Thursday, March 31, 2016

RP: Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust Will Get a Call, Email, and Snail Mail Letter from ME, Tomorrow (sounds like she's CRACKED her enslavement to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here


Perhaps I should call President Faust BACK and offer to overturn University of the South's (Sewanee's) theft of Tennessee Williams's estate (like Jackie Kennedy Onassis TOLD us they would do on Jan. 11, 1982) 

-- but that STILL means "spitting in the eye" of Thomas S. Kenan, III, who controls the Williams R. Kenan Jr. Charitable TrustExxon-MobilCoca-ColaBank of America, and!!!

"Slavery is an aspect of Harvard's past that has rarely been acknowledged or invoked."
Less than 10% raised ever gets to needing developing nations...

The Clinton Foundation, with its shady foreign affiliates and Rolodex of secret foreign donors, has all the hallmarks of a money laundering operation.
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Why, pray tell, is Google in the regime change business
First Egypt, now Syria
Does Alphabet = CIA?

Google was planning a tool that would track defections within Syria.
I hope D.A. IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHERS (one Democrat, one RepublicanBenjamin and Jon David -- here in and near Wilmington, NC -- are PAYING ATTENTION!!!

"Tough on crime" was once a winning strategy. Now it's becoming a liability.
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Scott Kenan shared a link.

The RNC, which has made broadening its base a priority, just lost its head of black outreach.
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6 hrs

All those annoying drug ads on TV come with a serious set of side effects.
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Christine Felixon Good afternoon

A question that has been bugging me. This is starting to be a very, and I hate to use the term, bipolar issue. There is anti pharma and pro pharma, how do we get to responsible pharma

Imo Marijuana is not a substitute for everything
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Scott Kenan In Mental Health drugs, they should be used for a few with things like Schizophrenia, while for many other disorders -- like "Bipolar", Stress, etc., meditation and self-awareness are the real key, but if a person doesn't want to self-examine and CHANGE negative thought/belief patterns, then drugs often MUST be used 

-- and in INTENSE episodes as well. 

I've used pot to help with "PTSD" which has greatly been reduced, but am getting away from it because it ALSO makes me FAT and LAZY -- LOL!!! 

But maybe it doesn't affect everyone this way . . .
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Christine Felixon Lol it makes me too tired a lot of times. I know people on meds for bipolar and they were horrible with out them
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Scott Kenan I was FAR BETTER without them -- and remade my MIND using The Science of Mind

Today I am symptom three -- actually since 1992. First diagnosis as Bipolar1978.
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Scott Kenan "symptom FREE"
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Christine Felixon Interesting. Thank you. Here in Vegas it's a standard diagnosis for everything
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Christine Felixon They hand out Seroquel like candy
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Scott Kenan Not to ME -- I'd BITE THEIR HANDS!!!
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Scott Kenan shared a link.

Young people, take notice.
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