Saturday, December 31, 2016

RP: Well, I Suppose I'd Be REMISS -- if I Don't State THIS before Midnight:

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Well, as my Readers know well, I cannot remain angry with "Testosteroni" for long, and when I got back from a "Garlic-Bread Run" to the store, Old Roommate had FINALLY gotten the phone number of his FAVE, recent, old employer -- and the guy was very happy to hear from him. No work at the moment, but things can change quickly -- and likely will.

This is the guy who paid O.R. top wages, and trusted him much.

And of course regardless what happens to him in Court this coming month, at least he will have all his PROPER IDs by the time he gets out -- and is RARIN' TA GO!!!

I guess you can tell, I'm bettin' on him.


PS: In case it was not clear in my last posting, I am still planning on sheltering Old Roomie through January -- I just might have to BRIBE the landlady -- like Testosteroni bribed ME -- LOL!!!

Twenty percent of it, perhaps.


RP: LOL!!! Hillary Clinton NARCO-Apologist Kevin Sessums UN-FRIENDED Me in April, and YESTERDAY Was BANNED FROM FACEBOOK, Causing an International Scandal (leading to Facebook RELENTING, already) -- LOL!!!

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Yesterday, even though Testo and I are on the SAME PAGE about Old Roomie, he used the most SERIOUS THREATENING VOICE he's ever used to threaten me to keep O.R. as my roommate through January. The only thing holding me from that is that as Testo KNOWS, I'd promised my landlady (who with her real estate lawyer, NEXT DOOR), wants him OUT -- preferably yesterday -- that after this weekend, O.R. would be OUT, and that AFTER I broke my earlier promise to allow him back only for two nights at Christmas.

Testo is TOO much a coward to even get his landlord to fix or replace his refrigerator, broken for MORE than five years now -- nor does he have the courage to call Time/Warner Cable (or Microsoft), so he can GET HIS EMAIL on his Windows 10 computer (he's been without for ELEVEN MONTHS NOW), so he continues to use his Windows VISTA computer -- LOL!!!

But I only needed a little cajoling, because I'M IN AGREEMENT, but I'm SICK of the tensions Testo puts me under at his EVERY OPPORTUNITY, even trying to FORCE me to allow Drug Mafia in Mexico into my house when they came to murder me -- and to STAY in Puerto Vallarta after they tried twice in one week to murder me, then broke into my car and placed a fake bomb, the P.V. Police them making it clear to me they were PART of that.

You see, landlady and Oliver Carter III, next door, MISUNDERSTOOD some things that happened here a few months ago -- and I have made PROGRESS getting them "cool again", but (REDACTED) (Testos' real name), is too preoccupied beating off at age 84 -- because he got a doctor who does NOT take insurance, to give him the Testosterone shots NO doctor ever recommended for him. Also Daily Cialis and "Poppers".

Masturbation is what Testo LIVES FOR -- and he has NO FRIENDS or FAMILY -- unless you count me.

Get the PICTURE??? It's Testo's BRAIN due to DRUG-ADDLEMENT.

Well, for therapy this morning, I made a serious vat of bean soup with ham hocks, more ham, and collard greens -- and even threw in some black-eyed peas, so that we get the MANDATORY Southern New Years Day foods: Collards for Wealth and Black Eyed Peas for Health) -- and it smells KICK-ARSE!!!

And I also made cucumber and onion salad -- and will serve them with garlic bread.

>>> OK, I GOT THAT OUT OF MY SYSTEM (and NO, I am NOT passing this tension to Old Roomie -- it would not be fair -- but he knows Testo is LUNCH MEAT in the brains)!!!

Here is what got Kevin Sessums KICKED OFF Facebook (but only for a DAY)!!!:

But let me FIRST SAY that despite his support of Hillary Clinton's narco-trafficking, Kevin and I mostly AGREE on Politics, and even if he were Kellyanne Conway, I'd support his FREE SPEECH RIGHTS. 

Sessums said the comment was in reaction to a tweet by ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd, who said that he had been called by “lovely ‘christian’ Trump fans: a Jew, faggot, retard.”
In the last few hours i have been called by lovely "christian" Trump fans: a jew, faggot, retard. To set record straight: divorced Catholic
In response, Sessums called Trump backers a “fascistic lot” on his Facebook page, adding: “Dowd is lucky he didn’t get death threats like Kurt Eichenwald. Or maybe he did and refuses to acknowledge them. If you voted for Trump and continue to support him and you think you are better than these bigoted virulent trolls, you’re not.”
MORE here:


And here is what got ME kicked off Facebook for a MONTH, back in July -- a WITTY graphic that is NOT obscene (unless YOU add the obscenity)

And then THIS got me kicked off for a month ending in four days:

I was FIRST taught these FACTS in CATHOLIC GRADE SCHOOL!!! The Nuns didn't LIE to us about the ugly history of the Catholic Church -- they wanted us to be BETTER THAN THE PAST!!!

And more "CHRISTIAN".

(although remaining European)

And Kevin Sessums IS now back and posting again on Facebook, but it took an INTERNATIONAL PRESS CAMPAIGN of OUTRAGE to change Facebook's mind -- they even TELL YOU that if you complain to them or try to change their minds, that FACEBOOK will NOT READ anything you send, but it helps some sort of algorithm they run on "complainers".

So enough about all of that. I'm used to STANDING ALONE -- and all things considered, you would think I am SUPER-HUMAN to have withstood it all -- especially with my mother and both sisters LYING to Judges and Police -- and Doctors -- in an effort of my IMMEDIATE FAMILY to have me MURDERED by the CIA/Republican Party, or at least JAILED or NUT-HOUSE COMMITTED.

And I must admit, I've really HAD IT with "Testosteroni" and his HATE GAMES. Here is the picture that (REDACTED)  FELL IN LOVE WITH and masturbates to:

This is Old Roomie several months ago -- COMATOSE from his PREVIOUS drugs. He DOES look like a very famous Picasso painting from his Blue Period of a young man:

OK, he looks like that old man -- made young -- something Testo pointed out to me, AND WHY HE LIKES THE GUY SO MUCH.

Testo ONLY likes things from literature, plays, movies, and the arts -- he HATES PEOPLE (including himself), so he lives in ISOLATION as a RECLUSE.

Testo has even salivated -- and no doubt "abused himself" to photos of my brother and nephews -- SPECIFICALLY this one, which Testo TOLD ME he "saved":

I intellectually SEE that they are HOT and HANDSOME (and my niece is attractive, too), but I must be affected by that "incest thang", because I have NO sexual reaction to them AT ALL.

And the reason I got over my lust toward Old Roomie -- one week after he originally moved in months ago -- is that with his brain damage from going through a windshield at 95 mph, and his early grade school emotional, spiritual, and LEARNING levels, to ME, sex with him feels as FORBODEN as sex with children.

But when I told this to Testosteroni, months ago, he said quickly and with RELISH"Oh NO!!! He's not too retarded to have SEX WITH!!!"

And WHO THE HELL would have sex with Testosteroni -- even when he was much younger -- other than a "RETARD", or -- as is the TRUTH, a younger Costa Rican chicken-feather sorter who worked in an NYC sweatshop -- until a RICHER homosexual painter (artist), stole him away to MAINE.

I HOPE to next post something more UP-LIFTING and leave Testosteroni to his FEARS, LUSTS, and HATE for a while -- just like Old Roommate RIGHTLY spent a month in New Hanover County Jail (sent by me) -- and DID come to his senses, checking into a mental hospital for ten days and GETTING NEW MEDS -- as I had TRIED to have forced, but he agreed to in our earlier negotiated settlement (but legally-compulsory was not allowed for that).

And next week, Kenan Family TOP EXEC, Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil, and HIS TOP ALLY Vladimir Putin, are up for Donald Trump's INCLUDING THEM IN THE US GOVERNMENT.


Friday, December 30, 2016

RP: Money MATTERS -- Does It NOT???

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Robert "Rob" L. King

Last night, following one of my own links to find the listing for Thomas S. Kenan III, as Trustee Emeritus of the University of North Carolina School for the Arts, I DID find that at the bottom of this page -- but ALSO the now head of the "Bob King Automotive Group" (which he owns), and which has now TWICE given me STELLAR SERVICE here in Wilmington on my Pontiac Vibe, is a Trustee at the School, and just completed a term as CHAIRMAN of those Trustees.

So I THANK HIM for his service to UNC!!!

But I planned to wait until my car's difficulties are CONFIDENTLY diagnosed and dealt with, and then send Mr. King a letter dealing with ALL of this, and after two trips around town today -- both twice as long as the trip when I got all the idiot lights -- and even with all that warming up, NOTHING showing a problem manifested. I must remind myself that I got early symptoms and was then fine for a while BOTH times my alternator went out, which seemed to happen in a RUSH of intense symptoms, a couple of weeks later.

So, I'm GLAD I have none yet, but wish it would come to a head (or prove to be a glitch), soon. "Testosteroni", my financial help, insists on a second diagnosis, but I can't get that either -- until I've got symptoms again.

And while on the matter of money, "Old Roommate" asked for me to give him $50.00 of the extra $300.00 that Old Testo sent for him if/when necessary, and we're a little concerned that he has burned through $500.00, meant to help him through JANUARY, in the last week since he received it. That said, he probably had many small old debts he's now paid, and he's made payments on his "Courts-Cost" debt, and to get some state agencies to get him with proper ID -- and other things.

Of course Old Testo asked me if "Miss Lucy" had climbed the stairs to shoot me to SMITHEREENS with one or both of the handguns she claims to own -- after I did not NAME her, but did name two of her friends (and the Mayor, another one), and her "WILD PAST" in my last posting:, which she OBVIOUSLY had not done -- nor contacted me otherwise. 

First of all she's a CHRISTIAN and has no regrets for her participation with Drug Mafia -- nor regret that she pretty much hangs in the same type of LET'S GET HIGH crowd -- but one that works regular jobs and pays their bills. I have no real problem with that -- but even marijuana mostly comes VIA the Drug Mafia, enriching them -- my ONLY problem with it myself.

And I have blogged many times -- if not in a while -- about how Ed Catherwood and I smuggled seven joints INTO Mexico by car about 1993, and then that it was only a few years ago that I learned that Ed's UNCLE (with an unknown number of "greats" before it), was the FIRST "GRINGO" archaeologist to take the Aztec ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico SERIOUSLY, and on his first major trip in 1839, he uncovered MANY major ruins, but did it SCIENTIFICALLY -- rather than just to STEAL all the silver, gold, and other valuables as previous CHRISTIAN explorers were ONLY interested in -- like the Kings of Spain and Portugal -- and the Roman Catholic Popes, who SPLIT the America's in half for territories AUTHORIZED for plunder and enslavement of the "sub-humans", by the Pope.

An illustration from that time of what Catherwood found.

But WHY smuggle pot INTO Mexico?, you ask. Because Ed was bad-off (if stable), with AIDS, and needed it to help him EAT. We had NO IDEA how to get it -- although we knew it would be plentiful (we drove south to Ensenada and beyond (illegally, as we would have had to have a visa to go that deep, but we never noticed a check-point), so it was MY idea to stuff the joints into the RENTED car's fuse box -- if found, who knew HOW LONG they had been in a rental car, no???

I wrote all this up about three years ago as a blog posting and then sent it to Casa Catherwood in Merida, Mexico, where they LOVED IT and posted it on their website, but I don't have time to look for it there, now:

Just found: 
In the early 1990s, I first drove into Mexico at Tijuana in a rented car with seven marijuana joints hidden in the fuse box (no telling, if found, how long they'd been in a RENTED car, no???). They were to help my friend Ed Catherwood of Atlanta EAT, as he was bad off with both AIDS and AIDS meds. 

But HERE'S the kicker: Ed's GREAT+ UNCLE was Frederick Catherwood -- the FIRST white archaeologist to take Mexican Cultures SERIOUSLY!!!:

About Archaeology - The Study of Human History, Archaeology

LikeShow more reactions

Catherwood Travels That's a great story! Thanks for sharing!

So my MEMORY was incorrect -- I'd sent it to Catherwood Travels, but GREAT to also find Casa Catherwood now, too!!! 

Then, after my mother sent me the money to drive from Puerto Vallarta to Raleigh, NC in December 2010, I (not realizing the DIFFICULTY of the mostly mountainous western road route I decided to try home), spilled a film canister of pot on the back floor of my LOADED car and could NOT clean it up before the US Border without emptying my car. But I had a day or so in DRY high desert, so figured it would be TOO DRY by then for the dogs to smell it -- and it WORKED!!!

Also, I got to know several US Border Guards, who when I told them I knew that Bill Clinton and Hillary had (and were again), expanding CIA/US State Department narco-trafficking with Mexico -- to profit THEIR bosses, Dick Cheney and the Bush Family (neither Bush President was as good at expanding US narco-trafficking as both Clintons were), ended up BUYING MY LUNCH!!!

And they ALSO knew that George W. Bush had all but CLOSED the Mexican land border to drug traffic for about half a year -- to MAXIMIZE their profits as supplies dried up in the USA and prices sky-rocketed -- but all the backed-up drugs in Mexico ended up being sold at CUT-RATE prices to poorer Mexicans, and THAT is how George W. Bush addicted MASSIVE numbers of Mexicans to drugs -- and why they are in today's situation with their OWN use-problems, when before that, Mexico suffered more from just Mafia Violence!!!

Mexican Drug Gang beheadings are ALL to serve the demands of Americans for DRUGS!!!

And while I don't LIKE doing this, Testosteroni has continued to very frequently misquote me and claim I've written or told him things in a way that MEANS THE OPPOSITE of what I actually communicated. Much of it is his "weirdo's sense of humor" -- he being a LONG TIME recluse and his apartment looks like one of a BAG LADY, as we used to call them, but he HATES my Politics, and either never mentions that -- or pooh-poohs it -- but today he claimed the most OUTRAGEOUS THING -- that the FINAL GAY WHORE sent by The Anchor Church -- and I REFUSED all of them -- had somehow been given Old Roommate's (then Current Roommate's, actually), SECOND tent.

SUSPECT that Rev. Philip Chryst of The Anchor Church is NOT fully aware that so many of his congregation are TOTALLY into drug sales and use -- and MANY are Gay and Straight Whores.

So, I went back to find my original posting, and NO TENT is mentioned AT ALL, but if Testo wants to FORCE ME to prove I am correct and he is IN ERROR, some things get mentioned again -- like ONE NAME I no longer had intended to post:

There is nothing in Testo's story, here, of actual importance -- except how DETERIORATED Testo's mind is becoming. So NOW, besides my most-important-to-me Political Work, I have to deal with this strange car trouble, nursing Old Roommate back to his senses (he's doing great -- and both Testo and I are actually PROUD of him), and AGAIN, I have to more closely watch Testosteroni -- as NO ONE ELSE is his friend and can take the LEGAL ACTIONS NECESSARY, if he becomes so degraded he can no longer live without being supervised.

When THAT day comes, Testosteroni is NOT going to like it AT ALL!!! 

>>> AND TODAY, I AM REMINDED THAT THERE ARE LOTS OF FORMS OF DENIAL (although knowing how well my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- America's TOP NAZI -- kept HER role running the Republican Party and others SECRET from my siblings FAR MORE than she was able to with me -- but then Mom and Dad NEVER EXPECTED me to have such a good memory of the distant past, even if I forget where I parked my car, today -- LOL!!!):
"Those people nowadays who say they would have stood up against the Nazis – I believe they are sincere in meaning that, but believe me, most of them wouldn’t have."
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Brunhilde Pomsel worked at the heart of the Nazis’ propaganda machine. As a film about her life is released, she discusses her lack of remorse and the…