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RP: Finishing 2015 -- and Looking Forward to 2016, when Scott Kenan SUES TONS of A-HOLES (for PILES of Money)!!!

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Sent by, where I just learned that not only my old pal John Lahr:

But also Thomas Elliot Keith will be speaking!!!:

Thomas Keith

Thomas Keith
Thomas Keith has edited over a dozen titles by Tennessee Williams for New Directions, was the scholarly editor of A House Not Meant to Stand and The Magic Tower and Other One-act Plays, and is co-editing The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams and James Laughlin. He currently teaches at Pace University and The Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. He has served as a dramaturge for The Sundance Institute Theater Lab and as a judge for the Kennedy Center College Theater festival.

As everyone knows, Alyson Books hired Thomas Keith to edit my manuscript of:

Both Messers Lahr and Keith were kind enough to write "blurbs" that were meant to market my book, but politics prevented its publication:

John LahrThe New Yorker: 

"I wasn't intending to read every word of your memoir; but it says something about how well you wrote it, that I did . . . you've found a very crisp and compelling style. And you come through vividly in it."

 Thomas KeithEditor of Tennessee Williams' books for New Directions Publishing: 

"Scott has done a beautiful job with his memoir. What makes it stand out from previous memoirs about Williams is its integrity, and the depth to which Scott reveals his own situation, mental health problems, fears, and hopes. 

"Because of that integrity, the day-to-day descriptions of life with Williams and Scott's take on the tangle of problems Williams faced near the end of his life are that much more insightful. I also happen to like Scott's ability to describe a person or set a scene--even his thread of commentary on weather, light, and seasons informs us about the sensitivities of the man telling this story."

* * *
As my readers know, in his largest audience at the 2015 Williams Fest, John Lahr publicly recognized John Uecker and me as THE AUTHORITIES on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life.

On the other hand, Thomas Keith (who had blackmailed John Lahr into NOT writing the whole story with secrets of Mr. Lahr's personal life), tried to PUBLICLY HUMILIATE ME in HIS largest audience -- while between sessions, people gathered around me in public groups DEMANDING to know why I was not a SPEAKER -- LOL!!!

Well it is POLITICS, and I spoke with the top people at the festival and they have no problem with me. The problem is the CIA, Episcopal Church, and Republican Party (and wealthy Kenans in Chapel Hill), with whom Thomas Keith is allied!!!

Tennessee's 3rd or 4th cousin, Kenneth Holditch will be speaking again as well:

Kenneth Holditch

Kenneth Holditch
Kenneth Holditch’s work revolves around Tennessee Williams scholarship, including being editor of the Tennessee Williams Journaland co-editor, along with Mel Gussow, of the Library of America edition of Williams’ writings. He is also a professor emeritus at the University of New Orleans. Holditch has collaborated with Richard Freeman Leavitt on Tennessee Williams and the South and The World of Tennessee Williams. He created the Tennessee Williams literary walking tours and knew the playwright.

ALSODick Cavett will be there, and the funny thing is that the time Tennessee Williams and I went to spend a weekend at Vassilis Voglis's house on Amagansett, Long Island, it was to meet with Dick Cavett and Carrie Nye, but Cavett cancelled at the last moment, and so we partied one afternoon with a bunch of Kennedys, instead.

ADDED: Kenneth Holditch wrote this: 

Dr. Kenneth HolditchWilliams scholar and Professor Emeritus at the University of New Orleans:

"Having finished your manuscript, I am confirmed in my initial judgment that this is a very fine work indeed. Tennessee really comes alive in your narrative, as do other personages, a few of whom I knew. 

"Let me be truthful and say that I put off reading your work because I have read so many–both published and in manuscript–that were handed to me and been much too often disappointed in what I read. That was not the case with your book. I found it spell-binding and raced on through it at the expense of my chores."

And one of Tennessee's OLD LOVERSLarry Myers, wrote this:

Larry Myers channeled Dudley Moore's 007 from an old Madonna video, the day I met him in Greenwich Village, 2009.

Dr. Larry MyersPlaywright/Associate ProfessorSt. John's University/Williams Friend & Scholar:

"Your book much seems channeled from some astral plane or higher consciousness. When I read it, HE IS HERE!"

ALSODick Cavett will be there, and the funny thing is that the time Tennessee Williams and I went to spend a weekend at Vassilis Voglis's house on Amagansett, Long Island, it was to meet with Dick Cavett and Carrie Nye, but Cavett cancelled at the last moment, and so we partied one afternoon with a bunch of Kennedys, instead.

Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett
Dick Cavett has been nominated for eleven Emmy awards (most recently, for the HBO special, Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett Together Again), and won three. His television successes include the PBS special,Dick Cavett’s Watergate, and Dick Cavett’s VietnamHe starred in an off-Broadway production of Hellman v. McCarthy. His two recent books,Talk Show (2010) and Brief Encounters (2014), are both collections of his online New York Times opinion column.
Now, I MIGHT show up at the 2016 Festival -- but only at the last moment. You see, with suing David Nash in Wilmington, and then the Wilmington D.A. Ben David/Jeff Duncan/Jamie Sutherland/Wells Fargo/Daliah Saper/Fox News MEGA LAWSUIT, I could be QUITE BUSYno???

Also, for SOME REASON, John Uecker has never been a speaker at the New Orleans Festival -- but that is NOT TRUE for the Columbus, Mississippi Williams Festival!!!

John Uecker is the one everyone is looking at.

And here I am in Uecker's Manhattan apartment in late 2009 -- under Tennessee's Poet's Wreath that Uecker snatched before it was buried in Tom's casket with him:


Most of the time, good cops get fired for stopping or exposing bad cops.
To any police officer reading this: it is worth the risk of job loss - there is greater risk in a dirty conscience.

1. I did NOT send Evan Luther offers of "manly benefits" via Facebook Message as I have been SORELY TEMPTED to do several times since first posting this:

It just seemed somehow UNSEEMLY in a Christian Community like Wilmington, North Carolina.

2. I received ANOTHER two "restricted calls" last night at 7:49 and 7:52 PM -- but hit "reject" rather than deal with a presumed Anthony Humphrey and/or Jennifer McCracken while they are TOO HIGH TO THINK.

3. Two and a half hours ago, I sent this exact text to Anthony Humphrey's phone"Have u come 2 your senses yet?"

So far, no response.

4. (ADDED)To clear up yesterday, because Anthony had twice told me he WANTED to testify against Jennifer McCracken, I called her and left only one message. It was later that Anthony responded that he "didn't want to get involved". Had I heard that FIRST, I'd not have bothered Jenny because I had no way to convict Jenny otherwise -- except "he said- she said" -- which it totally unreliable.

5. Testosteroni has, againconfirmed that he will finance a LAWYER to advise me and GO TO COURT with me in this matter.

Court Date: 1/8/16, 9:30 AM, Courtroom 302.


And Michael Moye of Mozambique and I have agreed to spend this last day of 2015 with the writings of Tennessee Williams

But there is ONE COMPLICATION for me:

Scott Kenan:

I'll be spending the end of the year with Tennessee too -- but the last hour with Anderson Cooper (whose Vanderbilt family kicked me out of their Grand Central Station PERMANENTLY in 2012), and Kathy Griffin (who has a house next door to the one Jamie Sutherland tried to sell me in Mismaloya).



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RP: Thinking She Has Balls as Big as BILL COSBY, Jennifer McCracken Answers My Question with a COURT SUMMONS -- She Had to Be HIGH AS A KITE to Do That, no???

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Bill Cosby Charged In Alleged 2004 Sexual Assault

This morning, just as I pulled in to park in front of my apartment, I got a call from a friendly Sheriff's Deputy saying that he had a Civil Suit Summons to serve me, and WHERE WAS I???

He was at Carolina Apartments looking for me, and I told him I was three blocks away, so he walked over and served me on the street -- the two of us laughing as he approached. I knew it had to be from Jennifer McCracken, and thought, "Thank God, she fell right into my TRAP!!!"

The Deputy was laughing too, and wished me good luck. This is EXACTLY what my allies and I have been waiting for -- Jenny backed into a corner with NO ESCAPE -- unless she bites me, like her biting fights with her female lovers -- bragged by Jenny to me, and also told by Anthony Humphrey to me -- and then like BILL COSBY she filed charges against her girlfriend who was inspired to BITE HER.

Anthony said this has happened many times, but I only know of the one time. Jenny proudly displayed the bite marks on her upper arms, and told me they had been on the fire escape outside her window, that it was so violent she was screaming, and the neighbor in the house next door called the Police -- who had to BREAK DOWN HER APARTMENT DOOR to get in and pull them apart and off the fire escape. Jenny showed me the repair that maintenance man John Tarleton had had to make to the door jam.

Jenny McCracken's sitting room on the fire escape -- was still there yesterday when I checked.

Jenny told me it was actually Anthony's girlfriend, and Anthony told me it was NOT, but Jenny's girlfriend. I can UNDERSTAND why someone would want to BITE Jenny -- but I am NOT violent, ever, and have the track-record to PROVE that. Also, I would not want to risk getting Cooties (or possible HIV infection -- you know how so many drug addicts carry that!!!).

In fact, although I first met Jenny in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar the night Marriage Equality was declared by the Supreme Court -- which she pointed out to me when I moved in two doors down from her in Carolina Apartments -- and began selling me marijuana, which she continued for some time until she eavesdropped outside my door while I was talking by cell to Anthony in the apartment right across the hall, who told me she charged me FAR TOO MUCH, and offered to get it for me for less.

The next day, Jenny filed a Restraining Order against me and property owner George Cutter initiated eviction court action -- and the the illegally placed hate note was found in my US Post Box.

Now it is TRUE that Judge Lindsey Luther -- after earlier in the hearing saying it was ILLEGAL in North Carolina to combine Restraining Order cases -- combined the ones I filed against Jenny and Anthony -- who didn't bother showing for court.

Judge Luther is a Christian Deacon at First Presbyterian. Her husband Evan, is in very high regard there, too:

Recent photo of Evan Luther -- whose hot schlong Judge Luther gets SCHTUPPED with. I can only assume that is Evan on the left -- since this is profile photo on Facebook and does NOT make that clear -- and I can't IMAGINE a judge's husband posting a photo of himself HUFFING DRUGS while driving!!!

Top result if image-googling "A Hot Schlong"

Evan Luther is DEEPLY involved in the planning of the CHRISTIAN WAR OF WHITE SUPPREMACY, promised by my relative Frank Hawkins Kenan before he died in 1996, its beginning centered in First Presbyterian, St. James Episcopal, and First Baptist congregations here in Wilmington -- to HONOR that William Rand Kenan, Senior, while Elder at First Prez, was the leader of the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection:

Kenan money kept the Kenans out of the news reports and history books.

Here is the photo Evan Luther posted on his Facebook Page so that ALL KNOW he is into MURDERING FOR JESUS -- and anyone who disagrees with his WHITE-ASSED CHRISTIAN SELF. Originally, he also posted photos of some arsenals overstuffed with automatic weapons and ammunition -- about three such photos:

Perhaps I should Facebook-message Evan Luther -- offering him some BLOW JOBS since his wife is so "University of North Texas" -- as they say:

Right after getting the R.O. against me, Jenny kept harassing me by phone, pounding on the walls of my apartment from the hallway, and placing comments to this blog under the alias of "Christine Hitchens", so even WITHOUT more evidence, Judge Luther SHOULD have made the Order that Jenny had gotten against me MUTUAL -- but she REFUSED TO!!!

And it is if not legally demanded, it is CUSTOMARY to grant a restraining order against anyone who does not show for the hearing, but Judge Luther REFUSED TO DO SO -- dismissing both -- and ALL of that after the entire courtroom had been CLEARED of all others except one of the Sheriff's Deputies that I've seen consulting with Jenny, privately, several times -- Jenny's brother (of a different last name, Jenny retaining her earlier married name), protects her narcotics dealings that Anthony Humphrey has told me TWICE in the last month are getting greater and GREATER.

As you can see, my excitement is getting the best of me.

So for NOW, I'll just mention a few more things, then contemplate some FUN STRATEGY!!!

1. I have proof for court that Jenny and I have had 6 - 8 friendly conversations since the R.O. against me went into effect, so if Jenny doesn't feel it needs be honored -- how could the Court???

In any case, Jenny and I have had no contact since I moved out of Carolina Apartments about three months ago.

2. I have Jenny's WRITTEN ADMISSION that "Christine Hitchens" was ALWAYS an alias she used, and the MANY blog comments from Christine PROVE that Jenny is an International Narco-Trafficker -- involved in the MURDER of Colin Stuart Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Anthony Humphrey told me last night that he's SICK of that "hairy-chinned cunt" (Jenny has an impressive beard -- if not shaved daily), and that he's MOVING OUT OF STATEalmost immediately.

Jenny's Facebook Profile photo was taken when she was unshaved -- THUS THE HAND!!!

4. Here is the complaint, verbatim:

"Calling me (plaintiff) on the phone (2) two times rambling and threatening me, as well as an attempt of extortion. I have both voicemails as evidence."

A. I called her only once in the last three months, yesterday afternoon, and left a message which she should have. I cannot imagine why she thinks "twice". I checked my phone and only one between us shows. FOUR calls between Anthony Humprey and me show -- Anthony calling ME three of those times.

B. "Rambling"??? That's a judgement call and means nothing unless so bad a person clearly could be committed for insanity.

C. It is NOT a threat to offer to NOT PROSECUTE someone for slashing my tires (and I offered not to pursue the Post Office Investigation as well -- a FEDERAL CRIME!!!), if Jenny pays $300.00 for costs and aggravation -- VERY LOW considering my 2/3 worn tires that she destroyed cost me EACH about $185.00 USD (installed) at Costco in Puerto Vallarta -- and that at the SAME TIME she threatened me via breaking FEDERAL LAW with the hate note in my mailbox (not yet proven).



However, after having had two long discussions with Anthony Humphrey, previously, about this matter -- he originally COMING TO ME to say he wants to testify against "that bitch" in Court., but when I texted Anthony yesterday to be sure he wanted to proceed, he texted back that he did NOT want to get involved.

But his response came AFTER I left the message for Jenny -- and he must have consulted her before sending it.

The two calls from a RESTRICTED NUMBER I got last night were pretty clearly Anthony -- with a female laughing in the background.

SO, after speaking with "Testosteroni" today, he offered to send money so I can get a LAWYER this time, and yesterday, Testo offered to buy me a STRONGER second computer, which I then declined, but since this computer TODAY suddenly CANNOT CONNECT TO MY PRINTER -- which it has always done fine in the past, and I can't figure out how to get them working together again, I have decided that TESTOSTERONI IS RIGHT!!!

I've decided to accept his offer, which will also mean another purchase of OFFICE suite, anti-virus, MalwareBytes, etc.

Maybe, he's sent the money already, no???


TOLD YOU -- I bet on the RIGHT HORSE!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

RP: A FUN Day of Discovery as I Organized My Office -- Most Files Not Examined in THREE YEARS -- and Carolina Apartments NARCO-TRAFFICKERS Are HARASSING ME AS I TYPE, now -- LOL!!!

Sheriff Ed McMahon being sworn in -- likely on a Bible, as he claims to be Christian.

While I DO have issues with Sheriff McMahon, his force is FAR LESS corrupt than is Police Chief Ralph Evangelous's -- Ralph smoking crack daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 2012 (WHEN were any Law Enforcement Officials LAST surprised drug-tested in the Lower Cape Fear???)

I DID find a published article that CRACK is the preferred drug of Wilmington Police Officers -- that seemed to SURPRISE Democrat Judge Robin Robinson when I spoke with her about it in a supermarket -- but then Judge Faisson was visibly shocked when I told him this past summer how my "friend" -- and TONS of internet reports on this too -- Jamie Lee Sutherland, exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago had seen Barack and Rahm Emanuel in his gay bathhouse several times. Judge Faisson was a Christian minister before becoming a judge, and it is understandable that no one wanted to tell him -- although you would THINK judges would check various news sources out of CURIOSITY, no???

What I'm leading to is my afternoon of FREAKING WEIRD communication with Jennifer McCracken (cell: 910-200-9086) and Anthony Humphrey (cell: 910-398-5020)

I hesitate to publish their phone numbers, but Jenny always claimed she is protected by her Sheriff's Deputy brother -- and Judge Lindsey Luther BROKE THE LAW in the hearing when I attempted to get Restraining Orders against Jenny and Anthony, Anthony did NOT show in court so the law is that the R.O. would have been AUTOMATIC -- but the bitch DENIED IT!!! 

Luther ALSO not only cleared everyone else from Court first, but COMBINED the two cases -- which were NOT about the same event or simialry related -- something Judge Luther in that SAME Court hearing earlier had said CANNOT BE DONE in this state!!! 

When the LAW and the COURTS FUCK the innocent to protect Christian Narco-Traffickers, it is understandable to publish the FACTS!!!

They of Carolina Apartments -- and I just got two calls from a restricted number using disguised male voice that MIGHT be Anthony's, but maybe not -- HIGH (and I DO mean "high" -- LOL!!!) JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHRISTIAN DRAMA, no???) -- but I think I will write Sheriff McMahon a letter about it, and publish that last.

My day began with the maintenance man coming to my apartment -- seething with anger and annoyance. I don't know what is Tom's problem -- but he ALWAYS seems angry (and he IS "Christian" and WHITE). This is what the woman I met in Big Lots said she found TOO WEIRD about Wilmington -- of ALL the places she ever lived, and she's lived here for three years, she has NEVER seen so many ANGRY PEOPLE, and RACIST people -- even though Wilmington is full of MORE PEOPLE claiming to be Christian by far, than anywhere else she's ever lived.

Anger and Racism seems EQUAL to Christianity, no???

Anyway, having been raised Catholic -- with NO black people in any of the three Catholic grade schools I attended, I can tell you that if the nuns or lay teachers ever heard any of us talking about "niggers", "kikes", or "spics", they would have SLAPPED OUR FACES OFFand this was in the 1950s and early 60s!!!

Maybe Protestants have shittier standards -- but I know PLENTY of them are better than that.

Too bad they don't have any power in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

Anyway, three times now, I have endured Tom going on a RANT about "niggers" stealing trash bags, and anything that is not tied down in this neighborhood that also has MANY big narco-traffickers who are white Christians (as well as their protectors). He never claimed to see anything actually being stolen, but Tom, like typical Wilmingtonians who have by FAR the highest per capita drug and alcohol intake of any city in North Carolina, and alcohol just brings out seething ANGER and RESENTMENT and FREQUENTLY leads to violence.

For a minute, I was actually afraid that Tom would haul off and hit me -- he refused to listen to me about the broken ice-maker, and even claimed I had done stupid things that the EVIDENCE IN FRONT OF HIM proved I had NOT done. His ideas had no basis in fact or logic.

You see, yesterday, Tom ranted again about "niggers", and pissed off, I shot back that the great BULK of niggers I have even known were WHITE CHRISTIANS (meaning people with absolutely no self respect). I even mentioned something to Gold Walker, landlady about it -- because a few days before, Tom had been so gruff with me and claiming, "I'm not sticking around THIS PLACE much longer," in a way I thought he meant he planned to quit soon.

Gold said she has NEVER heard Tom talk like that, or use the word "nigger" -- and she agreed with me that MOST "niggers" SHE knew are WHITE as well -- LOL!!!


1. I must have EVERY written communication with Courts, my first Public Defender Emily Zvejniecks, and Chief Defender Jennifer Harjo as well.

2. And TONS of my notes and documentations -- including my hand-written copies of the two letters to Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian that Wilmington Post Office OFFICIALLY sent back as "address unknown" -- although it is PERFECT. Thank God I saved the envelopes the letters came back in with computer labels to that effect.

3. One of the two letters from Robert "Robbie" Arnold Trahan -- that I got after he moved to Texas about the first of 2012. In it, the writing is cursive and the grammar is so good it's hard to believe it is his.

Robbie Trahan and his side-kick Jersey (Michael Keogh), who still lives in Wilmington with great assistance of Presbyterian Charities, refuses to meet with me. Previously, he had butchered meat for President Nixon -- in New Jersey), even BRAGGED to me that District Attorney Ben David PAID them for information about me (illegal!!!), once, they alighted drunk from one of the vans painted garishly with naked silhouettes of ladies, legs in the air -- you could not MISS those vans all over downtown Wilmington in 2011 and 12, even in broad daylight (if less, then) -- and claimed that Ben David had PAID THE MOBILE WHORE HOUSE CASH -- for info on me Robbie and Jersey had given him.

ALL Wilmington Citizens should THANK Mayor Saffo, the Police Department, and all members of City Council for allowing them to do so much business here!!!


Anyway, Robbie claimed to be living with his sister Denise and working part-time for Chick-fil-A, but didn't NEED to, since going to the Native American Casinos, just across the border in Oklahoma, Robbie had told me long before that that his sister RUNS some of those casinos, so this is INSIDE JOB, he had won $3,200.00 the night before he wrote me (2/3/12), and $2,600.00 the night before that. Later, in phone converstion, he claimed he won over $25,000.00 one night.

His cell phone mentioned in the letter is 903-328-7882, which DID work for him then, and I just called it, got a generic number-message, and left Robbie a message to call me (or text to say if someone else has that number now -- NO RESPONSE, yet).

Robbie lists his address for me to write him as "909 W. Fischer Street, Sherman, Texas 75092-5712". 

From Google Maps -- but Sherman, Texas is nearly attached to DALLAS, so not near the OK boarder (OK, "border") -- LOL!!!

Well, between all this CRAP -- and Ben David's intern while he had me in Ed McMahon's jail five times on eight false charges now all dropped, and TWICE committed to The Oaks Mental Ward -- also falsely:

Jeff then working for Fox News talking head Daliah Saper when she and Wells Fargo exec Jamie Lee Sutherland sued me for LIBEL without legally serving me, then convicted me in Cook County, Illinois Courts IN ABSENTIA -- stealing my copyrights to not only my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams,, and to every blog post I ever write until I die -- and every email or letter I write on similar subjects until I die -- BECAUSE I BLOGGED THAT JAMIE HAD SEEN OBAMA AND RAHM EMANUEL IN MAN'S COUNTRY GAY BATHS IN CHICAGO -- many times.

The Ben David - Jeff Duncan - Fox News - Dalia Saper connection will land them ALL IN PRISON on FEDERAL CHARGES. And I will STRIP them of all wealth that I possibly can.


Managing Director - Investments

Address: 30 SOUTH WACKER DRIVE, SUITE 4000, CHICAGO, IL 60606-9578
Phone: 312-630-7011 | 800-227-8488    Fax: 312-630-7141
Email: jamie.sutherland@wellsfargoadvisors.comcompose mail in a new window

My Background

My Mission is to understand client's needs and to provide comprehensive financial advice and portfolio management to build and preserve wealth and income.

Before joining Wells Fargo Advisors in 2005, I studied at Morgan Stanely in NYC at The World Trade Center, finishing at the top of my class. I spent five years as an advisor with Morgan Stanley in Chicago. I earned The National Director's Award in 2001 - 2003. I also served as Branch Insurance Coordinator.

I have been with Wells Fargo Advisors for the remainder of my career. I have earned the distinction of Premier Advisor from 2011 - 2015. Premier advisors are among a select group of Fiancial Advisors who meet or exceed Wells Fargo Advisors' high standards as measured by one or more of the firm's criteria for revenue generation, educational attainment and client-service best practices.

I have been appointed a Fundamental Choice Portfolio Manager, which allows me to provide discretionary management. which gives me the ability to act quickly on changing market conditions for select clients who choose to utilize this type of platform.*

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Toledo with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. 

And BEN DAVID should remember what his old long-term male lover WARNED HIM he should do:

This is something I will also be pursuing

Well, I think I have written enough for tonight -- and maybe write Sheriff McMahon tomorrow some time. I hope that EACH AND EVERY ONE of my readers has had as much FUN today as I have -- and that Kathleen Kinkade has an EASY move into the FIFTH FLOOR of Carolina Apartments
 in three days!!!