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RP: The Most AMAZING Last 24 Hours (including a CORRECTION)!!!

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In June of 1973, when my father was informed that I am gay, he immediately had a private meeting with me in which he told me, "You are my son and I love you regardless anything -- including that you are gay. However, if I EVER find out you marry a woman and she does NOT know that -- many make arrangements, and that would be your business, or to cash in on all the Wedding Presents -- I will KILL you. That is MOST unfair to the woman, and the most EVIL men and women in this world play that game."

This, the BEST advice my father ever gave me!!!

Me and Dad, 1952


1. ONLY this morning -- and after 4.5 years of claiming otherwise -- Testosteroni told me he HAS someone who can look after him when he becomes less able to do so, so there was NO POINT in sending my letter to his landlord and rental agency "Easy Street", and I was able to prevent them from getting into the mail.

My last posting was GOOD, otherwise, so I've left it with changes to Testo's and Landlord's identities: And for those who received DUMBED-DOWN American education, a "capon" is an emasculated rooster, and 14 Downing Street is where the British War Office and Colonial Office were located -- until the house was entirely demolished in 1876.

I should ALSO mention that when I was at Testo's apartment, the prominently displayed sign-off sheet of annual building inspections had had NO inspections in THREE YEARS (which Testo claimed made no difference), and when researching, I discovered that the current landlord had NOT gotten certain inspections, and been FOUND GUILTY, but never having paid his fine, LOST HIS LICENCE to rent!!!

So those Yankees need to straighten all of THAT out -- without my help.

2. At Harris Teeter supermarket, yesterday, the store manager and many others (employees and customers), went out of their way to greet me and wish me luck in my Political Quest. I only recognized two of them as anyone I'd spoken with before.

3. Waiting on my doorstep when I got back from shopping was Philip Rosario's friend, "Logan", hoping to get Phil to REPAY him what he is owed!!! I had to explain that Phil moved out nearly two months ago, and while I'd seen him a week ago, he gave me a WRONG NUMBER to call him. I also told 20-year-old Logan, that Phil insisted a couple of times that Logan wanted to have SEX with me -- absurd -- as well as that Phil claimed Logan was into hard drugs -- ALSO absurd.

We had a LONG conversation and are now "best of friends" -- and not sexually.

4. Last night, while Testosteroni was having FITS with me by phone (only telling the truth this morning), Cupid shot me (but I can't get into that now -- the other person living in another town not TOO awfully far from here, and we can't meet for two months, anyway), and I was getting TEXT messages from the organizer of Bernie Sanders' campaign for Wilmington.

You see, while it might be a MYSTERY where they got my phone number, I have been invited to an organizational meeting with the TOP NC Sanders people here, tomorrow night, and they are VERY EXCITED that I will be attending!!!

They have seen my blog and researched it enough to know I know the TRUTH about what I blog, and will use the material (judiciously), in our campaign to Reform American Democracy.

If ANY of the Narco-Trafficking Wilmington Democrat Elites show up too -- I will FAINT!!!

Known Wilmington Leaders who are homosexual and hiding behind women:

1. Mayor Bill Saffo (by so many finding this blog googling "Bill Saffo gay" or "Rene Saffo restraining order" -- but I know no names)

2. District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- I actually knew a few guys who claim to have had sex with Ben, but I knew WELL his long-term boyfriend Lee, who had to flee town in a newish used pick-up truck that he bragged that Mr. David bought for him CASH (narco-dollars), to leave town in. All this after I published this: 

3. Rev. Ernest Trice Thompson, former Pastor of First Presbyterian who one day told me that if it weren't for his commitment to his WIFE, he'd like to have sex with me -- who BRAGGED how he kept interested, cultured black people from joining that congregation. Ernie has now gone on to head a TWO-CAMPUS also LILY-WHITE congregation, here:

Wilmington Leaders Associated with RACISTNARCO-TRAFFICKING-PROTECTING First Presbyterian: 

1. Elder Benjamin R. David, the Democrat D.A. who former Assistant Pastor Jim Holderness, in early 2012, PROUDLY told me that he and Ernie Thompson PROTECT in Ben's crimes:

2. Deacon County Commission Head Beth Dawson, Republican, whom I LIKE because she is into making sane decisions and voting NOT WITH her Party, necessarily -- but is THIS just to promote the Democrats support of Narco-Trafficking and the coming Christian War for WHITE SUPREMACY???

Remember, this is actually HEADED by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill -- a Republican and former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- and "Kenan" is EMBLAZONED all over First Presbyterian -- although the rich Kenans switched EN MASSE to Episcopal Church after the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- which they and First Prez CAUSED.

3. Deacon Judge Lindsey Luther (Republican) -- possibly the WORST of them all -- and she won election by only about six votes and NOBODY had a RE-COUNT!!!

4. Former Deacon Judge Jeffrey Noecker (Democrat), who has one of the LOWEST judge-ratings for being UNFRIENDLY to FAMILIES!!! And he SCREWED ME in Court in 2011.


FIRST, I must preface that I am WELL AWARE that many Christians -- despite worshiping the Idol Jesus -- actually FOLLOW JESUS'S TEACHINGS, and THAT's OK with ME!!!

But THIS explains why so many Black Folks have been voting for the Narco-Trafficking, Bush/Cheney/CIA Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton:

To be SO self-hating as to convert to the god whose scriptures ENSLAVE ONE is to DESERVE slavery -- and so today, the drug-addictionsbroken familieslow wages, etc., that black folk tend to be caught in more than their WHITE MASTERS!!!

For one thing, The Ten Commandments FORBIDS worshiping idols like "Jesus" -- but let's be HONEST: Anyone who has taken college-level courses in either Ancient History or the Bible, KNOWS that the Ten Commandments were stolen by the Jews from Hammurabi's Code -- almost verbatim -- and Hammurabi stole them from EARLIER cultures, so they are actually COMMON HUMAN WISDOM.

In the Gospels, Jesus tells ALL, always, that to follow him, a Jewish Reformer, one had to FIRST convert to Judaism -- in fact, the Last Supper was to commemorate the Passover Feast, but the Catholic Church being run by DEMONS, the feast of Easter and the Crucifixion on FRIDAY, TWO (not three) days before it, should coincide with the Jewish Calendar -- but does NOT!!!

Well, they claim it was all MANNER of false clap-trappery, but the FACT IS that so many gentiles were being attracted -- and NOT wanting to have adult circumcisions (I know two adult men who had them and it is PAINFUL -- and there was NO ANESTHESIA back then!!!), Christianity was INVENTED, no??? 

And it ALL went DOWNHILL from there.

Junípero Serra's Missions Destroyed Entire Native Cultures. And Now He's Been Made a Saint.


Pope Francis, and you can find this easily by googling, was the CLOSEST CLERGY in Argentina in his younger days to the NARCO-TRAFFICKING CIA!!!


Pope Francis I FAST-TRACKED John Paul II's SAINTHOOD!!!

At least TWO of the THREE private audience with Popes in Rome that my mother had were with John Paul II.

Final note on Christianity: Logan, as mentioned above, when I told him that the DEA, US Justice Department (and all local Politicians), KNOW that Betsy's Crepes where he once worked is just a front for HARD-DRUGS Trafficking, he was SHOCKED (he only worked there about six hours per week), saying, "But they are ALL DEVOUT CHRISTIANS -- that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

Naivete is ONE aspect of YOUTH that I do NOT MISS!!!


And just for accuracy's sake, did Quincy Jones really call Pharrell "Wardell"? If so, that is the funniest bit of the evening! And the best subtle diss! Lol 

(Not sure if it was a Silence of the Lambs reference or yet another jab on the 'whiteness' of the evening.)

Stephen Sorrentino Yes, wardell. That was after the announcer forgot to include him. No, i think that was just a senior moment. Q don't okay dat!
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Glenn Belverio Quincy seemed quite drunk.
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Jason Eric Klemm Quincy was racist!
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Scott Kenan Anyone who reads my blog knows that I lived in Tupac Shakur's Stone Mountain, GA neighborhood and heard it from his family that he was murdered because he wouldn't shut up about witnessing all the "rappers" who hate homos having a GAY ORGY upstairs in Quincy Jones's mansionLOL!!! 

I wrote about that years ago though. Tomorrow night I have a meeting with the TOP Bernie Sanders people in North Carolina -- because they KNOW what I blog about is TRUE

See my blog if you dare totoday


4 hrs
We're never winning these wars.

Armed conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond hasn't brought anything close to lasting peace. Quite the opposite.
My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh and 93, is the TOP literal NAZI in the USA

Let's HOPE that Mom stands trial before she dies. Mom got Hillary Clinton to be heir apparent to Barack Obama -- by order of NAZI Pope Francis I -- which I can prove in Court.

Hubert Zafke is accused of being an accomplice to thousands of murders at the Auschwitz death camp.