick County)OR simply bring charges and ARREST THEM!!!

I believe the same holds true for the County Sheriff, Ed McMahon:

I don't know WHY CIA or other hackers INSIST this photo lies on its side, but Sheriff McMahon sure LIED TO ME on July 3, 2011, about not knowing about the mini-subs unloading POWDER DRUGS under Snow's Cut Bridge, and his reputation is that his manhood is as big as his nose and ears!!!

Although Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked crack daily in a crack house owned by the uncle of a guy I know in 2011 and 12, EVERYONE occasionally breaks drug laws, so WHY should a POLICE CHIEF be any different???

But he has a MAJOR problem from his officers MURDERING my friend Evan Fish, early September 2011:

As I DID explain to Ms. Grants, the Mayor needs to KNOW more details than I am willing to blog about.

2. I noticed that the Frank Hawkins Kenan Bridge out of town on I-40 is just above the LAST EXIT of that highway -- EXIT 420 -- LOL!!!

3. Today is my first cousin Judy Whitney's birthday, and she REALLY LIKED what I wrote yesterday about my FAMILYhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-value-of-my-visiting-my-mother-and.html


Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of 1913 Castle Pines Drive, Raleigh -- and Jane Ann Kenan lives at 2018 Pine Drive, Raleigh

Since the early oughts, my mother, trained as a nurse and who TAUGHT nursing -- as well as running Proctor & Gamble's Skin Research Labs in Cincinnati in the late 1940s, working with the research of Dr. Joseph Mengele's SKIN RESULTS of torture to JEWS and others (and his MIND CONTROL research as well), has always told me she has "no idea" why I had so much edema in my feet and lower legs (which comes and goes, and I had assumed it was a side effect of the Lithium Carbonate that Mom had intimidated many shrinks and JUDGES to giving me, although I am NOT BIPOLAR).

When Testosteroni (in a brief rest from trying to advise me to ACCEPT those trying to murder me in Puerto Vallarta), paid for my hospitalization for a few days a year ago for water on the lungscongestive heart failure, and arrhythmia, I learned from the doctor that the edema was a SYMPTOM of significant HEART DISEASE -- but it disappeared after I got the correct medications.

Then yesterday -- Mom apparently FORGETTING she'd always acted like she had NO IDEA where it could have come fromEXCLAIMED to me, "YES, it can be a symptom of serious heart disease or liver disease!!!"

That DID ITpermanently, and I will work tirelessly to at least IMPRISON my own mother as well as Jane Ann KenanMichael William Kenan, and Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy!!!



RP: To CLARIFY the Peculiarities of My Apartment Search!!!

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I also worked for Tennessee Williams 1981 - 1982.

Thanks for the info!!!

I'm afraid that being as independent as I am, that I really need something more private than part of someone else's home. I'm a smoker who never smoked in my own home for the 26 years I owned it, but that would be too much in and out the door for everyone, I expect.

The spaces are both beautifully put together, though, although I would not need anything so "fancy", really (or even furnished).

Perhaps you know of something more appropriate for me.

As I believe I mentioned, I was playwright Tennessee Williams's last assistant, and can prove who murdered him -- in Court, which would move his estate now valued at nearly a BILLION dollars from Sewanee/Episcopal Church to Harvard. I also had legal problems when D.A. Benjamin David threw me in jail five times on false charges, now ALL dropped for no evidence of crimes. I was also committed to the Oaks mental ward by Mr. David twice, but sprung by the head doctor (Martin), both times because I am perfectly sane.

I fled to Mexico for the last three years on advice of Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman (whose book club I had participated in in Atlanta in 2010), and now work with Gen. Russel Honore (who will soon announce he is running for Gov. of Louisiana), whom I had two meetings with in New Orleans this past March, to BUST the narco-trafficking Thom Goolsby, the David brothers (both local D.A.'s), and others. MY work on it is completed, and all danger to me has passed.

I do NOT know when the Feds will begin arresting these people.

So I will be writing a book on it all, similar to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. My memoir of working for Tennessee Williams got RAVE reviews from John Lahr and many Williams scholars.

I understand a businessperson's concern about income, etc., but my journey has been a bit "out of the box", as they say. Today, I have an income from Disability (I am not actually disabled, but the doctor who examined me understood my situation and approved me), so something like $1,100.00/month, augmented by a huge Tennessee Williams fan in NYC who has guaranteed me $600.00/per month, which he has faithfully paid (and often more), for over 3.5 years, now.

I am planning to also get a part time job, and have been in business nearly my entire life, first founding this store that my co-founding partners still own in Cape May, NJ, http://www.whalestalecapemay.com/, then selling ad space in ALL yearbooks for US Service Academies and War Colleges from 1992 - 2010, at this company: www.pentagon-usa.com.

I am happy to be rebuilding my life -- and HELPING the Patriots in US Government BUST narco-traffickers here in Wilmington and elsewhere.

Do you know of anyone somewhat flexible in looking at past record, who might take a chance renting to me???

Thanks so much!!!


The Latin means "Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"


RP: The VALUE of My Visiting My Mother and Sister Jane, Yesterday (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)!!!

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My brother's father-in-law, Larry Godley, took this photo of ALL of his and my parents' descendants and their THEN-spouses and their children, when we all gathered at my brother's house 10 to 15 years ago for Christmas. Ann Godley (front in red sweatshirt), carries the "Royal" genes of North Carolina's Royal Governor Johnston, while my father, William Scott Kenan (center, back), carries the Cherokee blood.

ONLY my two nephews and niece (the young people who look "white"), carry both. The OTHER young woman in front, stands in front of her bearded father, and although I am now BLANKING on the brother of my sister-in-law's name (and his wife whom he married in Estado Quintana Roo, Mexico is mysteriously missing here), Evie Godley is half Mexican.

See how those sneaky Mexicans infiltrated these "WHITEST" of families -- LOL!!!

And that "Royal" bloodline is EXACTLY the one my wealthy Kenan relatives claim to have -- and CONTINUE to pretend they have -- EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD'S TOP GENEALOGIST, MARIE DELAMAR, PROVED THEY DON'T HAVE IT.

And the wealthy Kenans MANUFACTURED the family crest we now all use about 1967, to FLAUNT their "High Blood" -- even using it on all the plaques at UNC and Duke University -- DESPITE its being PURE FICTION!!!

That crest is FALSE, but I CHOOSE to live up to its HIGH IDEALS, expressed in its symbology.

PITY that no other Kenans actually do, near or far.


1. MOST important is my continuing to talk to TONS of people in my travels, even seeking out those who look like they would disagree with me on Politics, to see what they think about ALL the recent political controversies, and I'll paste in below this list, my comments on it made to Ryan Burriss -- a friend for four years as well as Head of Cape Fear Equality.

2. The entire visit was more friendly than any other visit I've had before with Mom -- and as friendly as usual with sister Jane -- but they had NO INTEREST in anything about my life and Political Adventures, loss of basically ALL POSSESSIONS (with their help to Republicans who tried and tried to kill, jail, or nut-house commit me).

3. I did a lot of yard-work that no one else chose to do, so that it is looking better now -- and said I'd come up once/month through growing season to check on its maintenance -- and spruce things up as well.

4. My niece's leather-seated, moon-roofed Honda sedan that my brother gave her sits in Mom's driveway, while Taylor is an intern in NYC for the summer, before returning for her senior year at UNC, Chapel Hill. Being out-of-state, my brother pays HIGH tuition, equivalent to a GOOD private college, as well.

5. My sister Jane said that Taylor is doing GREAT as both a student and an athlete at UNC, but would NEVER get a grant-in-aid -- because my brother Mike makes FAR TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

6. Mom has a new Chrysler Town and Country LOADED van (despite being nearly 93 and on a walker, so may have to give up driving soon) -- PROVING Mom has MONEY TO BLOW, no???

7. Jane has a new Dodge van, and is doing great.

8. Jane and Mom both said they have nothing they can give of old things to help me set up an apartment -- I KNEW BETTER than to ask these two for even a PENNY, but they DID feed me dinner of breaded fish filet and twice baked potato!!!

These people appreciate NOTHING -- and proved they are FAR RICHER than I had ever known. That is THEIR problem of NO HEART and NO SOUL!!!

WILL still maintain Mom's yard.

A recent photo of Ryan BurrissHead of Cape Fear Equality

AND Officer of the Democratic Party of New Hanover County, NC!!!

** Good read! Why I support same-sex marriage: a religious argument in solidarity - What Would Muhammad Do?

This is the reason that I ultimately came over from the cautious supporting “civil union” side to supporting full marriage. We don’t want a society in which some...
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  • Scott Kenan Well, if "What Muhammad Would Do" is how to defend Marriage Equality, then I assume you have RENOUNCED Jesus as the "Son of God" -- and now see him as a Prophet -- like Muhammad did, and as do ALL Muslims!!! RISKY proclamation for Wilmington!!!
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  • Ryan Lee Burris Didn't say I agreed with it all, or that I was a practicing Muslim. I went to a wedding in a Catholic Church yesterday, doesn't mean I'm converting to Catholicism. I posted an article about a hate crime today, doesn't mean I'm advocating hate crimes. The article simply gives insight into how some advocates from the Muslim community perceive things. I don't remember proclaiming anything, other than it being a good read..
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    • Scott Kenan If you ASK WHAT anyone would do -- the answer being a justification for something -- then you ACCEPT that person's AUTHORITY in all things. EXACTLY as those who use "What Would Jesus Do?" means they accept his opinion as THE AUTHORITY WITHOUT further question. Search for info on Logic. These logic errors are endemic to Common Christianity and you have TONS of company, so you needn't get defensive.
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    • Erin Burris Galloway Ryan, if you were raised as a Catholichow would you "convert" to Catholicism? LOL.
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    • Scott Kenan

      Write a reply...

  • Ryan Lee Burris The Why I support same-sex marriage: a religious argument in solidarity - What Would Muhammad Do? Was just me putting the title of the article in the post..
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  • Scott Kenan This image that Ryan liked on another thread explains my point better. It is ABSURD to approve or disapprove Marriage Equality using ANY religion. Atheists and agnostics get married every day. HOW can a decision based on ANY religious opinion be applied to them, since THEY don't believe in God??? And since BOTH Christians and Muslims are SPLIT in what they claim their "founder" would think about gay marriage, interpreting their scriptures differently -- AND no one can bring back Jesus or Muhammad to SPEAK their opinions, DEAD Prophets cant be relied on for EITHER side of the debate. So While the Pope is AGAINST it, the head of the Episcopal Church is FOR it, so citing LIVING Heads of Church ALSO just confuses the issue. I hope I am finally clear and all realize I'm not ATTACKING anyone, but discussing IDEAS and LOGIC.

    Scott Kenan's photo.
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  • Scott Kenan GOOD NEWS for North Carolinians!!!: Having in the last week driven 600 miles through Texas (which HuffPost has claimed is likely to go SOLID DEM in next election), and then driven 350 miles across NC on two trips in the same time, I talked to TONS of people at rest stops and gas stations -- finding EVERYONE I spoke with to be kind, friendly, and supportive of my very "Left" opinions (and I LOOKED for "rough" types because I DO like to argue). NOT ONE PERSON defended Republicans at all, and ALL claimed support of Progressive ideas and Laws!!!http://www.newsobserver.com/.../article25662832.html...

    New Democratic chair sees party on the verge
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  • Scott Kenan Additionally, Ryan is RIGHT in his original comments to me (if a bit "muddy"), and while I have reported on the results of my talking to TONS of people on my routes very honestly, and I TALK to people I expect to oppose my opinions -- because I hope to make those people THINK -- I hope Ryan and Wes ALSO tried to change the opinions of those they met on the road and at Ryan's relative's Catholic marriage. THAT is how leaders CHANGE MINDS, no???
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