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RP: Some Perspective on Problems at the Carolina Apartments

RE-PRINTED from here

When I checked my email after a "day in the country", I had a Facebook Friend request from apartments manager Tomi -- as well as a hand-written note from her on my door.

The Facebook request confirmed what I've always believed to be Tomi's good intentions, while her note confirmed she missed my point and the legal jeopardy she put the Apartments in by her note, apparently unknowingly -- a symptom of the fear caused by  Drug Mafia Bullies that pervades this town to its very roots -- and which has NOTHING to do with this, but sets the PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS (secrecy, lies, back-biting -- even the Drug Mafia who were NOT AFRAID to harass me in Costco a few days ago).

They seemed to believe Costco was part of their crime network and they could NOT be stopped!!!

I'm only now going to re-post Tomi's note to ALL residents (at the very bottom), skip posting what she later wrote me, but paste in what I TRIED to send her by Facebook Message, but even though I ACCEPTED Toni's request, I was UNABLE to send the message -- something I've never seen before.

>>> JUST NOW, Anthony from Apartment 69, after claiming Tomi, her boyfriend, and Jenny McCracken are all former drug addicts and prone to mind games, suggested that I slide on a water-leak puddle from the leaking roof, then sue for damages.

I explained that I don't fake problems, and there is enough to get to the bottom of, already, and if you ask ME, the biggest problem in Wilmington is the seeming inability of the Christians to use fact, logic, or reason -- or love. He replied that he is Christian and that is not true, so I said he didn't seem that type, but many are:


Which is not a problem if just the theologybut spills into Politics and other areas.

Then Anthony said he would have me beaten up by some other guys in this town for thatand I said I'd have him thrown in jail for TERRORISTIC THREATS -- and I probably will have to get a Court Injunction to keep him away from me, as he then got aggressive, moving toward me, angry and threateningly, claiming that I had somehow threatened him FIRST!!!

I immediately and quickly entered my apartment and locked the locks, but he called me twice more -- and now, he is at my door apologizing. I have enough on my plate without all this DRAMA over nothing!!!


1. I just discovered that Tomi Matheson has now BLOCKED me on Facebook -- even though she sent me the friend request -- and the only communication we've had there is the ungrammatical NONSENSE, that is so ungrammatical, I don't know what it actually means.

The note below it was BLOCKED from her receiving it, so there is no way she could have read it when she blocked me.

2. I was at Bank of America's main branch on 3rd Street, today, to make a deposit, and the branch manager, whom I'd not yet met, although I am friendly with all the rest of the staff, came out to meet me and said he'd heard a lot of my background. 

I was so distraught by Tomi's first note, and was carrying it to share with Benefits Management, so handed it to him with little introduction, asking him what he thought of it. He said it looks like it probably breaks several laws -- and that SOMEONE is going to give me a lot of money, soon!!!

He went on to say he can't believe how stupid many people are, writing things that in a Court of Law can get them in a lot of trouble.

And I should be clear, this was one man to another -- NOT Bank of America talking!!!

3. At Benefits Management, Teri, the owner and my agent, was not available, but the rest of the staff first copied it for their files, then reading it, reacted the exact same way.

  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Hi Tomi -- I was very happy to see this friend request, and I am going to respond to you shortly, including your second note. We are all actually on the same page, and the REAL problem, I think, is that Wilmington people lose perspective because this is the MOST Drug Mafia corrupted city in the USA, something well known by my top allies in the USA, Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore', and since my parents set much of the narco-trafficking up when they lived here in the 1980s and 90s, I feel obliged to make amends for that -- as well as the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, caused by the father of the man who build these apartments and First Presbyterian, and after 5 years of trying to get Thomas S. Kenan III (I first knew this building when I dated Tom's ex-long-term lover who lived here -- during the time Blue Velvet was being filmed -- LOL!!!), to abandon his uber-racism and support of narco-trafficking, I gave up on that, and now work to undermine his political power.

    • Of course no one cares about the plant marijuana, and I don't care about people who use other drugs -- if they can do it without harming society. I hunt BIG GAME, not small time dealers like a few of the people living here.

    • What I report I have been publicly reporting for three or more years, can hardly be called a secret (although Wilmingtonians act as if it is a BIG SECRET and I will get killed -- LOL!!!) It is no news and Gen. Honore knew about it before I met him, as did many others in powerful positions (including two former Presidents of Mexico I am also connected with now) -- but it has to end as society is too corrupted to function, now -- almost. 

    • I took a drive to Fort Fisher, and then the ferry to Southport -- just to get perspective, because I knew the problem needed a greater perspective in MY mind, I have no control over anyone else's mind.

    • Since I did blog your note, I am going to write a new posting to explain things better, and when I'm finished with it, I'll message you again so you can read it.
    • In the meantime, you might get a kick out of my report to the NC SBI which I also sent to Gov. McCrory two days ago, and my 500 email recipients, mostly on the US Press, and NOT that many in Wilmington, anymore.


    • Scott
    This person can't get messages right now.




    To All Tenants Of The Carolina And Confederate Apts.

    Effective immediately, for all questions, concerns and issues with your apartment, you are instructed to call 910-763-4003 and leave a message. The machine will be checked periodically, at which time Tomi (apartments manager) will contact you. Only phone calls concerning fire or excessive water leaks (undefined)  will be accepted. If you choose to call or text Tomi for any other reason, there will be a $50 fee deducted from your rent payment, subsequently making your rent short, so be sure to take that into account.

    However calls or texts will be accepted if you lock yourself out of your apart. as there is a $50 cash charge to unlock your door anyway!


    I trust all will be peaceful tonight . . . 

    Was filmed in the Carollina Apartments in 1985 -- while I dated Curtis "Robbie" AndersonThomas S. Kenan III's most previous long-term lover!!!



    RP: It is TIME to Sic the Snake-Handlin' Christian, Sherman Criner, on Mr. Cutter, Who Owns The Carolina and The Confederate Apartments in WHITE-ASSED Wilmington!!!

    RE-PRINTED from here




    To All Tenants Of The Carolina And Confederate Apts.

    Effective immediately, for all questions, concerns and issues with your apartment, you are instructed to call 910-763-4003 and leave a message. The machine will be checked periodically, at which time Tomi (apartments manager) will contact you. Only phone calls concerning fire or excessive water leaks (undefined)  will be accepted. If you choose to call or text Tomi for any other reason, there will be a $50 fee deducted from your rent payment, subsequently making your rent short, so be sure to take that into account.

    However calls or texts will be accepted if you lock yourself out of your apart. as there is a $50 cash charge to unlock your door anyway!


    Frankly, I do NOT believe Tomi wrote this -- and might not even been aware of it until after it was distributedWe need to see the tapes from the new video-camera surveillance system to know who actually put this on everyone's door!!!

    I'm off to be sure Benefits Managements has this notice in their files -- should any of their other clients ever consider moving here.

    Then I shall return, and have SOME FUN WITH THIS!!!



    Thursday, July 30, 2015

    RP: After Emailing the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation -- and Governor McCrory as Well -- I Sat Down to Some "Thom Goolsby" Brand Sausages that I Had Bought at Costco!!!

    RE-PRINTED from here

    Only $7.95 for 2.5 pounds!!! 

    I'd never SAUSAGE a thing . . . before!!!

    (With apologies to Charles Quiggley of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group)

    And I SURE hope the former Senator enjoys his PERSONAL sausage, but he never acts satisfied, so I doubt it.

    (With apologies to "South of the Border" on I-95)

    Stanley Winborne with Colin Hamilton -- of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group

    The most important thing to say, is that overnight, my two most recent postings regarding Colin Hamilton ZOOMED to the most hit in a week -- yesterday's having HUNDREDS of hits, and the Search Words used to find my blogs included that Colin was KILLED this past Sunday, July 26.

    And "Christine Hitchens" emailed me in ABJECT PANIC, claiming things were CRAZY in Puerto Vallarta since then. I've heard nothing from her regarding my reply, asking for WHAT KIND of troubles.

    Then, I Facebook messaged Stanley Winborne, letting him know that -- and offering to help his and his wife's return to North Carolina -- should they TOO feel too uneasy. I forgot to mention the Oregano Festival we are having here in Wilmington, though.

    I also called my mother (before calling and leaving voice-mail for Testosteroni), and we had a one-way talk of me letting her know that I'd emailed the NC SBI and Gov. McCrory -- suggesting she get my sister Jane to show Mom what I had actually written, and NOT telling her what it is (nor did Mom ask).

    Mom thanked me for that, and we parted quite cordially -- NEITHER of us telling the other we love each other -- HA!!!


    For the FIRST TIME EVER (except for loving my Tennessee Williams memoir), he COMPLIMENTED me on my writing -- and on the missive just mentioned!!!

    And he even expressed hope that it is effective toward MY goals.

    Not only THAT, but he clearly laid out how he felt about his financial commitment to me (past and future -- but not present), even clearing up a legality, which I'll accept on his word.

    But he STILL showed not a SHRED OF EMPATHY for what I have had to do or my current situation of still having a SMALL need to finish replacing what I consider essentials, and they are FAR LESS than what he has happily paid for before -- WHEN I intended to stay in Puerto Vallarta, IN HARMS WAY!!!

    So, I REFUSE to prove to him what he presented as an OPEN need of his, meaning he can ALWAYS CLAIM I HAVEN'T FULFILLED IT!!!

    It appears he is getting writing lessons from Dr. Kevin Shrum, as documented here:

    So I've decided I will NOT argue with a legal drug addict -- an 81-year-old recluse with a hat shop for THUGS, online -- who not only gets injections of Testosterone, but takes Daily Cialis so he has more fun with his Old Pecker -- his ONLY source of pleasure that I'm aware of!!!


    Considering that I have RECENTLY been able to get access to EVERY EMAIL I've sent or received -- beginning in about 2007 -- this includes TONS of emails with Patrick StansburyMike MassicottLee Gosney, the double-agent Geraldine Flynn and her "hairless-but-hot"Italianistictoo-thick-to-fit-in-Gerry's-vagina husbandJoel Miller!!!

    -- including where Testo ADMITS to getting instructions from my sister Jane -- I've decided that his today-provided further PROOF of his commitment going into the unforeseen future of financial assistance -- and his record of throwing me MORE MONEY than I would ever have asked for -- as well as spending at least $600.00 to send a wooden table that he KNEW would not pass Mexican Customs, so they TRASHED IT, and he's sent MANY items of little cost that were not only commonly available in Mexico, but due to WEIGHT, cost as much as $60.00 per box to mail to me, I will initiate a lawsuit for PALIMONY -- as well as one for PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM, which is what my sister Julie and my mother use as their PRIME way of spreading their CATHOLIC SWASTIKAS!!!

    * * *
    I actually agree that MOST monuments should remain as part of the Historical Record, but must be AUGMENTED by equally impressive monuments to the REST OF THE STORY!!! Some should be moved from "too prominent places".

    Under pressure to take action from groups on both sides of the Confederate symbols debate, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory responded Thursday by...
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher Another idiot republican standing in the way of enlightenment.
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher Wouldn't it be funny if Jesus told all the republicans that they had to ride in the back of the bus on the way to heaven Becuz of their stupidity in life !!
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher AND when we got to heaven, GOD looks like James Brown !
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher I despise SMUG idiot republicans who act like revelation of truth ias something sinister and unholy
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    • Scott Kenan I still think we need to ADD monuments to the TRUTH, but leave the better (artistically), of the old monuments as part of the historic record, moving many to less "respectable" places. Check out what I mean about artistic ones here:

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    • Scott Kenan

      Located at the plaza of South Third and Dock Street in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, the bronze and granite Confederate Memorial stands honoring Confederate soldiers who fought for the Confederacy.[1]
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher They know which is which but in their classic bs smirkish ways they always try to create a red herring to make an "idealistic" stand . I will be glad when they are completely obsolete!
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    • Oscar Hayes Fisher Which will be very soon
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      • Scott Kenan

        Write a reply...

    • Scott Kenan Yes, Oscar Hayes Fisher -- I agree!!! And like the Model T Ford, we continue to honor their PLACE IN HISTORY, although not their original power!!!
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    • Scott Kenan Oscar Hayes Fisher, my biggest concern about your above opinions, is that YOU seem to believe that these monuments have POWER (which they do still to self-hating White Supremacists -- primarily God-Hating Christians), but the POWER is in those people's MINDS and NOT in these inanimate objects that are incapable of thinking, themselves. That is what the Bible refers to as "worshiping graven images". But I assign no such power to them, so my only interest is in the beauty of the sculpture and even poetry (which can be interpreted many ways), well illustrated by this one. YOU are enslaved to emotional upset by them -- if I am correct -- but I am NOT!!! I am a FREE MIND (inhabiting a host body), and even if you don't see my point, I am not arguing further. I am free and trust you will be free, also, one day. Surely you would not freak out about the Zeus-believers when you see a sculpture of Zeus -- or do you??
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      • Oscar Hayes Fisher They hold no power in my mind but I think people who are citizens of the USA have spoken and made it perfectly clear that they DONT want STATE or govt sanctioned representation of such images in the same
        Way that church and state should not be intermingled. I also don't understand why we have the words "In GOD we TRUST" on our currency and yet rely more on military might to defend ourselves than the tenets of diplomacy and spreading peace . I just don't care for BS draped in patriotism!! It's a sham scam Sam. I don't care what the bible says specifically because that's another misinterpreted sham scam too . An etiquette book created to control the uneducated masses . What I do believe in is the universal LAW of Attraction. Do unto others ... 
        And for all the people who pay taxes , fight in our military for a biased body of representation, work long hours for low wages , and are disproportionately jailed for senseless crimes (ie black Americans) I stand with them if they say that the symbol is offensive to them , then it is also offensive to me . It's just that simple . We didn't keep many of the symbols of England rule when our nation won independence yet that also was a part of out history . I Say some things are purdy obvious and long overdue. Getting rid of confederacy once and
        All is the rIgHT thing to do .
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        • Scott Kenan

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      • Oscar Hayes Fisher The model t ford wasn't offensive to anyone that I am aware of
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      • Scott Kenan Thank you for sharing. I agree with nearly everything you wrote, although I do NOT freak when I spend cash saying "In God We Trust", and having spent EIGHT YEARS studying metaphysics (Science of Mind), under its then President, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, YOU are confusing the Bible's Golden Rule with the Law of Attraction, a very different thing. So go to school or do some research before displaying your ignorance and emotional slavery again, please.
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    . . . if sometimes tough.