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RP: My Letter to Be Snail-Mailed to Tom Kenan, Tomorrow, Was Emailed to Steve Armstrong at Kenan Management, Inc., Tonight!!!

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Thomas S. Kenan III


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Powell said the "party has shifted much further right than where the country is."
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Thomas S. Kenan III
Kenan Management, Inc.
100 Europa Drive, # 525
Chapel Hill, NC 27527

September 30, 2015

Dear Tom,

I hope this finds you well, and also Betty, whom so many people I’ve spoken with mention with very high regard. Tonight, I am extremely concerned about the state of politics in our state, and lay aside any and all political differences I might have with you, as we both value education and the arts so highly – and both are concerned about the treatment of LGBT and other people, whom our Governor and State Legislature seem determined to discriminate against, against the wishes of not just my Democratic Party, but your Republican Party members, as well. I was prompted to write after that last actions of the North Carolina Legislature – and the begrudging admission of the Vatican that Pope Francis DID meet with Kim Davis in person, which internet speculation is that at least half the Good Will of the Pope from his US trip will now be wiped out due to that one meeting – and I had a HUGE confrontational blow-up with my mother by phone this morning.

All interest seems only in greed for the few, who have plenty already, and I won’t belabor politics as I assume you must be up on all of that. What you should know, is that although I’m so distantly related to you, no one would normally claim we are relatives, the fact that we both bear the same surname and are tied to S.E. North Carolina has had profound effects on my life. Being that I am a published writer, and the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, know that I’m fine with these things in the past and at 64, I look like I’m 54 and am as healthy as an ox – as well as quite happy.

To begin with, at the end of the 1940s, my father, a bisexual, was given the choice of marrying my mother and turning Catholic, or going to prison for the murder of his male lover, actually shot in the head by my mother’s people – the Cincinnati records show “Russian Roulette Suicide”. My mother, while in high school, won an award from Henry Ford, who with Joe Kennedy (father of the President), had been the most influential Americans urging President Roosevelt to go to war on the side of Hitler and the Axis. Mom’s brothers were blacklisted by the Roosevelt government, as many German sympathizers were, because they were judged Nazi sympathizers by our government, and were only allowed to fight in the Pacific theater.

Additionally, you should know that my father, even to his dying day a year and a half ago, complained that he had grown up in and around Wilmington nearly homeless (and often shoeless), while the wealthy Kenans rode limousines around town, doing nothing for him. This is ridiculous, as my grandfather was a bad drunk and they moved eleven times before Dad graduated New Hanover High in 1935 or so. He was nowhere near related, although he was made fun of for bearing the same surname as you, and being dirt poor.

In the late 1950s, my father, a lowly clerk for Sun Oil in Louisville, KY, then, had some sort of alliance with the Bingham Family – and we received Christmas gifts annually from a vice president of Pepsi, although my parents hated JFK with a passion, they used the Bingham Family (being Progressive Democrats, I assume the paper supported JFK’s candidacy), and admiration of their newspaper to find like-minded friends after we moved to West Chester, PA a few weeks before JFK was assassinated. I believe my parents were involved in the planning of that, and indeed, in 1990, two top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, told me my parents were the top literal Nazis in the USA. When I first blogged this in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an “Honorary Jew”.

This, early in the year, after Patrick Stansbury, my boss of 20 years at Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA, fired me after he knew I would disclose that he had passed much cash with now former Republican Congressman John Linder, and in fact distributed illegal drugs brought in on US Air Force planes to Maxwell, AFB, including to many from at least Wilmington up to Maine – my friend Evan Fish knowing much of the details of this (especially in these two places), was forced by Wilmington Police to jump to his death from atop the parking garage next to the downtown library early September 2011 – and to this day, the Wilmington Star News continues to cover this up.

It was also in early 2010, that Col. Dottie Newman, then retired Chief Protocol Officer to Colin Powell while he was Secretary of State, told me that the CIA and Republican Party would murder me, since they had been unable to commit me to a mental hospital in five tries in one month – with help not only of Patrick Stansbury, but of my parents and both of my sisters. My siblings were all brainwashed by Mom, who ran Proctor & Gamble’s Skin Research Labs right after WWII, working with Dr. Mengele’s data from Concentration Camp victims, but also his work on Nazi Mind Control. It was my mother’s idea that Fox New use the tones that produce euphoria in people taking “old age drugs” to addict people to watching Fox News. About 2003, virtually every major news broadcaster was suing Fox for doing that, and they stopped before it got to court.

Additionally, my parents worked with former Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whose apartment I twice visited in Atlanta in the very early 1990s when he with my parents and others – and protected by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and CNN, especially – worked with Patrick Stansbury, Newt Gingrich, and others), to set up the huge narcotics ring, then running through Stone Mountain Park behind my home, and when I foolishly reported it to Gingrich’s Congressional Office and CNN HQ, I soon found myself in Dekalb County jail on false charge of simple Trespass, but held without bond until I sued the Sheriff Writ of Habeus Corpus, and for that little charge on a perfectly clean record, I was given a year of house arrest probation and ordered to take, and weekly prove I took, Lithium for  Bipolar, which I do not have (it was semi-lobotomizing and made me not care).

Your Uncle Jimmy kindly referred me to his wife’s nephew, Gregg Loomis, who was not the right kind of lawyer, but when I cracked to him that since our name is in Chronicles I, so maybe we were Jews in hiding, he immediately warned me to never say such a thing to your immediate family, as all of you “hate only Jews more than ‘niggers’”.

This was a long time ago, and many people have confirmed that this was in fact your father’s strong position. But this is today, and I trust we can all get past the hatred and narrowmindedness of so many S.E. North Carolinians – the exact sentiments that drove William Rand Kenan, Jr. to abandon Wilmington for the North or Palm Beach! Indeed, it is very clear to anyone half sensitive that Will Kenan was gay, especially since he moved in with his life-long male secretary, Scotty, after his barren wife died early.

You might get a kick out of the fact that when I first returned to the States late June of this year, I first had an apartment in the Carolina Apartments, long owned by George Cutter, who with his manager and two residents, Jennifer McCracken and Anthony Carmichael, perjured themselves outrageously to evict me – after Jennifer who had offered to sell me any narcotic or powder drugs – and did supply me with marijuana until I stopped smoking it (never a problem in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – and recommended as better than alcohol by your old friend and occasional business associate Stanley Winborne III, who was in my writers group there).

Interesting, was that the magistrate, sensing the situation, had two armed Deputies (old friends of mine who knew the problem as well), sit in at the hearing, and we all discussed what had really happened after the plaintiffs left first, they securing my eviction by force of overwhelment, which I appealed to jury trial, but worked out a friendly deal with Mr. Cutter and now have the second floor of an early Victorian next door to a lawyer (and strong Democrat), who is friends with both Sterling (Kenan) McCracken and Frank Hawkins Kenan II. It’s a small world, no? I may have to sue Cutter if he does not remove my eviction from the record, as he promised to do by now, but I’ve heard nothing of it.

You see, Jennifer McCracken (no relation to Sterling’s husband), was the ONLY person who knew the details of the murder of the leader of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, Colin Stuart Hamilton, former star of BBC radio, especially, and TV, and that his body was found and dug up south of Guadalajara. In fact, after I sent that info to friends on Mexico, not only were my blog posting about it hit like crazy, especially in Mexico and Great Britain, but press in Mexico reprinted info from my blog, there being a news blackout about it in Puerto Vallarta to preserve tourist traffic.

Jennifer ALSO knew of my acquaintance Del Shores’s (playwright, whose Sordid Lives play was made into a movie and then a TV series as well), involvement in narco-trafficking, and defended strongly that of Wilmington lawyer and pillar of First Presbyterian, David Nash’s involvement. David had filed the first false charges against me in New Hanover Courts in 2011, leading to my collapse back into homelessness and living under the 4th Street viaduct. District Attorney Ben David, now Elder at First Prez, eventually had me in jail five times on eight false charges – as well as twice committed to The Oaks mental ward where doctors quickly released me for being sane. And just a month and a half ago, Judge Lindsey Luther (Republican and Deacon at First Prez), pulled illegal tricks to dismiss my petitions for Restraining Orders against Jennifer and another hall-mate and sex-magnet/drug-seller, Anthony Humphrey.

You should also know that Jackie Kennedy Onassis really DID warn Tennessee Williams that the Episcopal Church/Sewanee with help of the Republican Party, FBI, and CIA would murder him and steal his estate from Harvard – at a party we attended in early 1982. I can prove in Court that this happened, and I also had occasion to meet several very serious criminals that the CIA released early from maximum-security prisons in the US and sent to Puerto Vallarta to murder and otherwise protect the CIA/US State Department narco-trafficking, frequently in partnership with the Episcopal Church, USA, which is almost solely a narco-trafficking organization in Mexico – and I have names, license plate photos, and other Court quality proof of that, including of clergy at St. James here in Wilmington, and of Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Manhattan, where Tennessee Williams’s Poet’s Stone is.

Some of the very same people easily legally connected to Tennessee’s murder.

I must tell you that although few ever heard of the Kenan Family in Mexico, everyone says that Exxon-Mobil with the CIA and US State Department put President Enrique Pena Nieto in power to get the oil and the drugs. At the border, the guards “knew” it was the Kenan Family, as did the Creek Indians on their reservation in Alabama – and a major publisher’s rep who approached me at the last Williams Festival in New Orleans, last March (and General Russel Honore’, with whom I met twice there).

Everyone in Wilmington (even many Republicans), believe that your branch of the family leads in the support of an upcoming “Christian” Race War (not unlike the Wilmington 1898 Insurrection, led by William Rand Kenan, Sr. and the Pastor of First Prez,), and I found that Judge Luther’s husband (in GREAT standing at First Prez, too) posted on Facebook all kinds of support for “Christians” having to take up arms and murder all who disagree with their brand of Christianity, which seems literally Devil-inspired to me, and MOST Wilmingtonians, seem to know this, but are afraid to speak about it.

However, I have survived even being held hostage five times in Mexico by CIA/Episcopal Church Drug Mafia – and many other adventures, so I fear NOTHING, and will soon begin writing a series of books on the true story of the Kenan Family (both my and your branches), as well as the back-story of American politics.

Oh, and you might like to know that the US Special Forces agent from the Middle East who was flown to Wilmington and debriefed me late the night of this past 4th of July, absolutely confirmed that Stanley Winborne’s son (who Stanley does NOT get along with), since he was until recently second in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan, had to be the one in charge of shipping all the heroin back to the States – then Patrick Stanbury and Pentagon Publishing distributed it for the coffers of the Bush/Cheney Republicans with their lackeys, both Clintons.

Just as President Obama cannot be judged until his term is up, your branch and you as its Face to the World, cannot be judged until you relinquish your role. I look forward to observing how you influence those in political power that you can and do influence.

I do not ask for anything, except that you know I will blog this letter, so there is Court Quality Proof that you know of these things and can learn far more (and see the proofs), in my blogs, which can be data-mined by googling “Scott Kenan” then any other name, thing, or concept. I now have published over 3,000 essay-length blog postings going back to 2008. My original blog is, and then I have a mirror blog with wider graphics begun 1/1/14,

My intention is to find common ground with you, and I assume being so wealthy you have been insulated from truth by those wishing to profit by allying (and/or using), with you. I, myself, recently discovered that most of my long-term boyfriends were actually agents of my mother and connected quite profitably to narco-trafficking, so have had many bitter disappointments, but this has all been revealed to me over the last six years, and I am LOVING what a great, best-selling story I will write and get wealthy from.

I do actually hope that you or an associate of yours will be in touch with me and I can give all info I have to you for free. My intention is to now begin writing a lot about your branch’s incredible support for education, especially, and other good works as well. I trust we will at least eventually find common ground so we can bring our country back to Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Vive ut Vivas!!!
Scott David Kenan


RP: Given the DIRE Straights of North Carolina, Especially, I Just Called Thomas S. Kenan III's Chief Deputy to Let Him Know I Will Be Sending Tom Important Materials, Looking for His Take on Current NC Politics (and What We Might Accomplish Together).

RE-PRINTED from here

It was Pope Francis who was in charge when I caught my mother on secured comm with Coach Lou Holtz and John Boehner -- when Obama made the deal to re-open the US Government two years ago.

I can prove Mom's meeting Pope John Paul II at least twice, and Mom has been the TOP US link to the Papacy since Old Joe and Rose Kennedy left that role during Pius's reign.

I will publish SOME ELEMENTS of my letter to Tom Kenan, but not all as we must get PAST partisan politics, and this is partially, anyway, "family business".

Also, I had a SCATHING conversation with my mother, early today, and she does NOT back down from her spreading lies (believed by all my siblings at the time), that I was bipolar -- despite several doctors having claimed I was NOT bipolar.

She was PROUD to cause me to be homeless after she paid my way back to the USA in late 2010, but I sought independent psychiatric evaluation -- and cancelled the appointment with the shrink whose screener said I definitely WAS Bipolar, before I even met anyone qualified to diagnose me -- because of Mom's CLOSED DOOR meeting with that man.

My own shrink in Georgia, had said in the eight years she had known me, I NEVER shown a sign of being Bipolar, and took me off Lithium in 2009.

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When journalist John Gunther was writing his best-selling book “Inside U.S.A.” in 1947, he called Chapel Hill “a kind of intellectual capital for the whole South.’’
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The budget passed by the General Assembly would cut into the funding for the UNC System once again. The budget calls for an $18 million drop in funding ...
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Equality NC is deeply disappointed with the last minute changes to Senate Bill 279. In the middle of the night, our state’s legislators made additions to SB 279 behind closed doors that would greatly impact gay and transgender people.
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Occupy Democrats
How does this make any sense? "Under Reagan, the national debt almost tripled, from $907 billion in 1980 to $2.6 trillion in 1988."
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Since 1996, the Pentagon spent at least $8.5 trillion but they claim they don't how…
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A federal judge confirms what you already knew.
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The campaign has repeatedly pointed out that it is not supported by dedicated Super PACs.
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October is about to officially become "Zombie Preparedness Month" in the state.
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Zombie Kanye is trying to have this photo repressed on the internet -- LOL!!!