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RP: On the Way to Bank of America, I Talked to Alma Powell's Close Friend, Some VERY Politically Sympathetic Sheriff's Deputies, CONFRONTED Sen. Thom Goolsby, and GOT A JOB!!! Not Bad for a Monday, NO???

1. It all began last night when to my shock, I got into a shouting match with a married couple from Secaucus, NJ -- right at the base of Wilmington's Christmas Tree. When I first saw it at dusk, walking on Water Street, the top and a wide verticle band halfway down it were lit -- and I assumed there had been a malfunction. When I got there, it was ALL lit, and this couple, approaching differently, were confused at first, too, for the same reason. We began talking politics, agreeing on nearly everything.

Then, one of them asked me who I thought I'd vote for for Prez, and when I said, so far, I like Bernie Sanders, they looked like they were certain I must be insane, and then disclosed that they thought Donald Trump would be the PERFECT President.

I was at first speechless -- given that the wife had already told me her sister had married a Jew -- and Trump is a proven abject racist -- WHAT was up with their support???

Well, it got into yelling and name calling on both sides, and I finally walked off, feeling TERRIBLE about the whole thing. My getting ballistic helps no one and nothing, but once again, I had been lulled by the agreement in principles -- then shocked by the logic-free and/or stupidity of those two for selecting a blowhard!!!

I comforted myself in remembering that they were just "Yankees from Secaucus" -- a town ruled for many decades by Mafia, so no wonder they thought an ignorant thug could fix things. Then I soon met a French man who had lived thirty years in DC (presumably in diplomatic service), but moved to Wilmington about four years ago. His intelligence and knowledge of things soothed me more -- although he's about FED UP with the corruption of Wilmington -- like most Wilmingtonians and like none of the local politicians are addressing AT ALL!!! 

2. Then late this morning, I decided to walk to Benefits Management then bank my allowance check. A block from my apartment, I met Meredith Sheridan, a woman probably about 10 years older than me, in front of her house whose color I've admired, so I complimented her on it and we got talking politics.

She's from an old family, so understood and agreed with everything I said -- especially the devilry of the wealthy Kenans and Camerons -- and then it turned out she knew Gen. Powell, but had been very close to his wife Alma -- and I told her how Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, had saved my life in 2010, telling me to flee the country from the Republicans and CIA who had tried unsuccessfully to commit me five times in one month in Georgia with help of BOTH of my parents and my sisters Jane Ann Kenan and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy.

"Big-Haired" Col. Dottie Newman was a docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2010 -- as well as having her monthly Book Club, where I'd given a presentation on:

And I attended at least two other monthly meetings, which often included active US Army Generals and Diplomats from foreign countries -- like Secretaries of State (one was from Chile, as I recall)!!!

I believe Ms. Sheridan and I will become GOOD friends soon enough!!! Her house is across the street and down two from the one the lady wants to sell me (the one the ministers of Firsts Baptist on Kenan Plaza had tried -- illegally (as I recently blogged), to STEAL from them via the courts, but the hateful Christians lost in court.

Interesting, too that this morning I found that the ministers on my email list at First Baptist had BLOCKED me this morning and all my emails of blog postings to them over the weekend came back in a BIG PILE -- LOL!!!

3. Walking past the New Hanover County Court House, I ran into a couple of not-wet-behind-the-ears Sheriffs Deputies -- and WE had an honest conversation about Wilmington Police corruption being FAR WORSE than of Sheriff's Deputies -- excepting Jennifer McCracken's brother who is on the force and all of HIS allies. 

They were TOTALLY COOL (and I actually think Ed McMahon is MOSTLY OK -- he just being "Christian Hateful" for supporting Gov. McCrory's unconstitutional demand of NO SYRIAN REFUGEES for North Carolina -- and of course breaks the US Constitution and Geneva Convention in how he holds people in his jail.

4. This REMINDS me, that last night I ran into the owner of the GORGEOUS mansion at Fifth and Dock Streets (we've become informal friends over the last two months), who told me they have CLEARED OUT a lot of CRAP from Carolina Apartments in the last month, and ensconced a COOL GUY and his wife and kids -- who were ASSISTING in cleaning out the DRUG TRASH.

I might not have mentioned that I have called owner George Cutter a few times the last couple of months, NOT gotten him to answer, but leaving messages threatening that if he does NOT clean them out, I'll try to get the FEDS to confiscate his property for his continuing to harbor International Narco-Traffickers. 

All that typed, I saw that Jennifer McCracken is STILL in her apartment -- protected by the Narco-Trafficking division of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department, and I may have to have Sheriff McMahon imprisoned TOO -- if he doesn't clean out his force!!!

5. After picking up my check and depositing it, as I walked down Front Street, I noticed Thom Goolsby sitting in the main Port City Java -- but NOT in the front window as was his habit in 2011 - 12 -- while he was still the Republican NC State Senator. As ALL local people know, he was caught swindling people in an illegal financial swindle a year or so ago, and although in any other state he would have not just lost his Senate seat, but been disbarred and imprisoned, but he (and his father and mother whom I met before I met Thom in 2011, as well), BRAGGED about his connection to Thomas S. Kenan III, and Tom Kenan protected him and awarded him a seat on the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill!!! 

I had been religiously carrying my camera, and hoped to just snap a pic through the window -- but did NOT have it with me, so decided to enter to greet my former Senator -- whom I had NOT spoken with in person since 2011. I was SO IMPRESSED that he once again looked healthy. 

When I passed him on the street twice this past summer (and he refused to look at me or acknowledge my greetings -- I blogged about all this then), he was emaciated as a common Meth Addict -- and he's always been effeminate and "nelly", but in his lime green tennis outfit that day -- with matching lime green visor -- he looked like something the dog dragged in from the gutter of New Orleans's Gay District!!!

Today, he looked SO MUCH BETTER, and is growing a beard which makes him almost HANDSOME!!! However, I got no erection.

In 2011, Republican Mitch Bossanna made me this MEME -- as well as sent me lists of email addresses of all who sent Justin LaNasa contributions to his 2011 Republican Mayoral Campaign -- as well as of those contributing to Democrat Bill Saffo.

ASK NOT; TELL NOT how he got them, but that was how I started with a HUGE bunch of the list of 1,500 I emailed blog posts to back then.

As everyone knows, Justin LaNasa is just a Common Tattoo Parlorist, owning his chain of Hardwire Tattoo parlors -- and from them in 2011 - 12, not only did his buddies hack my computer and email or comment in bull shit -- they hounded me in downtown, claiming I had molested their young sons.

Although I protested all of this to authorities -- Mayor Saffo and the Police Department DECLINED to help me at all -- and Public Defender Jennifer Harjo managed to hide me away for a while in a DETOX OPERATION, which I didn't need, but "broke that spell".

So today, I entered Port City Java (who most townspeople claim imports cocaine with their coffee beans -- as I had blogged in 2011), walked to his table and said: 

"Hi Thom -- its so good to see you looking healthy, again -- and NOT in JAIL!!!" He looked unlikely to shake my hand, so I withdrew it.

I continued, "Well, I hope to have you soon in prison . . . " to which he responded, "Yeah, I'm gonna see you in COURT!!!" "True", said I -- "it will be a TON OF FUN, and I LOVE writing and publishing about that. Have a nice DAY -- while you can!!!"

The best part was that it was all so CIVIL, and I had not even been tempted to yell. So I left, and in celebration, gave a homeless couple a few dollars about thirty feet down the street. 

>>> MY NEW JOB!!!:

I had gotten enough cash at the bank to cover the electric bill for my roommate Philip Rosario's side of our apartment (landlord Gold Walker still getting that bill and I reimburse her), which was again about $50.00 -- proving that Phil is not wasting energy -- thank God.

And she and I talked about the problem I see: she has lots of rental spaces empty, now, and NONE of them ready to rent again -- her maintenance man running to the several places around town and spending half his time in transportation as he puts out FIRES of immediate needs.

Now, without going into details that are HER business, it is true that she told me how Wilmington Police ASSISTED criminals in stealing a lot of very expensive restaurant equipment from her soon-to-take-lease tenants (returning after criminals rented the space for a while), of restaurant space in her Front Street property. 

It is VERY complicated and I won't explain the details -- but this is MUCH LIKE how Wilmington Police assisted Criminal Christian-Tattooed Drug Mafia contracted by the Middle-Eastern man who attempted to open a restaurant in 2011 or 12 in the space next to the same Port City Java, not only super-pad their work hours (when they built, tore down what they built, them built it again -- etc. -- ALSO stealing much of the construction materials). That space in now a "mini-mall" of several small shops on a hallway.

I blogged about this at the time, and again a week or so ago.

And now many of her tenants in residential properties are all acting like Drug-Addicted dead-beats, and it's driving her a bit nuts. I offered that since I have many skills and some time, I would be HAPPY to do anything I can to help get things ready to rent. It would be GOOD EXERCISE, and I could spare at least a few hours a day.

Since I don't NEED the money, she could pay me minimum wage -- more like I want to help our little "Gold Walker Community Family". So in discussion also with maintenance man Tom, we decided I can begin by raking up leaves and yard work -- that they can't get Neal Duffy out of bed to do -- as he had promised since he NEEDS the income to stay in his place.

But Neal has been very irregular lately -- claiming he's having sex with lots of dames that he still knows from when he was a bartender at Wilmington's Oldest Bar -- known for pirates, narco-traffickers, sex workers, etc., The Barbary Coast:

So, this evening, I will get a pair of good yard work gloves, and Tom promised to get a decent rake, so tomorrow I can begin my NEW JOB!!!

And SO IT IS!!!


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With the terrible events that unfolded over the holiday weekend still reverberating across the country, it is timely...


Sunday, November 29, 2015

RP: This Discount Christmas Nativity Scene (from Mexico), AIN'T to ME What It Appears to YOU (whoever you are)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

The cans are all Coca-Cola (my wealthy Kenan relatives control one of the largest blocks of stock -- as well as local bottlers in at least Atlanta, Charlotte, and Durham).

And the Camel cigarettes are made by RJ Reynolds -- and I was to the manor house of some Reynoldses in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1973, with my then boyfriend Burt Bennett (now a psychologist there) -- Burt's family owning Quality Oil!!!

Burt Bennett III, today.

And my distant Kenan relatives control ExxonMobil as well as, which is not only the largest trucker in all of North America, now, but has supplied every Costco in the USA with gasoline since about 2002 -- and are the world's largest supplier of ethanol -- the biggest energy rip-off in history (it takes more energy to MAKE ethanol that you get burning it -- and most of that coming from oil or coal, burning it is MORE polluting than the gasoline it replaces!!!)

Oh, and my brother Mike and father William Scott Kenan spent THEIR careers working for Sun Oil (SUNOCO).


Of course anyone who reads the Old Testament knows that Kenan is the fourth in line from Adam to Noah in 1st Chronicles, but you might not know that according to the Bible Dictionary, "Kenan" means "the sadness" or "unbridled greed and acquisitiveness" -- a description that fits BOTH my distant wealthy relatives and my immediate family who made certain I was stripped of all wealth and tried to have me jailed, nut-house committed (both occasionally successfully) -- as well as MURDERED (not yet successfully).

Why??? Because my Dad was bisexual and even asked me twice when I was in my thirties for recommendations on gay bars in Philadelphia -- and my brother confessed some of his homosexual trysts.


And Republicans at heart (at least).

But look how my nephew Connor Michael Kenan came out: (I meant in the "turned out" sense. Connor does not say he's gay -- or apparently date any women).

Connor Kenan -- the Gay Darth Vader!!!

Connor is a SENSITIVE GUY!!!

Now (before getting to WHY I'm writing this posting), two more old friends:

Hal Peters, today, of is now in a hyper-conservative and secretive financial services company, whose website is STILL "under construction" -- exactly the same today as when I found him about four years ago (so that means he HIDES something behind it or he would have to make it ATTRACTIVE, no???) -- and discovered that we could joke over my having a THANG for his big red-haired dick in junior and senior high school showers (I never touched it).

Here he is seen clothed from our high school yearbook:

And then after moving to across the street from Coach Lou Holtz so he and my parents could spread Catholic Swastikas (he doing so well that Mom got him his dream job at Notre Dame -- and today he is John Boehner's closest personal friend and co-strategist, although Boehner recently "retired"), I developed a CRUSH on my high school bud (whose successful campaign for Senior Class President -- class of '69 no less!!! -- I ran BEFORE we moved from West Chester, PA.

That is Bob won Class President BEFORE we moved before my senior year, and THEN I got the crush -- backward in time, you might say. But I flew out for the PA Senior Prom (taking my old squeeze Marlowe Shaefer -- whose parents' home the Beatles were supposed to stay at on their first trip to Philadelphia because of her brother's radio-marketing position -- but crowds were too thick and they couldn't drive out of town, so stayed downtown instead.

Anyway, I ended up sharing a bed with Bob that night in AGONY hoping he would roll over and POKE me -- but he didn't, so Bob Jones (skinny then) is CERTIFIED STRAIGHT.

Bob recently wrote that he's coming to Wilmington this spring to visit (with his wife, I presume)!!!


I just got an invite from Curtis "Robbie" Anderson (to link via Linked In) -- whom I dated in 1985 in Carolina Apartments while BLUE VELVET was being filmed there. The sign was covered over with one saying "Deep River Apartments" -- and it overlooks Kenan Fountain and Plaza, was built in 1905 by William Rand Kenan, Jr. -- the GAY Kenan who endowed the largest by far of the Kenan Educational Charities -- and he was HANDSOME AS HELL:

William R. Kenan, Jr. discovered acetylene while a student at UNC Chapel Hill, built his Western Block into the largest supplier of block and tackle to the wooden fleets of yore, had the most advanced experimental dairy farm in the world, and ran all of Henry Flagler's NOT Standard Oil businesses from 1900 and continuing after Flagler's death in 1913 -- because his sister Mary Lily Kenan Flagler inherited it all.

After his own wife died childless and early, he moved in with his lifelong male secretary, Scotty, and he is probably the most under-appreciated MAJOR businessman in American History -- because Henry Flagler got all the CREDIT for Kenan's achievements!!!

Anyway, Robbie Anderson got cold feet when local Wilmington realtor MaDonna McMahon who'd sold him his house put us back in touch in 2011 -- saying something about that I would not recognize him.

Well, I guess I will have another chance (at friendship -- he's probably successfully partnered)!!!

He's over worrying if he's too fat, too bald, or even strangely disfigured. Robbie and Jeff Lux of Haywood, California are the two men I have dated that I still remember most fondly (as did Thomas S. Kenan III remember Robbie. Tom had dated him before I did, and this was all we discussed -- when I spoke by phone with Tom in 1990).

Jeff Lux's parents escaped East Berlin over the WALL!!!

Eduardo Lalo -- an intern at CNN International whom I dated about 2007 (was a spoiled, wealthy Chilean MESS!!!):

But at least he had a chin cleft.

And strangely, this leads to a high school student in NYC who is a HEIGHT FETISHIST who contacted me about 2000, but I would NOT discuss dating him -- even though he was already writing for TV soaps!!!

Jonathan Reiner is cousin to Rob and nephew to Carl!!!

He went on to study Science of Mind, and like me, through Practitioner level, but neither of us got licensed.

Today, he has at least one Emmy -- and is who made me an "Honoray Jew" in 2010, when I first blogged that my parents are America's Top Literal NAZIs!!!

Anyway, it would be nice to catch up with a NORMAL (or abnormal) person whom I dated many years ago, so I'll write Robbie personally -- very soon!!!


Of course Frank Hawkins Kenan II -- personal friend of my next-door neighbor -- is right handsome, and looks like a real HANDFUL (and is too young to be interested in ME, now, anyway).

And I bet he only dates guys (or gals), who have plenty of money . . .

OK, Frank -- I GET IT!!!

"Live Life to the Fullest!!!"


RP: Additional Clarity on the Absolute HATRED of God by American Christians (and the "Nigger-Faggot", Barack Obama)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> JUST IN @ 5:14 AM, EST, NOVEMBER 29, 2015:

I just sent this posting with the following note:

Dear Ms. Aleta Payne of North Carolina Council of Churches:

You should be aware of this TRAVESTY of Jesus's Teaching promoted by my distant Kenan relatives of Chapel Hill -- who (in concert with others), I can prove in Court MURDERED Tennessee Williams with the Republican Party, the CIA, and FBI -- then stole his estate from Harvard University -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee and me they planned to do on January 11, 1982.

I can PROVE THIS IN COURT, which is why Col. Dottie Newman (Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer while Gen. Powell was Secretary of State), helped me get out of the USA in 2010 after the Republican Party tried to commit me to nuthouses five times in one month with help of my parents and sisters Jane Ann Kenan (of Raleigh) and Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy of Downingtown, PA. I am recently returned from most of six years in Political Exile in Puerto Vallata, Mexico.

General Russel Honore' also knows all about the Kenan Family controlling narco-trafficking in Atlanta, especially, and you should feel free to call any of these people to check my references.

I apologize for the "dicey language" I sometimes use -- but always appropriately.

I HAVE ADDED to the posting I originally emailed to my many contacts earlier, so the WITNESSES to this email might want to skim it for what is NEW (especially at bottom). My Email lists: and another is here:

Most Respectfully,
Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC

* * *

1. To begin with I awoke at 11:30 PM from what I expected to be a twenty-minute nap -- that lasted six hours, so am not taking to my bed, again, tonight -- LOL!!!

2. I have heard NOTHING MORE from my hateful Holy Catholic immediate Family, after divorcing them permanently (except I WILL take them to Court at my earliest convenience on Criminal and/or Civil Charges for their long history of attempting to jail, nut-house commit -- or have me murdered). 

See as well as:

3. I went back to my last posting to determine which denomination Wilmington churches "The Good Shepherd" and "Holy Cross" are -- they sounding Roman Catholic -- but they are Episcopal, which means of the "more than 15 area faith communities and grassroots organizations are coming together for a candlelight prayer vigil next month" in Wilmington, North Carolina, two are Jewish, one is Islamic, three are "other Christian", NONE are Catholic, two are TRULY BIZARRE: "Moms in Morning" and "God's Comprehensive Outreach Coalition" (I assume they have a certificate from God to claim this authority).

One is a Presbyterian congregation -- the denomination that at First Presbyterian (not part of this), with my wealthy Kenan relatives caused the most HATEFUL RACIST event in US History, the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898:

Fully EIGHT of them are Episcopal -- the church that my Wealthy Kenan Family supports for its symbol of power:

The Episcopal Church Confederate Mace

This same Sewanee (The University of the South), is the ONLY Episcopalian seminary in the Old South -- and I can PROVE IN COURT that they with the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI murdered playwright Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned us they planned to do at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party to honor Tennessee on January 11, 1982.

And while the LAST prelate of the Episcopal Church, USA has REFUSED to deal with me -- as has her legal department:

Contemporary Witches (Episcopalian Bishops), includes Prelate Schori on far left, the NEW Prelate is the former Bishop of North Carolina!!!

Prelate Michael Curry is clearly a "NIGGER" to serve the Uber-Racist Kenan-Episcopal Narco-Trafficking Church, but unlike President Obama, I have no reason to believe he is also a "FAGGOT" (homosexual with no self respect).

Prelate Curry has now been sent MANY emails by me -- first one to him personally detailing Kenan/Episcopal Church crimes, and for several weeks he and others high in the Church have also received emails of every blog posting.

NONE of them has responded.

This week, I will call ALL Pastors of the churches and "bizarrities" listed as to participate in this hate-fest of Prayer, to discuss these matters with them -- and their motivations for putting on this charade to calm non-whites and non-Christians into thinking the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches are NOT planning to murder them all in the name of Jesus, soon:

Specific Warning posted by Evan Luther, husband of Lindsey Luther (Republican District Court Judge, Wilmington, NC), who is also a DEACON of First Presbyterian (100 feet from me as I write this), the church that with Kenan Family caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

4. NO ONE can stop that which it is KNOWN how to accomplish from BEING ACCOMPLISHED -- which is WHY Christian Nigger Faggot Barack Obama is STOPPING the US Government from recording all this -- so that Thomas S. Kenan III (now most in charge of planning the RACE WAR to eliminate non-Whites, not-his-kind-of-Christians, homosexuals, etc.), and OTHER OLIGARCHS can handle all the spying via their corporations -- like Kenan-controlled ExxonMobil!!!

Because the Kenan Family is only beaten in wealth by a couple of Middle East Oil Sheikhs, Obama chose the RIGHT CHRISTIAN to do this, no???

Scott Kenan
3 hrsCNN
If it CAN be done, then only CRIMINALS and CORPORATIONS (other criminals), will now be doing it!!! (CNN)The U.S. intelligence community on Sunday will cease its bulk collection of telephone metadata.
The government will move to a more "focused and targeted" approach in gathering intelligence, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a statement. The shift comes more than two years after details about the program were leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

The U.S. intelligence community on Sunday will cease its bulk collection of telephone metadata.

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PROVING Google and You Tube are PURE NAZI US GOVERNMENT entities!!!

Israel held meetings with representatives of YouTube and Google to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos.

Scott Kenan
2 hrsNBC NewsEdited

The most interesting things about this, are that all the news reports, lately have EMPHASIZED that this man is a "North Carolina native". Never before have I heard so much emphasis on a person's State of Origin. He LOOKS like he could be my first cousin Judith (Russ) Whitney's (of Rocky Point just north of Wilmington), grandson, twenty years older than now -- the guy who threatened to kill me over "Jesus and disgraced Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby" comments I made -- and why that whole branch of my family REFUSES to speak with me, now.

He is the PERFECT example of the HATRED spread by my rich Kenan relatives who founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and today work with the Ultimate Confederate Christian Church -- the Episcopal Church, USA -- not only in their Mexican Drug Cartels partnership with Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Blackmailed "Nigger-Faggot" Barack Obama -- but Billy and Franklin Graham as well. Two years ago, a US Postal Inspector from Iowa emailed me to say that 90% of the pornography passing through mails comes from the same zip code as the Grahams's church HQ in North Carolina -- and is suspected of being part of Billy and Franklin Graham's operation.
And while this shooting spree was still active, NAZI/KENAN CNN had a Republican Congressman on to spew more CHRISTIAN HATRED of completely discredited videos of Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling fetal tissue. ALL CNN on-air and on-internet personalities should be charged and convicted of TRAITOROUS CRIMES, with minimum sentences of ten years. Especially bad ones -- which include Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt -- should expect life in prison.
Jeff Zucker should be drawn and quartered -- but we don't do that anymore, so maybe some kind of very painful lethal injection -- slow acting.

A motive in the Planned Parenthood clinic shooting remains unclear, but sources…

My first cousin Judith (Russ) Whitney's grandson, Joseph Herker (whom I met with some other secret homosexual Cape Fear Community College students on campus in 2011), is now a CONVICTED FELON -- and I expect I will have to prosecute HIM for SLANDER, as explained here:

Isn't Joseph Herker the "SPITTIN' YOUNGER IMAGE" of Robert Lewis Dear -- as seen just above???


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Owing to her privileged status, Sarah Furay has a very good chance to escape the ruinous punishment that would be inflicted on most defendants in her situation.